Alphas And Their Human Luna

Alphas And Their Human Luna

Author:Cat Thompson

Werewolf | Finished

Lexi has always been different than others. She is faster, stronger, can see better and heals quickly. And she has an odd birthmark in the shape of a wolf's paw. But she never thought of herself as special. Until she gets close to het twentieth birthday. She notices all of her oddities get stronger. She knows nothing about the super natural world or mates. Until the birthmark starts to burn. Suddenly she finds herself involved with werewolves that think she is the prophesied one that is supposed to unite the packs against a vampire that wants her dead. She has to learn how to handle her new powers as well as not one but two mates. One wanted to reject her because he thought she was human. The other accepts her completely. The prophecy says she has to have both. Wha twill she do. Will she accept both or reject one and hope for a second chance mate? Will she be able to handle shifting and her powers before it is too late?
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At first glance, you would think I’m just an average nineteen-year-old girl. There is nothing about me that stands out if you aren’t looking. I work in a family-run diner in Gwinn, Michigan. I go to the university here to study Zoology. I live by myself in a small two-story house at the edge of town. See plain and simple and until recently I would have completely agreed with you. My name is Alexandria, Lexie for short. And this is the story of where my life changes into a magical story you only see in movies or books.

It started on the first day of the snow season and the ground was already coated in a foot of fluffy white stuff and was steadily coming down. “ So this is light snow flurries,” I say to myself shaking my head. I pull my coat closer around me and get in my midnight blue nineteen ninety eight Chevy silverado.Don’t laugh, my dad bought it cheap for me when I got my license. We fixed up together to get it running like a dream. I toss my backpack in the passenger seat and start the truck hoping it will heat up quickly.

My work uniform was not designed for warmth. It is a red and white striped dress that goes to my knees. And flares at my waist showing off my hips and ass. A top that unfortunately shows too much cleavage for my taste. Add red pantyhose and white shoes and the outfit is complete. Add to the look my scarlet red hair pulled up in a ponytail and a white scarf. Honestly, I look like a five-foot-seven-inch candy cane and a fifties car hop merged. Yes, I’m tall but I have an abundance of curves that my uniform does nothing to hide. I have an hourglass figure that I’m damn proud of but the outfit shows off a bit much of it.

I think my boss has a thing for the fifties because the diner is the same way but hey it is a job. A job that pays the bills and works around my school schedule. Plus the people I work with are great and the customers are always nice and tip pretty well. I pull into the small parking lot across the street from the diner. Figures just as I started to warm up I have to get back out in the snow again. I grab my backpack, shove my keys in the pocket of my jacket and lock up. I walk as quickly as I can, without slipping and falling on my ass, to the diner.

The diner itself is a cute little L shaped place. Bright red booths line the outside walls and the front windows. Silver two-person tables with red Formica tops and silver chairs with red cushions are set in the middle between the booths and the counter. The counter takes up the rest of the front of the diner. The kitchen is behind the counter with a large rectangular window where we receive orders.Down the hall are bathrooms, locker room, as well as the office. The floor makes it all stand out with black and white checkered tiles. It has a fifties feel to it when you see the vintage records and old posters hanging on the walls.

“Hey, kiddo,” Patsy greets me with a warm smile from where she stands behind the counter. Patsy is a sweet lady in her mid-sixties I think, not that I would ever ask. She is a petite woman about five foot three inches with light brown hair that she always keeps in a tight bun. One of the best things about Patsy is no matter what time of day it is she is always in a good mood. I do enjoy working with her. “ How are you enjoying the first snow?” Patsy asks.

Shaking the snow from my hair and jacket I answer “ I don’t know if I will ever get used to it. I’m freezing. I have never been in snow before. I don’t know how to handle it. I’m from Florida for crying out loud.” Patsy just smiles. “ Don’t worry. I know you will be just fine. Just remember what I told you about layering up. Now get your butt over here and help me.” I put my backpack in the backroom and headed back to help Patsy.

“ Where do you want me to start?” I ask while Patsy puts on a fresh pot of coffee. “ Here, sip this while you get the silverware ready. She says when she hands me a cup of hot tea with honey. “ It should help warm you up.” she continues. I sit at the very end of the counter wrapping spoons, forks and knives together as I sip my tea. Patsy was right, it is warming me up. She grabs the salt shakers to refill them and sits next to me. The diner is empty so now is perfect for what Patsy calls girl time. Which is just her way of checking on me. She has been doing it since I moved here.

“ How’s school going? How do you like your classes?” she asks. “ It is going well. The professors are ok. The homework is a bit more than I expected so I have to study every chance I get to keep my grades up.” I say. “ Lexi, honey you can’t live your life in books. I know this is important to you but what about friends? Have you made any yet? I know you haven’t gone to any parties or on any dates.” I almost spit out the tea I just took a sip of and start coughing. I have to catch my breath to answer “ Patsy, I’m fine. I have been asked to join a few study groups. Parties aren’t my thing. And as for dates, I don’t have time. I am happy spending time with you and my books.” I told her.

For the most part, it is except for the dating part. I don’t date. I never have. I have been asked out a few times over the years and even a few times since I moved here but I always declined. Don’t get me wrong I want to date. But for some reason, my gut told me not to go. I have to wait. For what I don’t know. I have always trusted my instincts so I’m waiting. My mom used to call it my inner voice and I should pay attention. And I always have.

“ Oh, Lexi” Patsy starts as an elderly couple comes in and sits in her section. “ back to work but this conversation isn’t over,” she says and goes to greet her customers. When it comes to me I swear Patsy is like a dog with a bone. So I know she won’t let this go even though I wish she would. A steady stream of customers comes in, keeping us busy for a while. I for one am grateful for it. It makes the shift go by faster and I can avoid Patsy’s questions. I know her heart is in the right place but I don’t feel like discussing my love life especially for something I don’t understand myself. It isn’t as if I don’t want someone but I’m holding on to what my gut says. I feel it will be worth it in the end.

As quickly as everyone came in I swear they all left at the same time. Now it is just Patsy me and our cook. Patsy and I are clearing tables and cleaning up. “ Help me finish up and then you can take the back booth to study for a while,” Patsy says. I’m about to argue with her but before I can get my mouth open she continues “ If we get busy I’ll come to get you. The snow is coming down pretty good so I don’t think that we will get many people in if any at all.” I agree with her “ Ok, but I will lock up and you go home early for a change.” Patsy smiles big “ Kiddo, you have got yourself a deal.”

Patsy was right, we stayed empty while we finished our clean-up. I grabbed my backpack and went to the very last booth in the back so I would be out of the way in case any customers came in. I have my books spread out all over the table with my notebooks in front of me. I was so involved in my work I didn’t notice Patsy had brought me another cup of tea until she tapped me on the shoulder. “ Hey, drink up,” she says. “ How’s the homework going?” she asked. “ Not bad. I think I’m almost finished. And the best part is I think I understand most of it..” Patsy laughs “ I’m sure you understand more than you think. I know how smart you are even if you don’t. I know you graduated high school with honors.” “ High school was easy. This stuff, not so much.” I say. Patsy just squeezes me in support. “ I’ll leave you to it.” and she goes back to the counter to read her book. I envy her sometimes. I can’t remember the last time I read for fun.

By the time I am finished, it looks like a ghost town outside so I didn’t have to worry about customers. I had just put my backpack away when a group of four came in. Three guys and one girl. They are regulars but always sit in Patsy’s section so I have never interacted with them. Patsy called out to them “ Go ahead and grab a seat anywhere Aden.” She turns to me and says “ Why don’t you take them? My feet are killing me and I want to sit a bit longer.” I look at her puzzled “ They are in your section. They always sit in your section. I can’t take your customers.” Pasty grabs my hand and we go over to the group.

“Hello,” she says “Would it be alright if Lexi here waits on you tonight?” The girl in the group lowers her eyes as if she disapproves but one of the guys spoke up “ Sure Patsy, that is fine with us.” As he looks me up and down with interest in his eyes. Patsy walks away but I didn’t miss the mischievous look in her eyes. I get the feeling I’m being set up. I turn my attention to the group. “ So what can I get you?” I ask as I take my pad and pen out of my apron. I feel all their eyes on me three with interest or at least curiosity. But the girl looked at me in what I think may be disgust. I don’t know what her problem is but I ignore it and do my job. “ Just coffee.” the girl snaps. I’m getting odd vibes from this group and I can’t fully place it. The girl is giving me the creeps and I feel the need to get away from her fast. But one of the guys is giving off a calming vibe but with them so close together I can’t tell who it is. So I am getting confused.

“ Sure. Anything else?” I ask, trying to keep my calm and my voice steady. My body is sending all kinds of signals. I can’t weed them out and I don’t like it. “ No, just coffee. And make it quick.” The girl snaps again. What is her problem? I know I have never done anything to her since this is the first time I have ever talked to them. “ Miss, I’ll have a slice of apple pie as well please.” the guy to the right of me asks. Relieved to be able to get away from them I smile at him.” Sure. I’ll get your order right away.” and quickly walk to the counter trying to shake off this weird feeling.