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The Lost Alpha

The Lost Alpha



Marielle gasped in surprise and alertness as someone abruptly grasped her arm while she was sitting on the corner of her cage. "Come with me!" shouted by the man who was still a stranger to her. Five years had passed. She was indebted to that man, little did she know at that time that the man who helped her was her mate, the one she had been searching for years. " Why did you free me that night after you discovered that I am your mate?" she chuckled, "Is that your way of rejecting me?” "Think the way you want to, I don’t mind." Alpha Xander said as he looked directly into her eyes. She felt like his gaze was passing through her soul and even before she could react, she was already pinned on the wall. Her body was glued into him while their lips were an inch apart. His warm breath and his smell brought a strange exciting sensation inside her body. She felt like her blood started to rush in her veins. She lifted her head and found the look on his face was something that she couldn’t understand. What the hell did he really want? After he ruined her family completely and abandoned her.
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Xander's POV

Moonlight slipped into my office through the window, and my soldiers were excitedly celebrating our victory outside.

We made it!

My men invaded the Blue Moon pack tonight and successfully took down the head of their Alpha, the one who once ruined my family.

I was supposed to enjoy the feast with my men, but I got a special guest here.

“Show up yourself." I took a sip of whiskey, talking to the unknown little rat.

My office was a forbidden place where it was clearly stated that unauthorized people weren't allowed to enter.

The curtain was lifted and to my surprise, a woman came out with a seductive smile on her face.

Well, I could say that she was pretty. She had long black hair. Her smile was perfect because of her beautiful set of white teeth. Her body had the right curves. In short, this woman was beautiful in every way. And I guessed, She knew her assets and that's why she was bold enough to seduce me.

‘What ridiculously confident.’ I scoffed.

The woman slowly removed the clothes on her body as she walked near me. She was like a model walking without anything to hide her body.

Damn! The thing in the middle of my thighs was reacting. I couldn’t deny that this woman had heat up the cold night.

She had alluring eyes.

“Alpha, take me,” she knelt in front of me and said with a pleasing smile, “I am happy to become your slave. I can be any way you wanted me to be.”

Without hesitation, she went in front of me and about to unzip my pants but I grabbed her neck.

How could a woman be so stupid to believe that a man who had just slaughtered her own pack would show any mercy to her?

Without a word, I slashed her throat with my one hand and blood flowed on the floor.

Blood was all over the place.

“Charles!” I shouted as my voice echoed the whole pack.

I could already feel that my pack was trembling in fear.

Everyone rushed to get inside my office and I was right. I can see the fear that was all over their faces, especially in Charles' face.

I knew it wasn’t because of the lifeless body of the shameless woman in front of me. But because they all knew that I don’t usually shout and this incident was one of those rare moments that I needed to do that.

I knew that this was the second time since my parents died.

“Who let this bitch enter my office?” I asked in a domineering tone.

Everyone looked at each other until I saw Charles immediately knelt before me. It seemed that my loyal servant was ready to admit his mistake and ready to die.

“Is it you?” I said in a domineering tone. My face was darkened as I couldn’t hide the anger that suddenly rose in my chest because of the woman. I was ready to grab Charles’ neck and rip it as well but he shook his head.

“No, Alpha. It isn’t me. But I am ready to accept my punishment. I know it is my fault how the woman was able to enter your place. I neglected my due after your strict instructions that no one is allowed to be in your office,” Charles explained.

“Get up,” I shouted. “Remember this, Charles. This will be your first and last mistake. If this happens again, you know that it’s going to be the end of your life already.”

“Yes, Alpha,” Charles said as he bowed his head.

“Clean this mess,” I commanded and left. I had to confirm that there was no any other rats sneaking out.


Marielle’ POV

It never entered my wildest dream that I would find myself inside a prison. Well, I was inside a cage because of not doing a mischievous thing but I was captivated by the pack that invaded our pack. I didn’t know if I should be happy because of what happened, nor should I cry for what happened to my family.

My family died because of the sudden attack on my pack. I didn’t know what exactly I should feel after their death, especially of my mother and my sister. I couldn’t be blamed. They made my life like a living hell the way that they have treated me. For my mother and for my sister, it was like I was not even a part of the family. I was treated like I was a slave.

My father was an Alpha. He died already along with my brother. They were the ones who treated me like a princess. I could only feel safe and comfortable when they were around, but they became busy with our pack and had always been away. So, I was left with my mother and sister. I never had the courage to voice out to my father and my brother the kind of treatment that I suffered with my mother and with my sister.

The dungeon where I was brought was dark. It was cold. The coldness was penetrating my body as I was only wearing thin silk clothing and other than that, there’s nothing that could warm my body.


I knew that this was what was waiting for me. Because of the coldness that was even going through my bones, I felt I was ready for death. There was no reason for me to live. I had no family and our pack was useless. I knew that when I got out, no one would honor me as the Alpha’s daughter of the Blue Moon pack.

If I wouldn’t deny because of this coldness, I knew that I would end up as a slave of this pack. I have heard that when other pack captured another pack, they would either kill their captives merciless or they would make them one of their slaves. The worst thing was, they would make them sex slave. They wouldn’t stop fucking the captive until lifeless.

Just thinking of this made her shiver down her spine.

I was still young. Too young for this. I couldn’t even shift to be a werewolf. I couldn’t even protect myself. But they said when you already shift, that would be the time that you would meet your wolf. And that would be the best part, to find your mate.

This was why my mother and sister hated me. I was already sixteen and yet I couldn’t shift. But my siblings were able to when they reached eleven. They even had met their mate.

I couldn’t do anything but cry helplessly. I started to panic when I heard the sound of the door suddenly opening.