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Author:Authoress Kim NaNa


This story is all about a girl named Catherine. Cathrine is an orphan who lives with her Aunt named Rose. She wishes to study but her aunt doesn't want her to study. One night, Rose sent Catherine an errand on her way, she lost the money and there was no extra money with her so she went home back. When she got home, she met her aunt in the sitting room watching a movie. She stared at her aunt in tears and then Rose asked why she was sobbing?. Catherine told her she lost her money when Rose heard what Catherine said, she stood up and slapped her. She sent her out of the Mansion. That night Catherine was hungry so she went to the other street. On her way, she saw two guys hovering over a lady. She became curious and went a little further only to find out that they were sucking a lady's blood. She screamed seeing the blood and lost her balance. The two guys turned back when they saw Catherine,they stopped sucking the lady's blood then they came closer to her. One of the guys named Andrew bowed down and held Catherine’s neck, he moved his mouth closer to Catherine’s neck, he was about to bite her neck when his phone rang . He checked the caller when the caller turned out to be his mom Queen Amber, he hung up. Andrew was about Catherine again when his phone rang, he picked the call and hit Leo to carry Catherine. What would happen when Catherine woke up? Will they Kill her? Will they fall in love? Find out
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Catherine was in her room still sleeping when her Aunt came In with a bucket of water in her hand, she stared at Catherine for a while before pouring the water on her.

Catherine got up from the floor shivering, she stared at her Aunt then tears dropped from her face.

"So, you can get up from the floor... didn't I tell you to wash all my dirty clothes" Rose said.

"I'm sorry," Catherine replied.

"Go to my room right now and pack all the dirty clothes" Rose said.

"Okay ma'am" Catherine said, In tears.

"Why are there tears on your face? wipe it away right now" Rose said then she went out of her room.

Catherine wiped the tears on her face away then she went to the bathroom to take her bath. When she was done, she came out of the bathroom and then she dressed up.

My name is Catherine Adams, am a teenage an orphan, my parents die when I was ten years old so my Aunt has been the one taking care of me, I don't know if she is my Aunt because of the way She used to maltreat , I wish to study but she doesn't want me...

"Catherine" Rose called.

I'm coming ma'am" I said then I went out of my room.

When I got to the sitting room, I met my Aunt watching a movie.

"Have you packed the dirty clothes?" She asked.

"No ma'am" I replied.

"Go and pack it right now" she said, not looking at me.

"Okay" I said.

I was about to climb the stairs up when she called me.

"Yes ma'am" I answered.

"Before you wash the clothes, go inside the Kitchen and prepare what we will eat," she said.

"Okay" I said , then I went to the kitchen.

When I got inside the kitchen, I prepared rice, then I used the opportunity to wash the dishes.

Three minutes later, I was done so I served her the food. When I was done serving her, I went upstairs to pack the dirty clothes.

When I got upstairs, I took all the dirty clothes inside the toilet to wash. I was washing the clothes when I heard my aunt calling me. I went to meet her.

"This is me ma'am" I said when I got downstairs.

"Get me some water " she said.

"Okay ma'am" I said then I went to the kitchen.

When I got to the kitchen, I took the water from the fridge, then I walked out of the kitchen.

"This is it ma'am" I said , then I dropped the water on the table.

"Okay...go and continue what you are doing" She said then I went upstairs.

Two hours later, I was still washing the clothes when my stomach made a loud noise.

"I'm hungry but I must finish washing the clothes before I eat" I said.

"Are you not done washing the clothes?" My aunt asked, coming in.

"Yes ma'am" I said.

"You must finish washing the clothes before you eat,okay" she said.

"Okay ma'am" I said sadly.

"I'm going out" she said then she went out of the Kitchen.

A minute later, I was done washing the clothes so I went to the kitchen to take my food.

When I got to the Kitchen, I took my food, then I rushed it in my mouth and when I finished eating, I slept off.

Rose went to her friend's house but she didn't meet her at home so she went home back when she got home, she met Catherine lying on the couch sleeping. she went to her room, she took the cane then she went to the sitting room when she got to the sitting room, she wiped Catherine with the cane.

Catherine opened her eyes, screaming.

"Aunt, I'm sorry" Catherine said.

"Have you finished washing the dirty clothes?" Rose asked.

"Yes ma'am," Catherine replied.

"When you are done washing the clothes, can't you tidy up the house?" Rose asked.

"Am sorry ma'am" Catherine said.

"Start tidying it up right now" Rose said then she went upstairs.

When Rose got to her room, she went to the toilet to take her bath.

"I'm fed up with everything" she said, tidying up the sitting room.

Catherine was still tidying up the sitting room when she heard her Aunt calling her.

She went upstairs.

"This is me ma'am" Catherine said when she got to her room.

"When you are done tidying up the house, go and wash the toilet" Rose said, pointing to the toilet.

Catherine nodded her head then she went out of her room.