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Luna Saffron’s Rejected Alpha Mate

Luna Saffron’s Rejected Alpha Mate



"Now reject your mate," Malik's repulsive voice demanded. "I'm sorry, Mad, I have too, for our pack's safety." She said before the words I never expected to hear came from her mouth. "I, Saffron Hernandez from The Nightfall Pack, reject you, Maddox Bishop, Alpha of The Nightfall Pack to be my Alpha and Fated Mate." Her words instantly crushed my soul. A pain ripping through my body, beyond anything I could have ever described. "COME ON DOLLFACE, BEFORE HE FINISHES THE JOB ON THE INNOCENT YOU BEGGED TO PROTECT!" Malik's voice hollered out, making Saffron close her eyes. *** On Saffron's 18th birthday, she finds out that she is fated to none other than the Alpha of her pack. 24 year old Maddox Bishop, who had only been the Alpha for a short time when an enemy pack launched an all out war. Malik, the 34 year old Alpha of The Reapers pack. A man who had no care for human life, pure evil in the flesh. One of the cruelest Alphas known to all. He loved killing, torture, and most of all power. He swore to call off his malicious attack on The Nightfall Pack in trade for one thing. Maddox's fated mate. What will Saffron do when Maddox fights harder to win her back? Will she give in to the mate bond and accept her fated mate? Or will she stay by Malik's side to save her home pack from an all out war of mass destruction?
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Warning: The content of some chapters in this book may be unacceptable to some readers.


I'd say it was a normal Friday night, but I'd be lying. I was anxious waiting for the clock to hit 12 in the morning. Tomorrow was my 18th birthday and I was beyond excited. I hoped my feeling was right about who my mate is but with the Moon Goddess you just never know. I had once thought my brother Vincent and my best friend Charisma were destined mates. Unfortunately, when she turned 18, there was no bond. The way they had acted towards one another we were all so sure. But fate had a funny way of ruining your hopes and dreams. I just hoped what I felt was different.

"Saffron, are you almost done? We close in 15 minutes and I really want to get out of here on time tonight." My boss hollered out.

I worked at a small bar here in town. I was only 17 at least until tomorrow, but since it was run by werewolves I was able to get a job as a hostess. It wasn't great, but it did help me save some money, not that I needed it. I'm the former Beta's daughter of The Nightfall Pack, so I wasn't exactly hurting for money. But my father's money wasn't mine, which is why I had been working at the bar going on 2 years now.

"Yeah Tim, I'm about to clean up the last table now!" I hollered back as I walked over to bust the table littered with beer bottles.

Tonight we were closing early due to it being a Blood Moon. Typically on Blood Moons, our pack takes a Midnight run together. Something about running together strengthens our bond as a pack. I haven't partaken yet because I haven't received my wolf. But tonight I will finally meet my wolf, shift, and be able to do the midnight run. A bonus if the Goddess wills it and I meet my mate too.

"Hey, dollface." A deep voice spoke from behind.

I knew that voice anywhere, why was he still here?

"The bar is closing Malik," I said, not giving him the attention he wanted so badly.

Malik was the Alpha of the Reapers pack, a few towns over from ours. He came to every shift I worked so he could hit on me. I always shot him down, telling him I wouldn't have anyone but my mate. However, he was persistent, always telling me that I would choose him to be my mate if the Goddess didn't bless me with him. Not that being mated to that man would ever be a blessing. He was a cruel and disgusting Alpha. A torturer in the flesh.

"Oh yeah, pack run right?" He said with a laugh. "All bullshit, you don't need to bond to your pack. They respect you because of who you are." He spat out coldly.

"Others think that earning respect is better than demanding it," I said as I turned to face him.

He was gorgeous, I gave him that. But his personality made him ugly. He was 6'5, brown skin with eyes to match, his hair was short and curly. He had a scar that ran diagonally across his face, from the right side of his forehead to below his left eye from a fight. Everything about him screamed danger.

"It's almost your birthday. Ready for it, mate?"

"I wouldn't be caught dead mated to someone like you."

"We'll see." He said as he grabbed my waist roughly, pulling me closer to his body.

"Let go!" I said demanding. Only for his grip to tighten its hold.

"You know you want me, I can see it in your eyes." His beer breath fanned across my face with his words.

"You heard the lady, let her go, now." A voice I yearned to hear demanded.

Malik's head whipped around, but his grip only tightened.

"Or what?" He asked, challengingly.

"You know what, Malik." Maddox's deep sexy voice said.

Maddox was another level of handsome. He had the most beautiful mocha skin, with long wavy brown hair that he wore in a man bun on top of his head. He had a long beard all the girls dreamed of running their fingers through. His skin was covered in beautiful tattoos that I wanted to trace every line of.

Maddox is the new Alpha of my pack, the Nightfall Pack. He and Malik have always been at each other's throats.

Malik was 34 years old, making him 10 years older than Maddox himself. He thought anyone younger should bow down in respect, but Maddox was an Alpha who didn't take well to being told what to do by those he despised.

"Is the poor excuse of an Alpha going to do something?" Malik asked, threateningly.

"If you don't remove your hand from my mate I damn sure will!" Maddox roared, making my head spin.

Suddenly his scent consumed me. He smelled of my favorite smell, campfire. It made my body react in a way it never had before.

I always had a crush on Charisma's older brother. Obviously, like every other girl in our pack, I had prayed he would be my mate. He was charming, caring, sweet, and loyal, he was protective but also showed mercy. He ruled fairly and was an amazing guy. But most of all, he showed love like no other. He was the perfect mate. I just never in a million years actually thought the Moon Goddess would answer my prayers and he'd be mine.

'Mate!' A sudden feminine voice intruded my mind.

It was 12 am and I was officially 18 with a very alert and present wolf. And Maddox Bishop was my mate. How could life get any better than this?

A jerk of my waist quickly reminded me of the situation I was in. My eyes darted over to Malik as he pulled me closer to his side.

"She is mine." He said in a low threatening voice.

"She is my mate Malik, not yours. I suggest you remove your hand before I remove it for you!" Maddox's sexy voice demanded.

"I'd like to see you try," Malik said followed by laughter.

Maddox stepped forward just as the back doors opened.

"Is there a problem boys?" The voice of Maddox's father, Donovan asked.

"No problem," Malik said as he released his grip on my hip.

Donovan was a huge guy, and much older than Malik. I wasn't sure if Malik was afraid of him or if I just wasn't worth him taking on two Alphas at once. Either way, I was thankful he released his hold on me.

I quickly stepped away from him, rushing to stand beside Maddox.

Maddox put his hand on me possessively, as he pushed my body behind his own in a protective manner.

"The bar is closed Malik, you will have to come back during business hours," Donovan said, Malik's eyes never leaving Maddox's as they both stared at one another deadly.

"No worries. I'll be back for you dollface." He then said diverting his eyes to me making a shiver of fear run down my body.