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The Curse Of The Red Moon

The Curse Of The Red Moon



A long time ago, some people witnessed the first Red Moon. They were mesmerized by the elegant and captivating beauty of the Moon. However, behind those beautiful and memorable views are the secrets that you will not be going to believe. Based on folklore, a werewolf is a human that can shift into a wolf under the moon. The transformation happens when the night has come with a full moon. Do you believe in folklore? Or will you believe if you witness the transformation? Astrid was a girl who was born in an average family, they think that she's a blessing because she was born on the night of the Red Moon. She has a slim and curvy body with long black hair, and her eyes are dark brown. She is someone who is a caring, kind, and adorable girl with a soft heart. Her smiles can capture a thousand hearts, though it belongs to someone who deserves her heart. One day, she will meet an extraordinary man who is willing to sacrifice everything just to be with her, and to have her for the rest of his life. What was the curse that the Red Moon have? Will they accept each other flaws or imperfections? Will they love each other? Or they just going to choose the different paths?
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“Breaking News! The total lunar eclipse will appear tonight! Its mesmerizing beauty and remarkable appearance take the eyes of the people.”

A lady is watching the news while sitting on the couch and gently rubbing her belly. The child inside of her belly was healthy and expected as a sweet lovely child.

Her focus was on the television when all of a sudden she felt cramps in her belly.

“Trace! Trace!” the lady shouted. She tries to stand up, but the water is still streaming on her legs from her stomach. Which is called the Amniotic fluid.

“Trace! Where are you?” She raised her voice, so the father of her child will hear it. After a few seconds, the father appeared.

“Did you see the moon?” His eyes widened and his jaw dropped when he saw his wife. “Astra!” He rushed in his wife's direction.

“Oh! Are you going to give birth? Hold on! Wait! I'm going to call the midwife!” he shouted. His wife keeps herself to be calm, but her stomach is aching.

Beads of sweat are dripping at the side of the father's head while calling the midwife. After a few seconds, the midwife answered the call and responded immediately.

Trace rushed to the kitchen to get some water and give it to Astrid. It can avoid dehydration during labor.

“Where's the mother?” the midwife asked. She walked immediately to the woman and touched its belly.

She asked for some warm water, clean clothes, and she set the tools that will be needed for the delivery of the baby.

At the same time, the Red moon appeared. The people went out from their houses just to witness the total lunar eclipse.

“It's beautiful! I won't forget this!” the people said in amusement. They took some pictures of the moon.

However, the lady keeps pushing, so the baby would come out from her belly.

“It hurts,” the mother whispered while pushing the baby from her uterus. After an hour and a half, the baby finally came out.

They gasped. Based on their facial expression, something bad happened.

“The baby... is not moving,” the midwife murmured. Her voice was already cracked and her eyes were wide opened.

The father was standing quietly while his heart was pounding like he ran a thousand miles. He couldn't move or talk.

“She's not breathing.” The midwife did her best just to save the baby's life, but unfortunately, it seems like she can't revive the baby.

The mother's eyes were welled up in tears. Her agony reflected from her eyes. Beads of sweat are dripping at the whole body.

For an instance, the mother lost her consciousness and the father run towards her. He hugs and gently waking her up.

The midwife is putting the baby in clean clothes. After she put the baby in, she stood up to wipe and clean the mother of the child.

Some tears are continuing to flow and their body was trembling. The midwife remained silent while she's cleaning the blood.

Furthermore, someone opens the door instantly. They looked at the person.

The person was gasping for air.

“We are... attacking by the... wolves,” the person whispered while its head was hanging low.

Their eyes widened. The person at the door runs away from their house. Trace, the father of the baby carries his wife.

While the midwife has been cleaned all the tools and clothes that she used. After a few minutes, the person disappeared.

They run away from their house without thinking about the baby.

“Please, hold on, Astra,” Trace said with a low tone of voice. His tears keep streaming down on his face.

“I will go back for our child.” They reached the house of the midwife and he puts his wife in a safe and soft bed.

“Please, take care of my wife, I will be back as soon as possible,” he said while moving constantly.

He walked away from the house until he bumped into someone who was running for his life.

He looked around. His heart was pounding and it's like he doesn't have the energy to move because of what he saw.

Ripped curtains, burning woods from the different houses, people are crying for help, children are running away.

A total disaster... That's what he thought when he observed the surroundings. Wolves are running and biting the flesh of the people.

In a moment, the wood fell in front of him. He gazes at the wood and he grabbed it to lit some fire. His hands were trembling, but he needs to manage his fears just to save his child.

The eclipse is still appearing. The smiles on their faces were already faded because of what's going on at the moment.

Trace runs immediately and went back to their own house. He searched for the baby, but unfortunately, he couldn't find his child.

His eyes widened when a creature appeared in front of him. The fangs are pointed to the point that they can make a hole in your body.

From its black and grey fur with dark eyes that can eat your soul. The ears of the creature are erect and its fur bristles.

The lips of the creature were curled up and the fangs are displayed. Trace looked through its eyes.

He doesn't realize that it was a wrong move. The creature snarl and crouches backward.

His heart was pounding like he ran from a million miles and was chased by his nightmare.

The white clothes were on the feet of the creature. He waved the wood in the direction of the wolf. The wolf stepped backward while snarling.

“Go away! It's my child!” he shouted. The wolf jumped on the wall into his body and bite his shoulder.

He screamed in pain. The wolf makes some noise while biting his shoulder. He punched its ribs that makes the wolf slumped into the wall and make some sounds of pain.

Trace stood up and hold his shoulder. It's bleeding. He walked towards the fabric and he tore some of it.

He used the piece of fabric just to cover it to his wound. He gasped when he saw something on the clothes.

The baby was still there, but it's not breathing. He hugs the baby without realizing that the wolf is still alive and the wolf can eat them in no time.

The wolf stand up and snarled once again. His eyes widened when he heard the sound from the wolf.

Through his peripheral vision, the wolf is slowly walking in his direction. His guts telling him that the wolf wants to eat his baby just to survive the hunger.

He stood up while hugging the baby. A loud noise reached his ears. It's coming from the other side of the wall.

It looks like the wolf called its group.

In just a blink of an eye, he was surrounded by a bunch of wolves and appearing their incisors.

He slowly stepped backward. He doesn't want to be eaten by the wolves. All the things that he would like to think are to stay alive and go back to his wife.

The wolves are slowly walking in his direction until he bumped into their walls. He was cornered by the hungry wolves.

In a split second, the gray wolf jumped from his side and bite his left arm. The other one was biting his legs while the other one was biting his right thighs.

His lips pressed together into a thin line. He felt like his soul already left his body. He instantly kicked all the wolves and he immediately waved his hand.

He ran away from the wolves until they reached the woods.

“Stop chasing me! I won't let you eat my child!” he yelled while running.

However, the leg cramps make him fall to the ground and he accidentally dropped the baby.

His eyes widened while the tears are still streaming down his face. His heart was pounding and gasping for air.

All of a sudden, the baby starts to cry together with the howl of the wolves under the Red Moon.

Is it a curse? Or a miracle?