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His Destined Mate

His Destined Mate

Author:Purple Glory


Lydia went from being the daughter of the Alpha of the Gemini wolf pack to being a fugitive with a shattered family in the blink of an eye. She did everything she could think of, but she was unable to leave. She was dragged to the edge of the cliff, but she refused to give up. She plunged from the cliff and landed on bodies of water below. At the bottom of the cliff, Ryan, who was travelling back to his wolf pack, saw Lydia lying on the lakeside. He ran over and probed her breathing, finding she's unconscious. "What exactly is that lady doing sleeping in this freezing cold?" Ryan's friend asked. I don't think she is sleeping, Valderome," the alpha corrected him as he walked closer to the lady. “Look at her,” he pointed out that she had scars on her body and that the side of her head had been wounded. Ryan thought about his situation and finally decided not to get into any trouble. When he wanted to just leave her to die, the voice in his head that had been gone for years reappeared. "Save her! Ryan! She can help you."
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<strong>Mysterious Man's Point of View</strong>

Party figures in a variety of colors, sophisticated silver chairs and tables, silk imported table clothes, and a slew of other details may be used to depict the upcoming eighteenth birthday of the Alpha of the Gemini wolf pack's daughter, Lydia Amorsel.

The whole staff working under the direction of the Alpha of the Gemini wolf pack was preoccupied with preparations for the lady's birthday celebration. Their enthusiasm for adorning not just the family's home but also almost the whole town of the pack was smoothly contagious. Ordinary folks were also involved in the preparations, since this would be the most significant disclosure to be made about Lydia to the public since she would be eighteen by tomorrow.

There were other remarks that resonated throughout the town as everyone looked forward to the celebration. Despite their job hours of standing professionally straight ahead, the guards were unable to divert their attention away from the subject.

I am clothed in a large cloak with a black hat at my head, which covered about half of my entire face. I entered via the opposite side of the main door. When one of the maids became aware of my presence, she stepped courteously towards me and extended a warm welcome. She observed that I was fidgety and kept my gaze wandering around the room.

&quot;Good day, how may I be of use to you?&quot; The maid inquired with a big grin on her face as she posed the question. I didn't say anything. Instead of giving him a response, I glanced down at her hands, which were tightly clasped together and positioned at the bottom of her abdomen.

The maid was perplexed by the way I looked at her, but I felt that there was something familiar that was drawing her attention towards me. Perhaps, she had the distinct impression that I was no longer a stranger to her. This was not the first time that I saw her anyway. Most likely, she felt d&eacute;j&agrave; vu with my presence. I stopped her just as she was ready to say anything.

&quot;Do you happen to be-&quot;

Long before she could continue talking, she received a present from me as I quickly lent her the gift. &quot;I am Lydia's uncle, and I would appreciate it if you could please deliver this gift to her. It would really be a great help if you could forward this to her mother beforehand, so that she is aware of my presence.&quot; As they worked on the set-up, I talked in such a monotone that the maid could not make out what I was saying above the screams of delight from the audience's busy-ass preparations.

The maid instantly nodded her head &quot;Oh, without a doubt! I had a feeling it was you all along!&quot; She occurred to be aware of my existence. Well, I was not surprise at all! She was also Lydia's closest buddy within their pack anyway. I smiled and moved away from the room where Lydia's mother and the alpha were getting ready for their dresses as soon as the maid accepted the present at dashed to the master's chamber. My face was illuminated by an evil grin, anticipating about their reaction as soon as they received the gift.

I hope they will appreciate my &lsquo;surprise'.

<strong>Chelsa Hogan</strong>

I hummed while walking, and when I came in front of the alpha's room, I knocked on the door and opened it immediately as soon as Brisa, Lydia's mother granted my permission to do so.

&quot;Please come in.&quot;

&quot;Good morning!&quot; she greeted, my voice brimming with excitement. The alpha and Brisa's naked faces greeted my arrival with open arms. However, I felt something weird about Brisa's reaction, but anyway! It was none of my business anymore. I still have a lot of things to work.

&quot;Can you tell me what it is?&quot; When Alpha Trester approached me, he inquired as soon as he got a closer look of the gift box, and asked again, &quot;What is that?&quot;

I breathed deeply in silence before I answered.

&quot;Lydia's uncle wished to offer this present to your daughter.&quot; But, it looked like my words caused Trester's brows to wrinkle in focus. Oh, what was it about what I said that was so offensive?

&quot;U-Uncle?&quot; Huh? Why has he seemed confused? It looked like he doesn't know about Lydia's uncle&hellip;

I blinked my eyes numerous times because of this confusion. Brisa rose up and walked towards her husband, forcing a smile on her face as she saw him staring at the present. When I was asked about the uncle again, Brisa was the one who responded, saying, &quot;I assume she is referring to Anton.&quot; While she was attempting to calm herself down from an unexplained cause that had perplexed the attentive maid, her fingers were rather shaky.

Even though Alpha Trester nodded, his gaze remained fixed on the present. &quot;I'm curious as to why he decided to bring the present today when he can truly visit and offer the gift tomorrow,&quot; he speculated, but rather than disputing over the way in which the gift was delivered, he thought it was preferable to concentrate on the preparation rather than focusing his attention on that 'early gift.'

&quot;Anyway, just put it near the bedside table,&quot; he instructed me. I swiftly carried out his instructions.


After that, I departed, and the alpha and his wife went back to what they were doing at that time. By this, I assumed that Brisa get the gift and started opening it since she is like Lydia too; both of them are fan of surprises.

<strong>Lydia Amorsel</strong>

My face was beamed by a rat of sunlight as I walked up with my eyes only half open on this leisurely morning. I had no desire to get out of bed, but I became worried when I felt the early breeze brush up against my face. My thoughts instantly turned to questions such as, &lsquo;was the window open?' It couldn't remember opening the window. It was time for me to get out of the bed and turn my attention to the open window. The drapes were swinging, and I couldn't recall the last time I opened that particular window last late yesterday evening.

&quot;Weird,&quot; I commented, as I shrug my shoulders, furrowing my brows as I took a few steps back and peered about. My little wolf came along with me as well.

I happened to gaze down to the ground and heard a few faint noises coming from the bushes. It was a familiar sound, and I recognized it as something I wanted to know. As the bushes swayed away from me, I focused my attention on that direction specifically as my brows furrowed in thrill.

Only to see that it was nothing more than two crazy newborn wolves playing around my territory. &quot;Awe! Look at how adorable they were, don't you think, Camie?&quot; A protracted howl came from my small wolf in response to my almost breathtaking experience.

I exhaled with relief, but the mystery of what was going on between these freaking windows remained a mystery for me.

I walked away from the bathroom to take a bath, recognizing that I still had a lot to look forward to the next day, and couldn't wait for it to happen! Phew! It will be my eighteenth birthday and I anticipated myself going down the aisle carpet, with everyone wishing me a happy birthday. Oh! This is really fantastic!


But, while I was having a bath with my pet wolf, I became aware of a tremendous noise outside the door and immediately ran out of the bathroom. I completed my bath in a jiffy and requested Camie to help me dry her.

&quot;What's with that strange sound?&quot; I dressed myself in a full outfit and hurriedly stepped out. Camie kept elevating her nose surely; she detected a weird odor emanating from an unknown source.

&quot;Lydia!&quot; The loud shout of my closest maid friend was the first thing I saw as soon as I opened the door. Her hair was a tangle, and she was struggling to regain her breath as she gripped the door's edges on both sides. Her eyes were wide open, and she was a little shaky, as if she had just ran a long distance only to see her in this place.

My brows were lifted in response to the scenario. My befuddled gaze was perplexed by my friend's presence in the room. &quot;What is going on, Chelsa? What's wrong with you that you're looking so bad? Why does everyone seemed to be afraid and yelling?!&quot; I inquired, a sense of terror started to rise within my veins.

&quot;You've got to get away!&quot; I was perplexed when Chelsa screamed at me. What the-


&quot;There isn't enough time!&quot; Chelsa exclaimed, shaking her head. &quot;Come!&quot; As we ran away from the palace, she grabbed my elbow and pulled me closer to her! The combination of my dress and this two-inch heels made my running difficult, and my wolf kept a safe distance between me and the rest of the pack to assess the situation.

With my mind spinning, I kept asking Chelsa a series of questions about what was actually happening while we were trying to get away from the situation. We came across terrified members of the pack, including some who were just walking around.

&quot;This isn't a birthday prank, right?&quot;

&quot;Your birthday is tomorrow, not today! Of course, this isn't a joke in the slightest!

&quot;Then tell me what exactly is going on!&quot;

The moment we came out of the garden, Chelsa screamed, &quot;You have to get away! I-I realize this is my fault; please accept my apologies!&quot;

What is this woman talking about?

I was unable to move on from what she was saying up until Chelsa kneeled down and almost shed tears. &quot;Hey, what are you up to? Why you're apologizing?&quot;

Chelsa rose to her feet and, with quivering arms; she grasped my elbows and described what had happened. &quot;A pack from the Moonstone wolf pack kidnapped and slaughtered your mother, and your father was slain by the group too...&quot; Chelsa's voice was trembling as she spoke.

I came to a complete stop.

&quot;What? I'm sure you're kidding, aren't you?&quot;

&quot;No, I'm not!&quot;

&quot;So, who was it who did this to them?&quot;

Chelsa was speaking something on her mouth. I've heard few words like uncle and pandemonium but still, I can't get what she meant. To our unfortunate surprise, a civilian guy shot her in the ehad before she could continue speaking!

I pupils dilated as I saw Chelsa lying in the grasses with her eyes wide open and blood dripping from the corners of her lips. When Camie observed the guy, she immediately defended her. And, when I turned to see who had done this to Chelsa, I spotted a guy standing a short distance away, surrounded by werewolves.

I immediately ran away from him for help.

Their eyes may be seen to be filled with rage and hunger, as can their teeth. I managed to flee as they pursued me. Camie, as a young werewolf with little to no experience, is unable to provide as much protection for us as she would want, and I am well aware of this fact.

&quot;Camie, run with me!&quot; I shouted.

There was no direction for us to run in, and we were unclear of where our footsteps would lead us. Until we came onto a forest with tall trunks of trees, which enabled the guy to simply follow us wherever we led. At this point, the only sound we can detect is the pounding of my heart. I made the mistake of losing focus on my route, and as a result, I ended up losing my balance as I was running. Camie rushed over to assist me in standing, but the adversaries were on their approach to capture us!

I was on the verge of giving up and was racing through my thoughts to figure out what I should do next. Fortunately, my father's beta arrived and engaged in combat with the man's connections, saving my life. Camie and I were able to flee since he blocked the route. I was still frozen in shock at what is occurring since I was still unable to move even one inch!

One of the beta's weapons slipped away from the action.

&quot;Lydia! Run!&quot; When the beta was on the edge of losing his life, he let out a yell.

I was taken aback. I hurriedly nodded, grabbed the dagger and walked away with it in my hand. &quot;Look, I'm curious how much money the Amorsel gives you in order to safeguard those babies,&quot; the guy said, stepping on the beta's tummy and chuckling.

Even though we were in quite distant, I can still hear their voices echoing in my ears, anticipating their actions.

&quot;The future leaders of the pack are in danger, and I'm here to protect them!&quot;

&quot;Don't be concerned; we are the same,&quot; the guy said with a giggle. &quot;I did not come to murder the woman if that is what you think.&quot; As the werewolf took a step back, he drew closer to him. &quot;Well, guess what, I'm just doing my job like you,&quot; he said in hushed tones.

&quot;Money is sweet as honey.&quot;

In the blink of an eye, he had abandoned the beta and let the werewolves devour him to death.

I continued falling and turning back to check whether the adversaries had caught up with me, which caused me to fall numerous more times. That terrible thing, unfortunately, was able to take advantage of the shortcuts in this forest, and as a result, they arrived to the place where Camie and I were running and predicted our arrival with ease! As soon as I glanced back, they had already blocked the path to the exit.

&quot;Here you go, little girl,&quot; the guy spoke, a strange smirk on his face.

&quot;I am not a tiny girl!&quot; I let out a scream.

The guy turned away from the werewolf and began walking towards me. I was troubled by the fact that his stare was fixated on my face the whole time. &quot;What are you going to do?&quot; I exclaimed in question, my voice shaking with fear.

He gripped my arms tightly and attempted to bring me closer to him, but Camie snatched his hand and bit it off! I took advantage of the man's whimpering anguish to murder him with a dagger I had in my possession. The arrival of additional guys from the pack came at the ideal moment. I scurry away atop Camie's back and into the woods. The arrival of the new command ordered the werewolves to hunt us down and kill us alive!

Later on, I was glad to see that the attackers were no longer following us as we walked through the woods. However, as we emerged from the jungle and saw the rising light, we were greeted by a cliff. I turned around and noticed that the number of a pack had increased.

I took a deep breath and conditioned Camie.

&quot;Camie, jump!&quot; I yelled. We both went over the edge of the cliff.