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Emerald Azure, an aloof werewolf, Alpha of CRESCENT MOON pack who is not blessed with a Destined Mate by Moon Goddess happens to cross his ways with Scarlet Lozenge, a normal human girl only to get surprised learning her true identity and falling for her deeply, even after cutting the knots of deadly Blood pact and enjoys his love life after centuries, but things take a different turn with the entry of Dankein Cosh, king of Dream-Catchers who happens to be entangled with both Scarlet and Emerald since their previous lives. Both the Alpha and Scarlet didn’t realize what they are landing themselves into, when a witch haunts their lives. Whom would Scarlet choose when lives are at stake? How would Emerald and Scarlet react to the only truth binding them together? What turns would their fate take after being handled by the choices they make?? Instagram handle:- Pooja.bansal.92560
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A swift morning fell upon the werewolf world and hustle-bustle was heard everywhere. Today was the day when people of Werewolves land were going to celebrate the coronation ceremony of their Prince, who would be the Alpha king soon after his father.

“He should be up by now ? Should I go to check on him?” Asked the Luna Queen to king Jasper Azure who was sitting on his rocking chair in his study room sipping some herbal tea.

“Mmmm … You should not. He will be here soon.” Replied Jasper Azure taking another sip and this made Luna sigh helplessly.

“Fine … I am going to look for another brat.” Retreated Rosy Azure from that study room hoping to find her second son, Sammer Azure because he was given the responsibility for several arrangements in this coronation ceremony.

While she had been heading to the other side of Caste to look for Sammer, some faint voice were heard by her extra sensitive wolf ears which made her worried and perplexed.

She stopped in her tracks and made her way to the study room once again to confront her husband. Dashing inside the room, she plopped down over the soft wooden chair placed besides his rocking chair and asked getting worried…

“ Do you think that people will accept him as there would be king, when he still doesn’t have his own mate…!?”

The king sighed with a long face and didn’t answer her, instead just patted her hand assuring her everything would be good, but would it be ???

Over the other side, the same sun rays struck inside a cozy and comfy bed over which a beautiful and angelic girl was sleeping while being in her own lala land. It was getting hard for her to continue dreaming when the warm sun rays interrupted her slumber sleep.

She slowly peeked from one of the eyes only to get a mini heart attack spotting her mother standing there with a knife in her one hand …

“Hush … !! Mom, you almost killed me…!” She calmed down her heart which had been racing like a stallion.

Tweaking her ear, Jessica Lozenge, almost dragged that clumsy daughter of hers out of the bed yelling …

“ Get your butt out of that bed, Scarlet…!! You again ditched me in the morning.”

Scarlet faced her mother’s lava radiating eyes and immediately face slapped herself for sleeping longer, totally forgetting that she had promised her mom to assist in cooking.

Pouting her lips like a baby and turning herself into a sweet little cat, she curled her fingers and tried to butter her mother with those cute looks saying …

“ I am sorry mom, I promise to help you Tomorrow. Now leave my ear please. It’s hurting very badly … Aaahhh …” And made a fake crying face which Jessica bought for sure and left her not before warning to get ready and head outside in a swoosh as she was getting late for her University.



550 years old

in actual but 24 years old for the world


With EMERALD GREEN eyes with a slight tinge of GLARING BLUE color, so when he was born his mother named him EMERALD.

A cool, Dashing, smoky hot, sizzling and drop dead gorgeous man who is elder son of Azure family AKA Royal family. He is blessed with some superpowers.

It’s his last birth in this world to fulfill his long-lost aim for which he was reincarnated again and again.



650 years old in actual, but 52 years old for the mortal world.

The working head of Azure family, a good and a decent personality man, who loves his family a lot and dots on his wife, but is always worried about his son EMERALD because he still didn’t get his destined mate.



600 years old in actual but 50 years old for the mortal world.

A great, loving, caring and a sweet lady who doesn’t differentiate between any species and believes in eternal love. She is worried about her younger son who is always playful and never serious.



500 years old in actual but 21 years old for mortal world, handsome hunk like his elder brother and have got the features like his mother, but he is too playful and is never serious, and makes everyone worried with his acts. He is a funny character too.



20 years old, Sweet and adorable girl, with chubby cheeks and ocean blue eyes, long silky and shiny waist length slight brown hairs.

A second year Graduation student in XYZ University in her town. She is going to get supernatural powers soon and find out all the truth about her previous lives too.


48 years old lady, who is a housewife and loves her daughter the most. She used to work as a cook before her marriage in one of the Azure family’s Hotels.



50 years old, a simple, smart and hard-working man, who is too loving towards his family and loved ones. He works as a Head Doctor in a renowned hospital of his town.



15 years old, a school going kid, too smart of his age mates, loves his family, and adores his sister the most, he would be a helping hand whenever needed by SCARLET and wants to be a Doctor like his dad.



EMERALD AZURE is a WEREWOLF born on the most mystical and magical blood moon, destined to be the Alpha King, a great and a fast learner, a keen observer since young age.

He used to be a jolly child AKA wolf in his young age but then changed to a serious wolf. He is not yet the king, but the renowned prince of Azure family and werewolf kingdom.

His father handles all the kingdom’s works as he is an Alpha after his late father with special power to see through anyone’s past and pain.

Emerald being born on blood moon day is bestowed with superpowers which are way more enchanting than the entire werewolf clan like

Hypnotizing anyone, except SCARLET LOZENGE for whom he is born. He has large 7 by 4 meters long mystical satin black wings that have light green and ocean blue patterns on them meant to protect his loved ones and the patterns on them are total 6 in number 3 on each wing, which shows his previous 6 lives that he had led.

Each pattern is like a word or letter that could be read only by his father because he only knows how to read the wing designs and patterns. The seventh magical pattern is not yet here and will start to appear only when Emerald will meet Scarlet.

He is resistant to wolfs bane. He got another power to travel in time by looking into the psychic mind of someone through mind linking with that person, but in related person’s memories only.

Furthermore, he possesses special power to control the elements of nature like fire, air, earth, sky, and water, and manipulate them accordingly.

Not only that, but he can kill any vampire, overpower the witches, and other creatures and is highly respected among all the clans as the great WEREWOLF Prince, whom nobody would want to offend ever.

Although he is damn dangerous, still he has befriended almost every clan to live peacefully, The Vampire clan, The Witches, The fairies, The Hybrids, The shape-Shifters, Even The Werewolf Charmers and Soul Catchers to maintain peace and harmony.

To the Human world, He is the Crown prince of Azure Family, who owns several Multinational companies all over the world, runs a chain of hotels and restaurants and engages in protecting the country with the help of military.

SCARLET LOZENGE, a sweet, cute, breathtakingly gorgeous, looks like a fairy and is in her twenties right now.

She is the only girl of her family and is showered with love.

SCARLETT is 5’5” tall, with a slim-fit and covertly sexy girl. She has fish like eyes which are deep ocean blue with thick and long eye-lashes. Although she is slim, yet her cheeks are somewhat chubbier, which makes her look cute. Her neck is way too slender and looks so smooth that her skin looks shiny underneath her clothes.

The most beautiful part of her body is her hairs which are waist length, way too thick, shiny, silky somewhat wavy and slight brown with a tinge of bluish color with extra smoothness.

She doesn’t believe in the mystical creatures like vampires, werewolves, charmers, witches, snakes, shape-Shifters etc. She believes that people create fantasies to satisfy their desires to be something that is not of this world, and they wouldn’t be either. So they create stories and narrate them to the others only to create sensations.

As her father is a doctor, and she lives in the modern era, so she is totally not into the magical creatures, but what would happen when she herself gets to know about that stuff?

What would happen when she herself becomes a part of all these worlds unknowingly and unwittingly because of a mishappening that happened over a thousand of years ago, and landed her into today’s situation ?

How would she react when she would remember everything back then ? How would she react when she would know about Emerald and would meet him ?