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The Half Blood Prince

The Half Blood Prince



There comes a day when every vampire must choose a human to feed on. Prince Davis never wanted to choose, seeing the practice as cruel and inhuman. Ultimately, he gives in to starvation and chooses the beautiful girl in a blue dress, despite his hesitance. What he doesn't know is the girl's on a mission of revenge to destroy the royal family- starting with the prince.
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Chapter one

There is no such thing as peace in the country of Mavernem. 127 years ago it was all of Europe, but now, after it become infested with vampires, it became ‘Mavernem’. Crimson blood always taints the streets in Mavernem. Screams of human souls and vampire chortling and biting at those innocent beings. Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain, now that vampires exist.

Vampire kings and queens rule, and mortals hardly have a right to do anything. One wrong, simple move, can lead to immediate execution. The sad thing? There is no balance. Vampires are strong, fast and can snap a human neck in a mere second. But humans in Mavernem, are weak.

It was all horrible, but there is more.

When a vampire reaches the age of eighteen, they will be forced to drink human blood to stay alive. Vampires under that age can survive without drinking blood, though some families let them drink blood from animals to get them to get used to that red liquid. Or most of the vampires under that age just consume human food until they are eighteen.

So every year, a ‘blood’ ceremony is held outside the royal castle. Where a stage is set, and human girls from ages eighteen to twenty five are dressed in fine dresses and forced on stage. Name tags taped to their chests, where the girls information is listed. Usually the most purest blood is the most expensive. Or how pretty the girl is. The only way for the girls to escape the ceremony is to wed. The human male blood ceremony occurs two months after the human female blood ceremony. For the vampires who prefer Male blood.

But not every vampire drinks blood at this specific age or even choose a blood servent— or at least only ONE vampire didn’t let a single drop of blood go past his lips. This vampire is already twenty three. And to make matters worse, this vampire is Davis E. Dracula, also knows as, prince Davis of Mavernem.

He is a vampire, but he refuses to drink blood. He sees it as inhuman and cruel. But there is nothing human about him, from his sick pale skin to his red glowing eyes and pearly fangs. But really, he had kindness and mystery in his heart.


I groan as my alarm goes off, that evil, evil device. My arm lazily escapes my covers and pushes the alarm clock from my dresser to the floor. A smashing sound was made as the clock made contact with the ground. Well, there goes my thirteenth alarm clock.

I press my palms against my bed sheets, trying to lift my body up. But gasp as my arms twists and my face falls on the bed again. Why do I feel so tired if I slept for eight hours straight!?

Circles under eyes, daily dizziness and vomiting, skinny, and weak. And I am the future ruler of Mavernem. I slowly throw the covers off of me and weakly leave my bed. And...I fell face first. Pathetic.

Why do I wake up in the morning, though I’m a vampire? Oh, the humans that I and my parents rule over. They are mostly active in the morning so my duties as a prince is to attend my training sessions. And sadly, one of my sessions are: ‘how to interact with the human race’ which I am not a big fan of.

And suddenly I wish vampires would sleep in coffins again all morning. It would really be easier to catch a prey if their unconscious, really.

I stood up shakingly and looked at the curtains, sunlight seeped through a small space. I pick up my necklace from the dresser, and carefully put it on. It had a topaz, my birthstone, in a web-like silver

not real silver, of course

cage. Vampires wear necklaces with their birthstones, these kinds of necklaces have the power to form an invisible barrier between me and the sun. So vampires can roam freely without worrying to become ashes.

I open the curtains and wince as the sunlight blinds my eyes. Ah, sun. Still annoying as ever. I still can’t comprehend how humans can fall in love with the glow of this hot jewel in the sky.

I make my way to the bathroom and look into the mirror, why do I even have a mirror? I can’t see my own reflection. It is said that you can see your soul in the mirror. And it is also said, vampires don’t have souls. Which makes me kind of upset.

I look down at my body, which was pale and some parts of my skeleton are visible. Because Of the lack of ‘human blood’. I eat well, from fats and oils in small amounts, fish and meat, milk and cheese to fruits and veggies. But these aren’t very helpful to keep a vampire body healthy. Only blood is the answer.

I took off my garments and open the tap. And immediately, cold freezing water rushed out of the shower head. I quickly shut the tap and hold my body using my arms. Even the royals can’t get warm water in Mavernem! I think I can skip showering for now.

After a few minutes, I wore my ‘Royal Uniform’, consisting of black trousers, a white shirt, a black vest, a grey scarf, and a black cape. I bring the cape closer to my body that it’s covering everything. I hide my necklace under my shirt and quickly grab my crown and run out of my room.

I took a deep breath, and jump up in the air. I smiled as I started to float, but not too high to hit the ceiling, though. I quickly grabbed my crown before it fell, my mother would kill me if that happened.

Laughing as I flew through the halls, past the suprised maids. The best thing of being a vampire is flying, it makes me feel so hyper! The butlers and guards greet me a good morning while I flew around them. I pass through the paintings on the wall, waving at them as if I’m a mainiac. What? Can’t I say hello to my ancestors?

I grin, but just as I do so, I feel dizzy. My head spinning and my stomach feels as if it’s dancing.

Not now! I lose control of my flying, and fall to the ground, rolling and harshly making contact with the ground and my face. I think I broke my nose. I pick up my top body and gasp as I held my stomach.

I can already hear the servants running to me in worry and hurry. But it’s too late. I felt acidity climbing up from my stomach to my throat, i tried not to, but I opened my mouth and out it went, all over the carpet. This is the fifth time in three days. I feel sick and tired.

One of my butlers help me up, and kept muttering;

“you should start drinking blood now, it’s becoming too much for you health, Prince Davis.” And I kept shaking my head. I’ll never do that. Making the maids roll their eyes while taking me back to my room.

I promised and vowed to my self since I was young to never drink human blood. And this just doesn’t make my parents happy. And what terrifies me the most is...

will I ever give in to starvation?