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Blood Supply: The Vampire&The Spy

Blood Supply: The Vampire&The Spy



The young lady of the Crosse Family, Mina was just minding her own business when suddenly a handsome young man barge inside her room. Shock and wariness appeared on her expression. As she was actually from a vampire family, her strength alone was enough to deal with the handsome intruder. The identity of the intruder, Felix was a novice weak spy, tasked on a mission to spy on the Council of Supernaturals. Mina helped the novice spy, on the exchange of supplying her with his blood.
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Mina's POV

Game Over.

I stared at the screen with the words ‘Game Over’ on it. Ah, I lost again. This was frustrating and annoying. It made me frown as I tap the restart button again. I have played the game over and over but I still haven't gotten past the tenth level yet.

The game was called ‘Crush the Tower’. Unlike its name, the game mechanics were different. You needed to climb the tower and defeat the boss monsters every floor. Why would they even call it Crush the Tower when you don't even crush it? I guess the interpretation is different for every individuals.

The game was fun, though. I continued to tap and tap but I died again. A frown appeared on my face and then I threw my phone at the wall. A loud crashing sound ensued in the room I was in. I couldn't take it anymore! I died so many times, it was so frustrating. The maid, who was standing beside the wall so that she can respond when I needed her, flinched. She started trembling as I stared at her.

“Maybelle.” I called out to the maid. Her trembling lips opened and answered. Looking at her she looked deathly pale. “Yes, Young Miss?”

“Go get me some water.” I spoke nonchalantly, as if I never threw my phone on the wall out of anger. Maybelle immediately nodded and hurriedly left the room. She knew my temper very well as she had been serving me for a long time. Whenever I get angry, I always vent it on the servants. I needed to change that habit or else my mother would get angry at me again.

I took out the spare phone I had in my drawer. I always had a spare phone since I always threw. I wish the phones was strong enough to withstand the impact. I could only sigh as I powered on my phone. It was a good thing that all the spare phones I had were automatically synced. So all the data I had were already synced on this phone as I opened it. I checked if there was anything missing, and thank goodness nothing was missing. Even the game ‘Crush the Tower’ was there.

I opened a social app and browsed through it. Checking on the what the humans are doing. It was amazing that humans were avle to create this kind of device and was so advance in technology. I had never been outside my home so all I could do was just browse through and see what the humans are doing.

I was prohibited from going outside. They said it was dangerous. But I'm already big enough, why can't they let me outside the house? But it was a good thing that I don't have to do any work or get married since I heard that you needed to do that. It was also good that the humans invented this thing called smartphone.

As I laid down on the bed while browsing through the web, I suddenly heard a small noise. It was to the point where humans wouldn't hear it, but my senses are stronger than humans so I heard it loud and clear.

I scrunched my brows before I decided to ignore it. I stared at my phone again and I heard the noise again. This time it was a little bit louder than before. I looked at the window, where the noise was coming from.

I cautiously got off the bed and tiptoed towards the window. Come to think of it Maybelle is really late. Did something happen? Not that I care, but this was really unusual.

As I got near the window, many thoughts entered my mind. I stopped just beside the and controlled my breathing. Slowly, I took a peek. I was slightly nervous since, what if the intruder was stronger than me?

I am a vampire and my strength is stronger than humans but when compared to other supernaturals, I was just average or slightly weaker than them. And I never really went out of the house so I never really got a chance in testing my combat strength in real life.

I gulped as I stared at the window. Beads of cold sweat appeared on my forehead. I shook all the thoughts I have and opened the window.


There was nothing there. Strange. Did I mishear it? I sighed in relief. It was good that there was nothing, maybe it was just my imagination. But really, it wasted my time and I got nervous for nothing. I mean, come on, our security is stronger than the others and it was impossible to get in here. You'd be dead before you could enter.

I was about to close the window again when suddenly, a black shadow brushed past me. What the hell? I took a step back and started preparing myself. I nervously started to think. If he's strong then the best way to escape is, of course, through the window. But he seemed weak?

I looked at the shadow. It was a man covered in black, I couldn't see his face, only his eyes. He was panting so heavily. He was also sweating so bad. He was clutching his abdomen. I thought that he was injured as I could smell a little bit of blood in the distance. Well, there are some cases where someone would be able to get past the security but that rarely happens, but of course, they get injured.

“Who are you?” I spoke with my voice full of wariness and suspicions. He suddenly flinched as he heard my voice. He looked at me with eyes shaking. He seemed scared of me and didn't really expect that there would be a person in this room, based on his shocked expression. He looked weak so I started to approached him slowly, of course, I was still full of caution, just in case, you never know.

I took a step forward while he step backwards. Another step and again and again, until he reached a deadend. He started shaking as I approched him closer. I stopped until I was only a step closer. In my eyes, he seemed like a scared kitten.

‘How cute~’ I thought as I stared at him. If only I could see his whole face. Aha! Of course, I should just remove the hood covering his face and the mask. How stupid of me. Seeing his trembling body and eyes and him holding back his breathe, I took the opportunity to remove the hood and mask. He didn't resist that action. Gasp!

I couldn't believe my eyes. A very pretty handsome face was in front of me. Actually, this is the first time that I have met another person aside from my family and some servants.

I stared at his face. His purple eyes was staring back at me and his red cherry lips were trembling. He had jet black hair. He also had long eyelashes and smooth skin. It almost made me think that he was a girl. Looking at his state, he made me think that he was wimpy.

Ah, I suddenly smelled a delicious smell. Something like blood. I forgot, this guy was bleeding. Now that I was closer to him, the delicious scent of blood attracted me. I didn't realize it earlier since I was to distracted. I stared at the wound he was clutching. His throat moved up and down as he gulped. Beads of sweat started to appear on his forehead.

Could he be thinking that I am gonna drink his blood? What a funny thought. I grinned at him, making him avert his eyes from me.

“Are you human?” The answer was actually obvious. I just wanted to ask that question. Of course, he was human. I could smell if they were a werewolf, a vampire, or other species. But for some reason, I can't smell anything from him, just his delicious smell of blood. And human blood was the most delicious of all. I wouldn't be able to confirm if he was human or not if not for the blood leaking out from his abdomen.

He didn't answer the question. Well, I already knew the answer anyways. But I'm kind of happy, this was the first time that I'm seeing a human. Not on the screen, but in real life. It would be nice if I could go to a human city.

I stared at the blood trickling down his abdomen. I think he will die at this rate out of blood loss. Hmmm... What should I do? He was too suspicious. To be able to enter the house with just this injury, that was impossible for any human, and even more so from this weak looking guy. How was he even able to enter this territory in the first place? There was a huge barrier covering the whole territory of the Crosse Family. Just who is this guy?

I stared at the trembling young man in front of me. I should heal this man first before milking out the information he had. I was about to speak again when...

*Knock* *Knock*

The sound of the door knocking was heard. A soft voice spoke outside the room. “Young Miss, I have brought your water.”

It was Maybelle. Damn. I cursed under my breath. I looked at the injured young man in front of me. If they find out, then they would probably kill him on the spot. Now, where will I hide you?