My Scarred Alpha

My Scarred Alpha

Author:Ber NA Det

Werewolf | Updating

According to the prophecy being given to the Dark-Light pack, a Golden Wolf and a shifter was to be born and his birth was to bring a lift to their pack as one of the powerful in the whole of Creekhill high. Years later, Luna Lydia gives birth to his baby, a handsome baby with golden hair. Immediately, she notices him as the chosen baby the spirit of death comes to take her. Before Lydia dies, she draws an everlasting scar on her baby's face saying the baby will forever remember her as the mother. 'If he didn't see me, let him at least remember he had a mother each time he sees this scar' Luna Lydia muttered pulling her talons across the baby's face. She did not only do that, but she also named the baby 'Scar'. Years after Scar was born, he is being loved by his father Alpha Frederick and their lives go on smoothly until Beta Daniel comes in with greed to destroy their beautiful union. Beta Daniel is selfish and wants to become the Supreme Alpha of the Dark-Light pack but can't because Alpha Frederick now has a son. Beta Daniel is a master planner and therefore inculcates evil plans in the Alpha's head. *** All Berny Bright Stone had wished for in this life was a serene place where she could live as an ordinary girl rather than a she-wolf. she had spent most of her time running from her pack members especially as they called her a rogue and never wanted to do anything with them. This is because she refused to take their responsibility and rule them as their Luna. She is a hybrid and only transforms during full months. Apart from that, she calls herself a human. Everything in Berny's life was moving on smoothly until they had a robbery attack in their shop. It started with looting and ended up with kidnapping. She was being kidnapped when the Kidnapper rejected the money and asked her to follow him. Berny came to discover Scar as a nice person and after sharing their personal stories, she opted to teach Scar how to transform into a wolf again.
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I was filled with joy to see my baby soaked in blood crying in Stacy's arms, it was an accomplishment to me as I was now a mother.

Frederick scrambled to my side holding my hands in his whispering words of encouragement.

"I knew you would never disappoint me, I knew you would make me proud, you have always done so, today was just another form of bravery from you my beautiful and elegant luna," Frederick praised me in his royal baritone making me giggle.

"Thank you, Alpha," was all I said with a small voice.

Beneath, I felt some sharp pains I never thought of, the pangs of childbirth were a very painful ritual every woman was going to pass through, mine was just extremely painful.

Besides this pain, I was feeling an extra agony, which may be caused by losing too much blood, but I felt very weak. In a moment the only thought was I was going to die.

I was already losing connection with my wolf as my heart failed to beat properly.

"Can I have my baby?" I asked closing my eyes.

Stacy with the help of the maids had already cut off the placenta from the baby and was about to give him a warm bath.

"Let us remove the blood from his body first," Stacy proposed but I objected firmly.

"Just give me the baby," I let out.

She obeyed and handed me, my tiny baby.

A look at the baby I carried in my arms gave me the worst recognition as tears started flooding my eyes drawing attention towards myself.

"Sweetheart, what is the problem, are you not happy carrying your own baby?" my alpha asked his voice filled with concern.

There was only one way to explain this phenomenon coupled with the way I am feeling ever since I put to birth. The words came out from me more confidently than I had planned it and followed with a fresh wave of tears.

"Curse," was all I muttered.

"Curse?" Frederick choked out.

"Curse?" I heard the maids gasp repeating my exact words.

"Calm down and explain please," Frederick mumbled.

How could he have forgotten so soon? how could Frederick have forgotten the prophecy so soon? yes, it has been more than a dozen years since that prophecy was given but when you see the curse you should be able to know.

"Do you remember the prophecy of the wolves that was given years back to the alpha that a curse will be born to this land and the mother will immediately die after childbirth? the issue was we didn't know when the baby was going to come or who was going to give birth to, I guess we gave birth to him in our reigned," I explained bowing my head.

"No, that can't be, how did you know he was the one?" he questioned raking his head.

That was when I looked at the baby thoroughly then carried him to show Frederick with.

The baby in my arms had Golden hair, he already had an air of an Alpha, power flowed through his body as he wriggled in my arms crying in his weeny baby voice.

"Is his hair color not enough reason make me believe so? we have given birth to a shifter and above all a Golden wolf," I exploded crying.

The golden wolf was the most powerful of all the pack and before now, we had never had any of those. We always heard of shifters but had never seen one, and having given birth to one will only add strength to the weakness of the pack.

Though our pack was the third strongest pack in the Western part of Creekhill high, we had never had a golden wolf before.

"A shifter and a Golden wolf on one person? that is more than a curse to us especially if he can't control his powers, he will kill even his own pack members for stature," Frederick announced.

That was true but I didn't believe my son will kill anyone because of position never.

"Frederick, promise me you will take good care of our son, I do not want anything to happen to him," I pleaded feeling my soul starting to depart from my body.

"You aren't going anywhere, Lydia, so please stop making such confessions," he begged brushing some hair from my forehead.

I remained silent for I alone knew what was happening, nobody wishes to die but if you have been chosen then, I don't see why you should reject that call when you will obviously die.

"That's enough, I just pray my son could see me once before my death, just to know how beautiful or ugly his mother was. Since he doesn't have that opportunity, I will leave behind something that will make him remember me eternally," I let out explaining to my husband.

He had a confused expression on his face as he wondered what I was about to do. I allowed him the benefit of the doubt to guess why I demonstrated the plan I had in my mind.

I summoned all the way courage I could gather and tried calling for my wolf for transformation. Elsa, my wolf had already started her journey to the land of death but came back to answer my call faintly.

With commands, I carried the baby on my left arm while the right hand was beautifully transforming into that of a Wolf. I did not want a total transformation, so I begged Elsa and she complied with me.

Through this time, the midwife and the maids stood at the corner of the room staring at us as if we were some kind of film to them. They didn't dare open their mouth to interrupt what was going on but I could feel them tremble where they stood.

I brought my clawed hand to the baby's small face as he laid tightly in my arms, I helped back my hand feeling reluctant to do so. On second thought, I pressed my thick heavy nail on my baby's face starting from the right eyebrow.

I placed the hand immediately where the eyebrow starts, and lightly dipped my paw in his face giving a jigsaw line dragging it to his jaw, and ended above his mouth.

The surging pain caused my baby to twinge with pain as he cried in his weeny baby voice.

I hated myself for having causing my baby so much pain, a baby that was so innocent about his faith, a baby that did not know he was cursed or even caused himself to be cursed.

It was with so much disgust that I handed the bloody baby to Frederick. Blood flowed from the baby's face and soaked his shirt as the baby continued crying signaling that the cut had been a deep one.

"Please take good care of him," I said as Alpha Frederick kneeled beside me with our baby clutched on his chest wailing.

"Hold on to life, Lydia, you will not die," he assured me but I knew that was a blatant lie.

I could see the angel of death come in to arrest my soul to drag me out of this world as payment for having given birth to a child that was being cursed.

"I can't, my time on Earth is almost up but let me tell you something, I name this baby "Scar" and each time you see him, remember all the love we have shared before and know that I will always love you both," I concluded breathing heavily.

"No! I say No, Luna, you have no right to wish death for yourself while you still have a beautiful life ahead of you, life with me and our baby together," he was now screaming squeezing my hands.

I could barely feel his squeeze on mine as a surging pain hit through my head.

"They are here," was all I said leaving Frederick in a confused state.

"Who are here?" he asked looking around but could only see Stacy and the maids only.

"Remember I love you always, you and scar will forever be engraved in my heart," I concluded as the many soldiers of death filed into the toom demanding that we leave.

Slowly, my hands slid off my husband's own as I felt him try to maintain our baby in his arm and my hand in the other. He secured the baby as my hand dropped to the mat cutting off my existence on Earth.