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White As Snow

White As Snow

Author:Sam Shelly


Never did I think that my life could take such a huge turn. But they didn't know that it takes more than a few to take me down for I am the White Wolf who has survived all on her own for all these years and was not ready to give in just yet. Catch me if you can. ------------------------------------------------- " You don't understand anything," I gritted out . " Then make me understand, I'm willing to do anything for you. Just please stop fighting this alone. Just let me in. Let me take this pain away. Please, " he whispered while looking right in my eyes. He held so many emotions in those blue orbs that held me captive all this time.
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Author's Pov

In the darkness of night, where the moon shone as bright as it could, ran the White Wolf into the deep forest. Paws thudding against the wet soil, she whipped past the familiar trees cutting through the sharp wind. These little moments of freedom were what she was always hungry for. Others had heard about her, but none had seen her. It was as if she was nonexistent and just a part of a tale. They had heard about her beauty and the gift she possessed. A gift so unreal that it could make or break one's future.

Many searched for her, many tried to hunt her down but it all went in vain. Because she was only to appear when someone really needed her. But they continued the search, only to end up giving in and declaring that she is not real, but just a part of some tale. Little did they know, she was watching them with amusement dancing in her eyes, in the dark of the night casually hidden, where the mountains met the sky.......

Aurora's Pov

"Promise you will take care of yourself and won't give up no matter what. You will always be the strong girl I taught you to be. Promise me you won't let anyone get to you. Promise me you will be happy even when I'm not there with you in the future."

"But why are you saying that mummy? You will always be there with me, right?" My ten years old self asked her.

"Of course darling, I will."

The words play on repeat in my mind whenever I miss her. No matter how hard I try, I can never get that dreadful day out of my head. The day when my mother took her last breath and I could do nothing to save her. It was too late when I got there. My whole house was turned upside down. And there was my mother. Lying on the ground in a pool of blood. She was stabbed multiple times in her chest and stomach.

That scene just doesn't get out of my head where I cried hysterically begging for someone to help while my mother was lying limp in my arms. I knew it was of no use to call for help, I knew she had already left me. I was too late. Too late to heal her.

Sometimes I feel like it was completely my fault my mother died. If only I wasn't late from work that day. If only I was not what I am. If only I did not exist; things would have been so much easier. This burden has always been with me and I have no one to share it with. There was a time when I was about to slip into depression. First losing my father in an accident and then losing my mother in the most brutal way. Death of parents can really ruin ones peace of mind. I stopped eating, stopped working altogether and cut myself off from anyone I knew. I was on the verge where I wanted to take my own life because I was tired. Tired of being what I was. It was a responsibility that I no longer could bear. Because they have been after me since I was born.



I had something that they wanted. They wanted it bad. And it was something that they couldn't have so simply. They wanted me for my blood. That's right. They wanted to kill me. So they could have my blood. Why did they want my blood? So they can have my gift.

My gift of healing anyone, my gift of being stronger than any normal werewolf. I could easily take down a few wolves without getting a scratch on myself. They wanted that strength. People would think that this power was a blessing for the white wolf. I thought it was a curse. It was because of this power that my life couldn’t be peaceful at any stage and it was because of this power I lost my dearest mother.

At times I even felt like giving up. Giving myself to them and getting it over with. But I couldn't for I had promised my mother that I would not give up no matter what. So I hide my true self from people. I cover my scent and let them wonder if I’m real or not. It’s not easy to hide my wolf when all she wants is to run free. But I have no other choice. It is what life has chosen for me. It was for the best and for the promise I made to my mother.

Don't worry mother, I will avenge your death soon. They will pay for taking you away from me. Their worst days are yet to come. I will show them the graves they dug for themselves by messing with my family and I’ll make sure they lie in it, I promised.

I let the cool breeze unravel my hair as a ghost of a smile lingered on my face. The fresh air allowed my thoughts to run free. Sitting all alone in the peaceful serene environment, leaning against the same huge rock I have been coming to for the past 2 years, I closed my eyes and heard the waves crash against the shore. The soft breeze swirled while a few birds sang their melody. Why couldn’t my life be like this all the time? I wondered. Just as I was enjoying my time alone, my phone shrilled bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Where are you? I've been waiting for like forty minutes now!" my friend Arya exclaimed. She was not really anyone close to me, heck no one was. She was just an old high school mate who took an immediate liking to me and hence declared us friends.

"Take a chill pill buddy. I'm on my way. You know the traffic in this city is just horrible. I'll be there in 10." I replied smiling to myself knowing the reality.

"You better be Aurora!"

"Ok see you," I hung up.

Let’s see what is the news that my oh-so-lovely friend has been dying to announce since yesterday. With that, I sat in my car taking off to the destination.