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Fall in Love with the Past: The Top 5 History Romantic Novels of the Year

Fall in Love with the Past: The Top 5 History Romantic Novels of the Year

2023-03-20 11:03:55
  • My Life


    This is the true life story of my life, although few things will be changed to protect some people’s identity. It is a story about when my life was when I was naive, I was taken advantage of several times and even lied to by different men, I just want people not to make the same mistake I made then.
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  • Bophelo ba Mmutla


    The book is about the rabit history in the home language of Northern Sotho for grade 4 learners. The book aim to help learners and give them the history of curiosity they have about animals and what leaded the animals to live a particular type of a lifestyle and how they are different to human being. The book aim to promote love yo animals and care for them
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  • A Different Kind Of Daughter


    For every woman and child of war and oppression the world over, struggling to play and learn in peace. May these pages help to light your dark paths to freedom...They send girls like me to the crazy house—or simply stone us to death. Lucky girls might get married off to a rival clan, in the hope of tainting the tribe’s blood. I am the product of one of those punitive tribal marriages. In a sentence meant to damn them both, my maverick mother married my renegade father having never laid eyes on him until their wedding. The tribal elders did not foresee the instant love match or the combined force of my parents’ courage and shared ideals. They certainly did not foresee me. And they could not stop our brazen family of Pashtun rebels from multiplying. Even among my own, I was considered a different kind of daughter. I hated dolls, was miserable wearing fancy dresses, and rejected anything remotely feminine. My ambition would never come to life in a kitchen, or flourish within the four walls of our home. Just to stay sane, I needed to be outside, under the open sky and running free—the very thing that tribal law forbade.
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