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Mated To The Ancient Alphas Son

Mated To The Ancient Alphas Son

Author:Lioness Keya


Finding out that you are the son of the very first Lycan created can be a bit.. overwhelming. Especially when you never knew they even existed! Manny is newly home from the Marines and is just looking to settle down. When one day he has a chance encounter with Keya. A tiny touch from this girl is enough for him to want to make her wifey. Keya has had some intense run-ins with several boys and isn't looking to be in another overwhelming relationship. She meets Manny while at Papa's Restaurant and didn't think too much about it when she gave him a hug to thank him, but boy was she wrong! Secrets from Manny's past will have him doubting his family and finding out the truth will send him into an unknown location, shrouded in secrecy. Can he really be a Lycan? Do they really exist? And if so is he the offspring of the one and only Ancient Alpha, the Alpha that all other Alphas have to obey? And what about Keya, what does her background hold? Join them on their journey to love, truth and discovery and a world where things are not always what they seem.
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Manny's POV

My name is Manuel Antonio Rodriguez, I was born November 8th 1973 on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, to parents Gloria and Alfredo. I'm the youngest of 8 siblings, 5 sisters and 2 brothers. Growing up in the countryside of the island with my family was great. My parents worked in the city, and that's where we attended school.


We lived on my grandparent's homestead in a 4 bedroom home, one of the many houses out here on the land. My Papau and Memau had 9 kids, including my dad. We grew most of our own food, lots of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. We also raised chickens, cows, goats, sheep, turkeys, pigs and rabbits that we butchered for food.


My Papau also taught me how to hunt and fish. I enjoyed hunting the most, it just felt I don't know.. natural to me. He showed me how to use a wooden bow & arrow first, then various knives, axes, machetes and finally guns. I was excellent at all types of weaponry, it was second nature. 


We sold the land and moved to Chicago's Humboldt Park area in March of 1984. Living in the big city was really different from the countryside. I miss the country life, if ever I am able to, I want to live like that again.


We didn't have a lot of animals anymore, my grandma kept her some chickens though, she loved fresh eggs. We couldn't hunt anymore but could still fish in the Humboldt Park Lagoon or at Lake Michigan. Our school was closer, everything was a short walk away. We no longer grew a lot of our own food or had to butcher any animals. And the weather was much more different, colder. It.. took awhile to get used to. 


I graduated from Roberto Clemente high school in 1991. I decided to join the Marines that summer and after nearly 6 years now I'm back home. I'm eating at my Tios'

Spanish for Uncle

restaurant enjoying a jibarito meal

jibarito is a steak sandwich with grilled onions, cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato, between 2 flatten and fried plantains served with traditional rice and beans



It was cozy in here some random telenovela was on the TV and soft Samba music playing in the background. I had been back for about a month now and enjoyed seeing my family and spending time catching up with everyone.


I was able to buy myself a nice 4 bedroom/ 3 and a half bath home and a '98 royal blue Cadillac Deville. My cousin Victor encouraged me to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle, he said it'll help in getting the ladies to notice me. ME! Oh the ladies notice me, I'm a caramel colored, towering 6'5" tall, ripped 275 pound GOD of a man! Believe me, they notice me bro. 


It was April now, Easter Sunday and the weather was warming up a bit, but still windy as usual. It ain't called the Windy City for nothing. My face has some stubble and I was sporting a bald fade, I'm really looking forward to my hair growing back I had to keep it cut while in the Marines. I had on a blue muscle shirt and black slacks.


"So what are you planning on doing with yourself now that you're back, sobrino


?" My uncle asked.


"Honestly I just want to settle down unc, being single sucks. I want what you and aunt Marie got, a marriage and solid foundation. I want some little Mannys running around." I told him honestly.


Aunt Marie looked up from the register smiling, then came over and gave her hubby a kiss.


"Awww gracias


Manny" she told me gladly.


He looked at me a little surprised, "Really?! Already?" I nodded.


"Well just know that it ain't gonna just happen overnight. It takes years of trust, loyalty, honesty, sacrifice, respect and unconditional love to have a great marriage work out, you understand?"


He said turning and tapped Marie on her ass as she walked by. She just looked at him and smirked shaking her head. He was cooking orders behind the counter while talking to me, a few nearby customers verbally agreed with him. So did I. 


"Entiendo Tio"

I understand uncle

I smiled.


I missed my uncle, he and his wife Marie, started off selling plates of food to pay bills and raised enough money with the family's support to open up their own restaurant.


He could retire if he wanted to but he loved cooking too much. My grandpa, his father, told me when I was younger to invest in my future, so I did. Before I went off to the Marines I had bought several shares in various companies that turned out a nice return, so I had a good nest egg to rest on. Just for something to do, I am considering applying for the head security guard position at my old high school starting in August.


I was sitting there lost in thought eating my sandwich when suddenly I felt this pulling sensation in my lower abdomen. It was growing stronger by the moment and then I heard this beautiful voice next to me.


"Hey Papa, my grammy wants to order your delicious rotisserie chicken meal again." The lovely voice sang.


"Coming right up!" my uncle said to her. And he called out the order.


I slightly turned and saw this young, fine ass black chick sitting next to me, and she smelled GOOOOD!.. Like the freshly harvested lavender and ginger root that my Memau used to grow. And it was turning me on like a motherfucker.


She giggled and it was a melodious sound that made my dick jump, and something stirred somewhere deep within me. And I faintly heard the word 'Mate'...the fuck? I frowned.


She bit her lip slightly while swinging her legs back and forth, staring excitedly behind the counter watching my Tio prepare her meal when she caught sight of me and said cheerfully, "Hi!" she smiled and it brightened up her face and my day along with it.


"Hello" I say a smirk easing on my face. Her smell was intoxicating and mouth watering. I breathe it in and shivered slightly. Hmm I wonder if she taste as good as she smells. Because I'm starving and would love to take a bite of her. I unknowingly licked my lips. 


Her eyes were the color of molten caramel outlined in dark blue, I never seen anything like it before. She was wearing a short yellow summer dress covered in white daisies with black flip flops with a fake daisy on it. Her thick, curly dark hair was parted down the middle in a zigzag pattern put into two low ponytails tied in yellow ribbons, damn she was cute! I was checking her out but she couldn't tell as I had on my shades. 


She looked curiously at the sandwich that I was holding. I eyed my sandwich then her and asked, "Have you ever had a jibarito before?"


She frowned a bit and cocked her head to the side, "A what?"


"A jibarito, that's what this is."


She shook her head, her perfectly arched eyebrows raised, "No, I've never seen or heard of that before in my life!" She exclaimed.


Then I explained to her what it was and asked, "Would you like a bite?" 


She looked a little surprised her eyes widened, she blinked saying, "Sure!"


I handed it to her, but instead of grabbing the sandwich from me she opened her mouth and took a bite. When her juicy, soft, plump lips touched my fingers as she took her bite, it felt like I was struck by lightning!⚡⚡⚡


*CRACKLE* 'Grrr, 'MATE!'.... WTH?!!!


I shivered a little, felt goosebumps erupt on my skin and my hair stood on end! I was in a daze and I shook my head to try and dispel this feeling. It wasn't a bad feeling at all, quite pleasurable but a little bit overwhelming.


"Mmm that was delicious!" she exclaimed happily. "And its called a 'jibarito'?" she pronounced it slowly.


"Uhh.. yeah you said it right. Would you like me to buy you one?" I asked her, blinking hard a few times. 


"Really?!" she said surprised, smiling.. she's got dimples.. damn, that's hot!


"Yeah I don't mind." I smirked, licking my lips. 


"Sure, I'd love one!"


"Ok, one jibarito meal coming up!" My uncle said happily, "Is it to go?"


"Yes, Papa! Thank you!" she called him Papa because that's the name of his restaurant not because he was her father they were not related.. yet, I thought. 


"So how's your grandmother doing?" my Tio asked her.


"She's much better now that she's out of the hospital." she said. "The doctor says she has something called diabetes. I don't know what it is, but it doesn't sound good."


She looked sad lowering her head and sighing her lip pouting a bit. Damn, even when she was sad she was fine. I didn't like seeing her like that though, it made my chest ache slightly.