A Night With The Alpha Prince

A Night With The Alpha Prince

Author:Kassandra Winters

Werewolf | Finished

"Do we have an issue, Elisse?" he asked, playing it safe. She gave him a look. Tyke reached out and touched his mother's breast as if he wanted to drink milk. "Do we have a problem?" She asks back. Articus let out a sigh. "We don't have a problem, so I'm not sure why you're behaving like that to me right now," She raises an eyebrow. "Why? What exactly am I doing to you now?" Art does not want to have a word fight between Elisse. He wasn't like that, and he didn't want them to harbor grudges against each other. He personally thinks it's a bad idea. "Perhaps you're mad at me for not coming home, or perhaps you're wondering maliciously why I'm with Sienna—" He hadn't finished his sentence when Elisse abruptly cut him off. "Let me remind you, Art, that we don't have to be concerned about each other's personal lives. We are just Tyke's parents. That's all there is to it," Elisse said casually so Art wouldn't notice the trembling of her voice.
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Elisse was standing outside when she heard strange noises coming from inside their home. She had just returned from Moon Valley Academy.

As wolves, their hearing and sense of smell are sharp, so even at a young age, she is aware of what is going on inside their home.

And just to be sure, she opened the door of their house and stepped inside slowly. She made very quiet steps.

She was about to enter her room when she noticed her mother Martha and an Omega in the kitchen! They are both naked, and their bodies have a steamy encounter.

Elisse was so shocked that she almost choked her own saliva; her mother overheard her, and their eyes met. Elisse's mother and the Omega immediately stopped having sex, grabbing over clothes to cover their bodies in a panic.

Her eyes widened even more when she realized who is the male wolf her mother was having sex with. It's Baxia!

She knows him because Baxia owned art supplies close to their Academy. And Elisse is well aware that Baxia is already a family man. He has a wife and a child.

Elisse's eyes widened, and she began to cry. She dashed into her bedroom as her eyes are clouded with tears. She places her face down on her bed.

Elisse and her mother, Martha, are the only ones left in their family. She doesn't have a father because she was the child of a Beta's mistress. And her father never recognized her as his child until his last breath. Her father died in wolf-vampire wars.

Elisse also has half-brothers and half-sisters from her father, but she is aware that her father's legal family loathes them to the bits. And she can't blame them anyway.

Why, her mother just continued to seduce her father despite knowing that he already had a mate! Now, because of her mother's sin, she is taking the consequences of it. Even when Elisse was young, their packmates disliked her because she was the daughter of a mistress.

The Moon Valley Pack, they have strong beliefs. They have this superstition that the female wolf mistress is "bad omens." And if the male wolves have a mistress, their family will be in bad luck. And for those children who have been the result of sin like her, everyone thinks of them as a "misfortune".

Just because she is a child of mistress, and child like her should be avoided according to their pack.

That is why she never had a friend because she was shunned and discriminated against by everyone. Elisse, despite her young age, felt a great deal of sadness in her heart. It is not her fault that she was born, and her mother is a mistress. A child cannot choose their parents. Yes, she loathed her mother being a mistress, but still, she loved this person So, So much.

She envied other young wolves her age who had playmates and friends. They are having a happy childhood. Elisse, on the other hand, was always just under the tree, lonely and sad watching the children her age playing.

She was crying uncontrollably. She assumed her mother had already stopped being a mistress with married male wolves. Why is her mom allowing herself to be a mistress?

Is it really hard to change one's habit?

Elisse was distraught as she fell asleep.

A few days went by. One day, even from a distance, Elisse notices the wolves outside their house. They are holding flames in their hands.

Ten years old Elisse was so terrified and hid in the tree. Her mother was inside their home. Their packmates were all over their house, and she knew her mother was in danger.

"Martha, you need to die! You're a bad omen in our pack! You're aware that our pack holds the firm belief that having and being a mistress is strictly forbidden. It will bring misfortune for our pack. And if you don't die, our kind will receive bad karma!" Elisse saw middle-aged wolves. They were wearing black capes.

Elisse swallowed hard, trembling in her knees while watching them throwing fire in their house. The fire quickly spread, and in just a blink of an eye, their home was on fire. She wanted to shout, but she couldn't because she was too afraid that they may find out she's outside of their house. She simply weeps silently over her mother's fate.

Her mother was being killed while she's still alive. Elisse was certain it was her mother's voice when they heard a loud howl. Evidence that she was burned to death inside their home.

Elisse's vision was hazy due to the amount of tears she was shedding. Tragically, her mother paid her life as a result of being a mistress.

It took several hours for the fire to be extinguished. "There, that Martha must be dead. The bad omen has passed," another female wolf said.

Elisse waited for everyone to leave before returning home; their home was now nothing but ash. She even noticed her mother's bone was still smoking.

As she approached her mother's bone, her body trembled, and she burst into tears. "Mother..."

Despite being a mistress, Elisse knew that her mother loved her and became a good mother to her. It just happened that her mother always finds herself in a relationship with a family man.

She wanted to blame her mother for her fate, but she already paid it with her life.

And she did nothing but watch how they killed her mother. "Forgive me, mother, if I didn't even help you..." She said, touching her mother's bone.

She had been there for a few hours and appeared to want to die at the time. But she also know that she has to prove herself to everyone.

That she isn't like her mother.

That she isn't a bad omen.

That doesn't mean that her mother was a mistress; she will grow up as a mistress too. She can always change the course of her life.

That's why Elisse despised being a mistress as she grew up. Her mother was a mistress, and she was the product of infidelity. She also learns that her auntie, who is her mother's sister, is also a mistress who was murdered by their pack. Their pack believes that their family is a bunch of mistresses.

And so she promised it to herself that she will never be like her mother. She despised mistresses.

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