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The Broken Luna

The Broken Luna



Brooklyn is a teen werewolf,  and also the most secretive wolf of the pack, she preferred to live in silence without being caught a glimpse of by the other wolf. She rarely relates with other members of the pack except she was forced by her father Kevin Garcia, The second in command to the Alpha of the woods pack. Unfortunately, her secretive life come to a halt, and the unexpected happened a week to her 17th birthday, when the first son of the Alpha, Declan, who is also the only heir to the throne of  becoming the new Alpha of their pack discover she is his mate. But  the two can't be together even if she accept him as her mate, and this is  because of a curse, and a big secret  that being known only by Declan. What's the secret? Is it possible to break the curse? Clear out your possibilities by checking out this mindblowing and suspense filled Novel.
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Past few days I wake up and remember that it is next month, I will transform and meet my mate.

I'm always happy about me going to transform but whenever I remember I will meet my mate these same day am always discouraged because I hate mate powers and bond, I don't like it when someone have power over me and I don't like it when am being away from my parents. Last year my friend kelly mate took her to a very far place that we hardly hear from her they met when her mate came for a mission in our pack and I hope she is fine there. Because her mate is the warrior of their pack.

“ Brooklyn get down here” my mum yelled from the kitchen.

“I'm coming momma”I rushed to the bathroom to brush my teeth..

My father is the second in command to the Alpha, so he hardly Stays at home,we don't really spend time together and I don't expect him to be home by this time, he would have gone to the pack house.....

Whenever we spend time together they always remember me of my birthday because they want me to meet my mate soon which am afraid of being rejected.

There are alot of people who have been rejected in the pack house because their mate is human or because their mate have a lover who they can't leave which leads to rejection and I know how miserable their life is.

Our pack is the strongest pack in California. It is THE WOOD PACK. I don't like going to the pack house because of the elders and the annoying pups too. The Alpha have two sons and a daughter which the daughter is my best friend

Marianne is a very nice girl and can be so dramatic sometimes too, she has met her mate and he is a friend to her brother who they live in the pack house together.

Her brother Declan is the next to become the Alpha after his father, he turned eighteen last year but he has not found his mate yet, I know they would have been disturbing him because he has to take over now, Alpha Derek is getting old already.

He took after his father with his killing look, he has a bright blue eyes with curvy brown hair and a very built and broad shoulder. He is a model, practically a Celebrity thatcall the girls in the school are tripping for him so much that they can do anything to even touch his shoe.....

“ What are you still doing up there?” my mum yelled from downstairs

Oh shit! I almost forgot am going to school, I wore my black hoodie with a grey joggers, that is my favorite anyways, while searching the wardrobe I saw a gown my mum bought for me as my last birthday gift, a red straight and short gown with a low back and a net in front showing some part of boobs.. I groaned in frustration because I don't like the dress because it makes me uncomfortable but who am I to complain my mum will never take No for an answer....

I carried my black fancy bag with my earpiece and my phone and I rushed downstairs to meet my mum.

I rushed to her and hug her “Goodmorning Mrs Greene” she pecked me

“Good morning Ms. Greene” she said jokingly while setting the table, I helped her to carry cup and I sat at the side of the table,

“so Mrs Greene what are we eating today” I asked chaffingly

She paused! “Wait what is with the Mrs. Greene today” she narrowed her eyes

I turned to her and I grinned at her “well I refuse to answer” she chuckles and lean towards me and answer “well we are eating Bacon and egg grilled cheese Ms. Greene, which is your favorite meal.

She serves the food

and she whispers “enjoy” mockingly

I smiled at her after taking a bite and a thumb, “I shouted happily you are the best mum ever” she smiled

She sat on the chair in front of me while eating her food she looked up “next week is your birthday baby girl...”

“Arrghh! we are at it again”I said frustratingly

“Calm down......... baby girl you know what I mean by that, you can't run away forever

Yes right!!! I know I can't run away forever but these people need to stop talking about it am scared already, what if I get rejected? What if I don't find my mate? Oh! Hell Noooo

“Brooklyn Are you even listening to me???? ”

She snapped me out of my thoughts

“I'm s-o-rry but you seriously need to stop reminding me of this thing I know already and there is no need to remind me”I said out of frustration......

“She walks up to me to seat beside me she says patting my shoulders “calm down baby, I just want the best for you and I want you to realize that you cannot run forever and when you feel like telling me anything just walk up to me darling I will always be there for you” she hugged me and went to do the dishes... I was left speechless but I feel like crying, I know she want the best for me but goddammit am scared of this am not ready for this sincerely..... I thought to myself.. I finally find a word

I went over to her, I throw her a big hug

“Thank you momma I love you ” I sign

I gotta go to school now mum.. “Byeeeee”

I rushed out and she yelled from behind “make sure you come back early” I pretended not to hear because she knows Marianne and I have a part time job in a coffee shop but she has stopped after finding her mate because they spend most of the times together....

I waited outside my door for Marriane to come pick me up... She showed up early today

“Hop in babyyyy”she yelled

“You know it is too early for it right? ”

“come on Brooke you know we need to enjoy the life while it last”

“but not in this way madam” I said mockingly

“Or maybe I'm not just boring madam Brooke”

“Oh I give up I know I can't win this I raised my hands in surrender”

I lock the car door and use my seat belt then we headed to school, but we were met with traffic jam but it isn't too much.. I noticed the car is silent and it is unusual, “what happened I furrowed and looked at her”

“How is your mate Kai, have not been seeing him”

“He went to visit his parent, you know they are in the neighboring town.. But I seriously miss him”

“Oh sorry baby... Is that why you are silent?”

“It's okay baby,you can't know the pain, next week you will understand what I'm going through ”

“Do you guys really need to bring it up???”

“I frowned”

I can't believe my best friend is also in this team of reminding me about my mate.....

But I really feel bad for her... Is this how I will when I find my mate too

........ We got to school and we already met Christine Brown at the parking lot waiting for us. Christine is human and knows nothing about the werewolf shit. We greeted each other and we entered school together but something is unusual. The kids are whispering to each other but with the wolf hear I could comprehend what they are saying. Christine asked curiously “what is going on ”

“I think there is a new guy in school but I don't know why they are whispering because of a new guy”I said nonchalantly and they both nodded then suddenly Christine jumped in front of us

“Holy Jesus!”Marriane and I shouted while holding our chest

“I think I know the reason”Christine said dramatically while demonstrating her hands

“ Oh you scared us christine”

“For kids to be making a fuss because of a new guy, this means the guy is hot” Christine said but before we could answer her the bell rings

Then we waved goodbye to ourselves then we parted ways...

While going to my class I bumped into a hard-rock like chest and almost fell down but this person caught me in his arms, I feel electric sparks all over my body and his strawberry Saint caught me off guard that I did not want the person to leave, am I dreaming or what? as I looked up to see the Person, he has a bright blue eyes and a jet brown-curvy hair I was tensed when I noticed who the person is..............

WHO IS THIS HANDSOME GUY..... we will find out in the next chapter..............