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Alpha Jaxon Slave Mate

Alpha Jaxon Slave Mate

Author:Negef writes


Getting kidnapped at a tender age, and brought to be trained as a slave. Alexia's village was attacked by the granullas at a tender age, she was taken to be a slave, and later on got sold to the alpha king Jaxon, who was still mourning his dead mate. His dead mate was killed by some unknown enemies who would stop at nothing to see his newly found mate killed. Jaxon was the alpha king, things crumbled apart when his first mate got killed by some enemies, who hide them selves as unknown enemies . His dead mate tormented him till he saw hell, making his heart corrupted. But things began to become worst when he got mated to his slave. She was a human slave who does not worth his pride. Now was he able to protect his human mate from the enemies which killed his ex mate and love her to the extent of breaking loose from all charms and darkness that his ex mate caged him with. Now let's found out in these wonderful tide between Alexia and Jaxon..
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Slamming her against the wall, he dug Hus fingers into hr shoulders, eliciting a pain in her, which caused her to welp. His eyes caging her to his, shutting her sexy mouth up, as he looked into hee eyes.

"Hear me and hear me now, because I won't have to repeat my words the next time. You are not my mate, you don't deem to be my mate, I don't want someone like you as my mate, because, you are my slave, you are human, you are skinny, you are ugly, damn, you are short, fucking short, you are WEAK, you are fragile, you don't deem to be my Luna, because I don't want someone like you, never, would I want someone like you, especially not my pet"

Jaxon barked at her, his voice causing a momentum of pain and agony to sip right through her, every words he said, every words he spilled from those fucking hot lips of his had caused her to shiver, and she felt like collapsing, the impact of his words, had caused something in her to scream with pain, more pain, that she had never felt, even when she had been in the slave establishment. So ur was true then, the signs, the sparks, the reactions she felt when she was so damn close to him was right and it felt right, but he had said everything had been wrong, he had said the goddess must had made a mistake somewhere, all because she was a slave, a human slave, someone fragile for his taste, and all these while, he had known she was his mate, and kept it hidden, all because, she was human and his pet, as he had just stated.

Alexia Ortega was just a normal girl growing up, all she wanted was a normal life, she grew up with her parents, they lived in the lowly village land of Meduza, they were humans, living peacefully in human lands, not until they were attacked by the Granullas, they were a set of creatures, who uses others for slavery, then get them sold to a slave master. She was taken for slavery to their slave establishment, lived there for eight years, and was treated like a slave, then things began to change, when she got sold to the alpha king, who had once lost his witch mate. Coincidentally, sh got mated to him and she realized her life was going to change afterwards.

Jaxon Cruz is the alpha king, he have been living a thousand years, hoping for his mate to free him from his misery, he believed he had been the cause of his mate's death, who had continued to torment him. He still wanted his mate, hoping one day, his mate would come back to him, even though she was dead. He was the alpha king, and what is a king without a mate, especially one that have a history of dead mate. After five hundred and twenty nine years, he found a mate, she was not just his mate, she was his human slave and he was her master.

The goddess might have been punishing him for all his misdeeds, for granting him another mate, which was human.

Now how were they able to overcome the forces of the unknown enemies, who had killed his former mate and also some evil council members, who wanted to make their life a mystery, and would he accept a mate, especially a human slave.

"The goddess had decided to curse me with a human, a slave, as a mate. What next does the goddess wants from me, are my powers diminishing so quickly in these few years , are my no longer the king of all werewolves and packs! both just and rogues"