The Lottery Mate

The Lottery Mate

Author:Tamar Leo

Werewolf | Updating

Lesley Williams was once the alpha's daughter, but a fatal accident took away everything she loved. Now she's her Uncle's pet and the pack's omega, which means she's constantly bullied and abused. She's broken inside, but she doesn't want to leave her father's pack in fear of what her uncle might do to them in retaliation. Her only comfort is that when she meets her mate, he'll be able to take her away from this hellhole... Alpha Cedrick Silver had a mate once. A beautiful omega wolf, but she rejected him. Barely surviving the broken bond, he became ruthless and coldhearted, throwing himself into building up his pack to be the biggest and strongest pack in the nation. Now he has a girlfriend, that he's content with and he does not want a mate: EVER! But the second their eyes met, Cedrick and Lesley realized that they were fated for each other. Not thrilled about having another omega mate, Cedrick is even more disgusted when he realized that not only is his second chance mate considered 'the pack's slut', but she's also half his age. Does he want someone like that as his mate and Luna? Can she trust him with her secrets? Can these two broken people find love? WARNING!! This story contains scenes of sexual abuse of a child, rape, sex, strong language, verbal abuse, extreme bullying, mental disorders, self-harm, thoughts of suicide, gore, and other offenses that might be illegal in some countries.
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Lesley’s POV

”Leave her alone!”

I pushed the guy in front of me, hoping he would back off. But once my hands connected with his firm chest, I’m pretty sure I sprained something.

“Stupid werewolf strength,” I muttered annoyed as the guy grabbed me by the collar and pulled me all the way over to him, so I could feel his bad breath on my skin.

“Get out of my way, filthy bitch,” he sneered in my face. From the corner of my eye, I could see the girl standing next to him, with a satisfied grin on her face, while the slut on the ground was still crying her eyes out.


You’re probably wondering about what the shit is going on? Why am I helping the backstabbing bitch on the ground? Why the doofus in front of me is taking all his anger out on me? And who is that gorgeous, beautiful, horned-tails-and-pitchfork angle standing next to him? So, let me quickly fill you in…

The backstabbing bitch, Amanda – also known as Amanda Fuck’s-A-Lot! – was my only friend, until she started to date Trevor – the almighty idiot currently trying to strangle me. Now, we’re all werewolves here, so we all know, that Trevor is the son of the alpha, aka he’s our future alpha, aka he’s strong and handsome as hell! Well, dah! I know! But--- you see: Amanda Fuck’s-A-Lot didn’t mind being the pack slut until she thought Trevor was being serious with her. Like that was ever gonna happen! Everybody knows that an alpha always – ALWAYS – will have eyes for his mate and his mate only! I tried to warn her, because--- friendship bitches! – but that resulted in her being mad at me and stabbing me in the back, leaving all my dirty laundry out for anyone to ogle.

Broke my heart? Hell no! Amanda was my friend, not my “best friend”. She was someone I casually hung out with when boredom struck me, and I used her for my own selfish reasons. Because--- who gives a fuck about real friends these days? I mean, all you need is followers, right? – Not that I would know… I don’t even own an electric device! – But back to point: my dirty laundry was as boring as a banana peel! I’m an Omega! I have anger management issues, trust issues, commitment issues--- fuck, even my issues have issues, so there’s no way I would ever trust anyone with my "deep dark secrets"!

The only reason why I tried to warn Amanda off Trevor, was because I knew he and his sister, Fraya---Oh, damn it, even her name is beautiful. Beautiful face, gorgeous hair, the perfect weight, big in all the right places… Just thinking about it, made me wane go up to her, scratch her pretty little eyes out, shove them up her crampy ass, before ripping out her internal organs, feeding them to her parents, before letting a rogue fuck her mutilated body and---! Oh, ups! I-I got sidetracked there, sorry!


I knew they were planning this whole fake girlfriend/boyfriend thing because for some reason Fraya has made it her sole mission in life to make my life miserable.

This is my theory, however…

Not so very long ago – 6 years to be precise! – my father was the alpha of this pack, the Highlands Pack. My mother was the funniest, prettiest, most lovable Luna there ever was and my big brother, although just 15 at the time, was the future alpha that everybody was looking forward to calling “alpha”. So, what happened to this giddy little family?

My parents were badly injured in a car accident and as fate would have it, they were attacked by rogues and killed. And how does that equal me becoming an Omega? Well, my father’s brother, my uncle, and current alpha--- yeah, you’re seeing where this is going, right? – he forcefully took over the pack, saying it was to protect us from other packs, while my brother was still underaged. And what did he do next? He killed my brother, claiming it was an accident! And yes, he borrowed that plot twist from every cliché-dictator-movie/drama you ever saw!

Well, strangely enough, I didn’t submit to him, so I was forced into the life of an Omega, with all of my alpha genes suppressed by my uncle’s alpha command.

Oh, erm… now you’re wondering: what the hell does this have anything to do with Fraya’s current smirk next to her brother?! Well… As I said, my parents were very much liked! Like the whole pack ADORED them and let’s just say – without bragging of course – that both their children were adored too! So, when my idiot uncle took over, he forced everybody’s hand into accepting him as their alpha and he’s been using blunt force ever since! Almost every week, he’s making new rules and regulations, most of which contradicted the rest! Every single pack member is walking on eggshells, in a restrainer, a million feet in the air, on a balancing board every single day, to avoid pissing him off. Needless to say, the entire pack hates him, his drama-queen of a Luna, and his kids!

Erhm! *In a high-pitched voice*: Oh, but that’s not nice! Fraya and Trevor didn’t do anything wrong. It’s only their parents who are first-class assholes!

Yeah, but you see--- They liked being the top predator. They were mean, stupid, misused their power, and bit off every hand of kindness/friendship that was ever offered them. Of course, in high school, it’s expected, but not in a pack. And one time, someone – I don’t know who, but the day I find out he/she is a dead wolf! – had asked Fraya: “why she couldn’t be more like me?”

And so, hell began for this Omega and we’re back at where we started: Amanda crying and me being strangled by a guy, I easily could take on, had I just had access to my alpha blood!

“Happily, bad breath,” I pressed between my teeth, and did the only thing I could do: with just enough force, I pocked both my fingers in his eyes! Fraya suddenly jumped in horror, screeching like she didn’t expect me to put up a fight. Seriously! When will they ever learn?

“You bitch!” Trevor grunted while covering his face with his hands. But I wasn’t done. As soon as I was out of his grip, I grabbed his hair with both hands and introduced his face to my knee. When my knee connected with his face, I could hear his nose brake and smell blood dripping on my pants and shoes.

I pushed him off, smiling like a crazy person and liking the way his white shirt turned red. Watching the horrid expression on Fraya’s face while Trevor was fighting to stay on his feet. I might not have my alpha blood anymore, but I was still my father’s daughter and I did not sit ideally by, while they used their power to hurt and humiliate others.

But I couldn’t stick around watching my masterpiece unfold. We were still in school and considering that Trevor and Fraya – of course! – were the coolest kids in town, while I was just a freak of nature, the entire school was gathering around, to see, what was going on.

I didn’t think twice. I tumbled back, grabbed my backpack, my backstabbing bitch, and bolted out of there, while I still had all my nine lives! If wolves have nine lives, that is…!