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My Mate Is A Contract Killer

My Mate Is A Contract Killer



MY MATE IS A CONTRACT KILLER His name is Christopher Elijah William. Alpha of Red Moon Stone, the most fearsome pack among wolves. He is known for his cruelty, ruthlessness, rudeness, and most importantly for his maniac ways of torture. But he always craves for a mate who is fearsome and has all qualities of being the Luna. Her name is Annie Walters. She is living a simple ordinary life. Working in a very small firm as a typewriter. Average looks, always wear glasses, an Introvert and wear granny type clothes. But she has other personalities too. The personality no one knows about. Being an orphan made it easy for her to conceal her other personality from others very easy. What happens when these two come face to face? What will Christopher do when he knows that he gets a weak human as a mate? What will Annie do when she will get her new job as Christopher Elijah William’s new Secretary? ******************************************************************************************************************************************** ** SNEAK PEAK ** “Sir, Please Let me go” Annie whispered yelling at his new boss who is standing so close to her that he almost invades his private space. Christopher near his face towards her neck and inhales deeply. Taking in her scent while securing her shoulder in his hands. He balls his fists and then looks into her eyes. Then he distances himself from her breathing heavily. “Get Out” he shouts. Annie hurried towards the door and was about to open it when he suddenly grabs her waist from behind.
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Chapter – 1

Point Of View: Christopher

“ARGHH..” nothing is going to help me to control my anger. My temper is on edge recently. I am easily getting frustrated.

My name is Christopher Elijah Williams. I have recently turned 23.

I manage many multinational companies. I become the CEO when I was only 20 years old, although I started to work long ago to familiarize myself with the company’s work while I was studying.

Apart from that, I am the Alpha of the most respected and fearsome pack of America, Red Moon Stone. I become the Alpha when I turned 18.

Although many become Alphas after they meet their fated mate or made their chosen mate their Luna. But my father gave me this title as soon as I turned 18 and no one objected.

He believes that I can manage this pack very well until I find my mate, my Luna.

My father treated this pack as his family members when he was the Alpha.

He personally listened to every problem of the pack members. so that no one feels left and my mother helped him in this by standing by his side, thick and thin.

When he was Alpha, what he earned was the respect from pack members and other packs also.

But when I become the Alpha, I don’t only earn respect but also many packs who wanted to attack our pack and dream to take over it, to fear our pack.

I made this pack the largest and most fearsome pack in America, with the help of my Beta and Gamma and Former Alpha, my Father of course.

The pack is surrounded by mountains on three sides and a big beautiful lake on one side. The water of the lake is very pure and clear that you can see your reflection. Apart from it, I also have tight security around the pack border. So, it is very difficult to attack our pack so easily.

I have also known for my brutal way of torturing my victims whom we caught during wars or trespassing.

Therefore, many werewolves or any other species who want to attack our pack have to think thousands of times before.

Because if they lose and lived, then I make their life worse than death.

I have everything in my life that a person can dream of. Multinational companies, the most fearsome pack, pack members who respect and love me like their own family members, loving parents who are always there for me whenever I need their help.

But I lack something and that is my mate, my Luna. Mate among our werewolves is like soulmates, the other half of you. Many alphas nowadays have chosen mates instead of their fated mates.

They did this either for the Alpha position or their mates were too weak to become the Luna.

My father also told me to choose my mate, if I can’t find her. So that I can have a Luna and can share my duties and also keep me sane mostly. Most importantly Alpha without Luna is very dangerous. But I hardly object.

I want to have my fated mate, just like him.

My parents were fated mates and their love is an inspiration for me. I also want to love and respect my mate as my father did.

My mother once told me about mates when I was a teenager.

She told me how you feel full when you find your mate, sparks dance throughout the body when the mate touches you and how you want to mark her/him on the spot, and most importantly how you feel for your mate and wanted to follow her/him around like a lost puppy.

I want my mate to be a strong wolf, even if she is not, I will train her and personally teach her everything so that she can become the fairest Luna as my mother.

So, I decided to wait for my mate even if it takes years

But now I am at the edge as I do not find my mate yet. My wolf Ace is going berserk for his mate.

So, I decided to throw myself into workload and pack duties. I continuously travel from one place to another. Either expanding business or forming alliances with other pack Alphas.

I basically like to travel through my private plane. Firstly, I don’t like to share. Secondly, I can work without any disturbance and can hold meetings easily.

It has a meeting room where I can work, a lounge with a bar where my beta Stefan is drinking and flirting with steward right now, and a bedroom with an attached bathroom. Which I mostly used when I travel long distances.

I was traveling to Canada, to meet Alpha of Blue Moon Pack, Lucas. He is the friendliest alpha I have ever met. We met three years ago, in his alpha ceremony, where he also marked his fated mate Evelyn and made her his Luna. She is beautiful inside out and also a strong she-wolf.

Finally, my plane landed at Canada airport almost after two hours.

I come to Canada this time, to meet Lucas and to form an alliance with other Alphas of the Canadian wolf packs.

I always believe that forming alliances is a way of lessening the number of enemies. And most importantly it makes you stronger.

Especially, when there is a danger lurking in dark.