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Alpha Coleen

Alpha Coleen

Author:Authoress Sky


He was known to be the most dangerous alpha on the face of earth. He was rumored to have killed his father at a tender age. He was known to kill anyone who go against him, and also conquer a lot of packs just to become feared. His name makes even the strongest quaver, he could defeat even a king and take his throne. His name is on the lips of both old and young, he is a setting example for disobedient children. He makes wolves fear the sight of darkness, a look from him can make you wish for death. His name is Coleen... One look in his beautiful cold blue eyes, and Avery knew he doesn't want her. Yet he refuse to reject her.
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The word left his mouth as time stood still for everyone.

He tried to move his leg, but it was impossible, he watch as her body drop to the ground.

Summoning his inner strength, he pushes through the force holding him down and he was beside her in an instant. He caught her before she could touch down and pull her into his arm.

"No," he whispered.

"Don't do this to me Avery, please don't leave me," his voice shook as he tried to stop the bleeding.

He places his hand on her wound and concentrated, trying to heal her, but it wasn't working.

The wound refuses to close up.

"No," he whispered again.

"Please Avery... Open your eyes," he shook her shoulder roughly.

"Co... leen," He wouldn't have heard her if he was not holding her head closer. He stared into her eyes as a drop of tear trickle down his cheek.

"I... Love... You." she struggled to say.

"No, please..." was all he could mutter.

"I love you Avery... please don't leave me alone," he cried

"It.... hurts," she whispered.

"I am so sorry, I can't make it stop," he said.

She smiled then, her face turning pale every minute.

"I... love... you Coleen... always... remember... that."

Her hand fell limply beside her as her face turn completely cold. That is when Coleen let his tears fall.

He let out aloud roar.

His eyes turn gold as his rage burns in his chest.

His tears flowed nonstop as he held her. He didn't care if he was a king. All that matters to him is that his Queen is gone.

"Coleen," someone called behind him.

"She is gone," he muttered, tears still trickling down his face.

"I know," Arianna sniffle. "Let her go so they could bury properly her," she said.

"No!!" He growled.

She flinched back but didn't move away from him.


"She will not die this way," he growls. "I will kill him for causing her death."

With that, he drops Avery carefully on the ground, and stood up.

His eyes change to gold in a flash.

He surveys the fighters until it rests upon his victim.

He stalked toward him, but not without being stopped by his warriors.

His sword appeared in his hand as he stretched out his hand. He raised it up higher.

With one powerful swipe, he decapitated the head of the surrounding warriors.

His eyes and his sword glowing at the sight of blood. He suddenly felt thirsty, and he knew only one thing can quench his thirst.

Killing everyone that had wronged him.



Thank you all for choosing my book, thank you for showing your interest in me and my stories.

Thank you for accepting me with my flaws.

Add it to your library so you won't miss reading it.

I love you all..... MUAAAHHH

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