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The Irresistable Alpha

The Irresistable Alpha



I was kidnapped. My brother drugged me and sold me to the Serpent Pack. The desire was getting stronger, and my heart was in despair. Suddenly, a man appeared and told me that I was safe. I didn't know who he is, but I wanted him so badly. He told me he is Owen and demanded I remember his name. I hope my mate Blake could forgive me. I had no choice. When I went to tell Blake about all this, I was shocked by what I saw. Blake was sleeping with his good friend Jeremy! OMG! My mate is gay! While filming them to keep some evidence, Owen showed up...
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Emily's POV

I was kidnapped!

I was holed up in a dilapidated shack. My hands and feet were tied together, and I found a piece of black tape on my mouth.

Half of the door to the shack had been torn off. I could clearly see what was happening outside.

A man in a gray hoodie was standing there. His name was Mark. I saw Mark right before I ended up here. He had a bulbous frame, and his teeth were stained black and yellow. Even worse, he gave off a disgusting odor.

He was laughing, speaking to someone, "So, you want to please Carlos by offering him your sister. How vile! That really makes you a part of the Serpent Pack!"

The Serpent Pack? The disgusting, despicable Serpent Pack?

Then, I saw a masked man completely clad in black approaching the door. Who was he?

I heard the man in all black say, "My sister's the most beautiful among the Silvermoon Pack. Carlos will definitely like her."

Was it… my brother?

I couldn't believe my ears until the man took off his mask, and I made out his face.

It was indeed my beloved brother, Ryan!

I was left shocked and confused. I clenched my fists until they were about to bleed. The blood in my body seemed to have frozen all over. I never imagined a day that Ryan would offer me to the Serpent Pack.

"That's true. She's impeccable... Oh, I really want to f**k her!" Mark said as he made some filthy moves towards me, flashing his black and yellow teeth at me with a devious smile.

He continued, "It's too bad I can't do it. A few days ago, Carlos was cruel enough to f**k two women to death in his bed. Anyway, Ryan, you have a very important job to do. Bring this aphrodisiac bottle to your sister so she can drink it. Carlos is on his way. He wants a sl*t on his bed..."

My eyes widened as I saw Ryan walk towards me with the bottle of aphrodisiac.

I shook my head at him. The fear in my mind was like a wave that almost swallowed me whole. I couldn't help but tremble.

The tape on my mouth was torn open. My lower jaw was held in place by Ryan.

"Why?" I stared at him, trying to uncover the truth from his face.

I really couldn't believe Ryan would do this. Our parents left us when I was five.

Although the death of our parents led to a huge transformation in my brother's character, he still treated me very well.

As someone seven years older than me, he was the closest I had to a parent now. He had always been the family member I loved and trusted the most.

Tears couldn't stop overflowing from my eyes. Ryan's gaze was as cold as an ice cellar. He said, "I don't want to continue to be weak. I want power, money and status. As the Alpha of the Serpent Pack, Carlos can give me everything I want."

I shot back, "No, you can't be like them! Are they threatening you to do this? Ryan..."

Before I could finish, Ryan forced the bottle down my throat. Everything happened in a flash.

"Boohoo… ah… don't!" I cried out.

It was too late. I had downed an entire bottle of aphrodisiac.

Ryan let go of my jaw, and I began to cough violently.

In a daze, I heard a disgusting voice say, "Ryan, you know what you really want. That drug is 10 times stronger than the usual one. She only needed half of it, yet you poured the entire bottle into her mouth. Seems like you don't want her to live…"

Ryan replied, "Humph. If she dies, it's one less burden for me. I have something to do, so I'll take my leave."

Mark said, "I'll go with you. There's someone guarding the door. She drank so much that she can't get away."

I watched both of them leave the room. My heart felt like it was rent apart, and I could barely breathe through the anguish.

I was so angry that I wanted to rush towards these men and tear up their throats.

My body was heating up rapidly. It was the effects of the aphrodisiac!

I was fully aware of all the changes happening to my body. My desire for love-making was gradually intensifying. To relieve myself of the discomfort in my body, I put my legs close together and writhed around.

As the desire in my body grew, so did the hopelessness in my mind.

It took a while for me to hear someone shrieking. I stared at the door warily and found a fierce fight going on.

The shrieks continued as blood splattered across the window panes. Frightened, I curled myself up into a ball.

Almost immediately a figure appeared in front of me. It was a man from beyond the door. His white coat was bloodstained. His whole body was screaming danger to me.

Was that Carlos, the devil incarnate?

The overwhelming fear I was facing engulfed me like the high tide. Every muscle and every inch of skin in my body was searing in pain. I was expecting an entire night of agony and despair…

My survival instinct was keeping me in constant struggle, even though it was useless.

When the man's hand landed on my forehead, my body was trembling. It was as if I wasn't facing a hand, but a sharp knife that could pierce my skin at any moment.

That was until he said, "You're safe now."

The man's voice was pleasant to the ear and filled with reassurance. It was baritone and sensual.

"Who are you?" My voice was very weak. The man had the most gorgeous face in the world. His charming blue eyes were making my heart skip a beat.

He untied the ropes on my person and lifted me off the ground. His warm embrace eased up any fears I had before.

"I'll get you out of here," he merely replied.

I was whisked away from the room. The strong smell of blood in the air didn't make me alert, but stimulated that burning desire of mine instead…

I wrapped my arms around his neck and tried to plant a kiss. He didn't refuse and changed his posture to accommodate me. He put his hands under my bottom and my legs were caught around him. My entire body was attached to him. I could sense how hot he was and his well-defined musculature.

He was mine!

When my lips met with his, I felt like I had completely lost my mind…