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Author:Frankie Nero


For centuries, there had been a pact that kept the supernaturals in unity. That is until Dominic breaks the pact and upsets the balance nature created between the supernaturals and humans, To further add to his crime, Dominic leads an all out assault against the Alpha of Redwing pack. As punishment, the spirits create a prophecy that foretells his downfall which would come from the line of the Redwing's Alpha. Five hundred years later, Mandy white, a sixteen year old student is expelled from school when her werewolf abilities are recently awoken and she assaults a guy. Her parents have no choice but to relocate to a new city. There, she befriends two boys her age. Kyle, a kind yet overconfident boy and Jeremy, a shy introvert. Kyle is then revealed to be a werewolf when his abilities are awoken and Mandy imprints on him, believing him to be her mate. The problem is, he doesnt reciprocate much to her confusion as it defies werewolf nature. All these happens while Dominic is doing all his best to find the chosen werewolf who will cause his downfall.
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YEAR 1521

A woman sat on a wooden rocking chair facing the window. She sighed softly as she admired the beauty of the full moon and the feel of the night breeze. Her dark curly hair swayed in interval in rhythm to the movement of the breeze. In her arms was a tiny bundle wrapped in soft linen which she rocked gently at intervals. She glanced down at it as it began to squirm. She parted the top of the linen to reveal tiny eyes staring back at her in mild curiosity.

“Little one.” She cooed, a smile crossing her pink lips. “Why aren’t you in slumber yet?”

The infant made a babbling noise as if to answer her question and wrapped it’s tiny fingers around her outstretched index one. She giggled in return and resumed rocking the little one gently. The light from the fire place began to dim a bit and she cocked her head around to stare at it. A sigh escaped her lips. They would need to get more wood later.

Just then, her nose caught a familiar scent and she smiled towards the door. Soon enough faint footsteps could be heard in the distance. She glanced down at the baby as the footsteps got nearer. The baby’s eyes were now fully active as if waiting for the arrival too.

“He is here, little one.” The woman smiled gently.

The door opened and a man stepped in. She stared at him curiously as he stepped into the light. His large toned body slightly exposed by the bear skin garment he wore, was covered in battle scars that had faded over the years. But they did nothing to hinder his attractiveness. Black shaggy hair stood atop his head with some bangs nearly covering his sharp grey eyes and thick facial hair surrounding his jaw line. She detected his quick breathing as he stepped towards her.

“ Hello, Amara.” He greeted, bending downwards and placing a kiss on her temple.

“ Welcome, Lucas.” She smiled. “How was the meeting?” .

“It seemed to take away every ounce of strength from my body.” He smiled tiredly. “The bickering within the pack is getting out of hand day by day. The water by the brook has nearly run dry and the only one closer as at the border between our territory and that of grey wood’s.”

He paused and tickled the infant. He smiled as the young one let out a tiny laugh.

“So how is our future Alpha?” He asked as the infant grabbed his finger and babbled.

“Restless.” Amara chuckled. “I presume he must be waiting for news on the meeting too. He has barely slept today.”

“Is that so?” Lucas chuckled deeply. “Well, I have set up another meeting with the Alpha of grey wood in two weeks. We will discuss how to handle the issue of the brook by the border of our territories. The last thing I desire is disunity between our packs. The constant bickering within my pack is more than enough trouble.”

Amara nodded. “Where is Kraven?”

“I sent him on patrol with a handful of our packs. He should return in a while.” Lucas pulled away from the baby who seemed to be falling asleep.

He stared at the fireplace. The fire was nearly out.

“We will need more firewood.” He said.

“I was about to suggest the same thing to you.” Amara said.

The both of them paused and sniffed, detecting a scent.

“What brings her here by this hour?” Lucas wondered as he faced the door.

“That is not the only thing of concern.” Amara said, following his gaze. “I perceive something about her. Anxiety….”

“…And fear.” Lucas narrowed his eyes.

The door burst open and a woman the same age with Amara quickly stepped inside. Her red hair was disheveled and her green eyes were filled with worry.

“Alpha Lucas. Luna Amara.” She gasped out of breath.

“Easy, Tabitha.” Lucas raised his hand to calm her down. “What brings you here from the coven?”

Amara stood up with the now sleeping infant in her arms.

“I have bad news, Alpha Lucas.” Tabitha spoke quickly. “It is Dominic. He… He…”

“Steady yourself, Tabitha.” Amara walked gently towards her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “What did Dominic do?”

“He has broken the pact!” Tabitha said frantically. “He has taken a human’s life.”

Lucas and Amara recoiled in shock.

“No.” Lucas growled. “He would not do that. That is against the rule that has kept the peace between the species. The one sacred rule. Humans are not to be harmed!”

“Tabitha.” Amara said, her voice filled with worry. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, Luna.” Tabitha replied. “You have known me well since we were children. I would never lie to you.”

“I can not believe this.” Amara gasped.

“That is not the only problem.” Tabitha said. “I’m afraid there is another problem. Dominic is making his way towards this place as we speak.”

“And why would he want to do that?” Lucas narrowed his eyes.

“He has become corrupted. He wants to end the existence of the werewolves. He has gathered a large army and it is only a matter of time before they arrive here.” Tabitha replied.

She looked around.

“Where is your beta?” She asked.

“ Kraven? I sent him on a patrol with some our pack.” Lucas replied.

“Oh no. This is not good. You have to make haste, Alpha. The army Dominic brings is too much to handle even for an alpha of your strength. ” Tabitha said.

“We have to move.” Amara tugged at Lucas’ arm.

“No.” He shook his head, much to her surprise. “ You should go. Take our son and run along with Tabitha. I will defend our fort”

“Do you know what you speak of?!” Amara shrieked. “Do you want to fight an army alone?!”

“I do not intend to.” Lucas faced her sqarely.

Amara’s eyes widened as she took in the meaning behind those words.

“No.” She gasped, tears formed around her eyes. “ Lucas, please do not do this.”

Lucas wrapped his arms around her and kissed her gently. He wiped the tears that were forming.

“It is the best choice.” He said softly. “It will be okay. If there is going to be a hope it will be from you and our son.”

He nudged her towards Tabitha.

“Run.” He commanded to Tabitha.

Tabitha nodded and pulled Amara gently out of the house. Overwhelmed by grief, Amara couldn’t put up a fight as she was pulled along the woods. She glanced back towards the house. She could hear multiple footsteps as they thundered towards the house. She could now detect the scent. There was the scent of more than a thousand people. All smelt alike. Then she detected one strange scent among them. It was foul, yet pleasant. It was him. Dominic. She tore her eyes away from the house and run along with Tabitha. The infant in her arms had awoken and bawled loudly. Joint efforts from the two women were made to steady him.

They had reached a boat by the edge of the river when suddenly Tabitha clutched her head and groaned in pain. She dropped to her knees.

“Tabitha!” Amara dropped down to stare at her friend while steadying her hold on the infant.

“Tabitha.” She repeated. ‘What is the matter?”

“It’s a message.” Tabitha moaned, shutting her eyes tight. “The spirits are sending a message to me.”

“What are they saying?” Amara queried.

Tabitha suddenly opened her eyes to reveal glowing irises. Amara shifted backwards a bit.

“Dominic has become the profane.” Tabitha spoke. Her voice echoed sounding like the combined voices of a multitude. Her eyes stared ahead as if in a trance. Amara listened patiently.

“He has defiled nature and upset the balance.” The multiple voices continued. “Therefore he will reap the reward of his misdeeds. He shall create his own downfall. With his own hands, he shall birth the one who will claim his life. Out of the line of Lucas, a wolf will be chosen. He who bears the symbol of the moon. This shall be Dominic’s doom.”

The voices stopped and Tabitha shut her eyes. She opened them again and they were back to normal.

“That was the message.” She said, her voice back to normal. “I believe my sisters in the coven would have received it by now too.”

Amara nodded.

“I caught the name of my husband from their lips.” She said.

“Yes.” Tabitha replied. She ushered Amara towards the boat and the two women climbed in. Amara sat down with her little son at one end while Tabitha began to row. Moments later, they saw the smoke in the distance from where Amara and Lucas lived. Amara bowed her head and the tears flowed again.

“Do not despair, my friend.” Tabitha consoled her. “Your husband will be remembered for his act of courage. He is the symbol of a true alpha. His sacrifice will not be in vain.”

Amara didn’t reply. She took one look at her son who was surprisingly asleep.

“The little one must be protected at all times.” Tabitha gazed at the baby. “He is the only one left from your husband’s line. He is the key to restoring balance between the species. I believe that is what the spirits were trying to tell me.”

“They also said he bears the symbol of the moon.” Amara said. “There is no such mark on my child.”

“I believe the spirits were trying to say it is one of his descendants who will do so.” Tabitha corrected.

Amara looked at the smoke in the distance and then back to her sleeping son.

“I will protect you, little one.” She whispered gently.

“With all my life.”