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The Alpha's little maid

The Alpha's little maid

Author:Best Selling author


*Synopsis* He’s an Alpha and he needs a maid. She a weirdo and she’s a dethroned maid. She’s pretty and silent but her mind tells the whole truth. What happens when she meets Mr Alien who’s the Alpha? She seems tensed but nothing scares her more than her fathers death. She looks to him In the eye and wants him to herself unintentionally. Craving for him, will her wish be granted? Only one way to find out… *The Alphas Maid*
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The Alpha little maid

Chapter 1

The night has drawn near when, Silvia, looks to the sky and sees the full moon, she closes her eye and inhaled the fresh breeze that came from the outside. It blew from the east, pulling her white silver hair over her face to the opposite side.

“Uh, what a psycho.” Two ladies said behind her while feeling disgusted altogether. Silvia stopped what she was doing and pulled the door to a close. The two ladies behind flinched when Silvia slammed the door.

She was known as a half-breed because of the color of her hair, though she looked human. She had been born during the winter season when the river freezes to its peak. And when she came out of her mother who was in labor for nine months, her mother cried at the sight of her hair because she believed that she had been born a monster. Her father on the other hand never cared about what others thought and catered for her until she had grown up to be an adult.

Today, she felt something she had not felt in years. Something that tasted different. The taste of blood and her enhanced senses. She could feel what being free meant when she stood in front of the full moon. She hear what people said from afar and could sense how hard their hearts beat. When she turned to the two ladies earlier, she felt like she could taste them.

‘Why am I sensing all these things now?’ She asked herself several times but with no success of the answer.

She didn’t have an answer to that. She walked to the room where she was to change her clothes to some new dress and when she did, She pulled the locker to a close. Immediately she closes the locker, she heard words from the wall. She could hear the voice inside the restaurant, how the man spoke and how angry his voice increased.

Suddenly she heard glass shattering on the floor and a gunshot when screaming of women accompanied it.

“Where’s the money?” She heard the man yell from inside the restaurant. They were counted three in number by Silvia’s senses. She walked to the corridor and stood silent when she peeped to see their faces in the restaurant.

Something was wrong? Was it a robbery?

When she peeped again, she got spotted. The man with a gray beard shouted to her.

“Come out slowly, little one” he spoke nicely as to the fact that he never want to hurt anyone. The money was his mission and after he was done with that, he would leave.

“She knows where all the money is.” The woman said, pointing at her. She was the one that spoke earlier when she saw Siliva inhaling the fresh breeze that hit her face. They hated her and everyone in the restaurant wanted her out. They didn’t know how to send her away because they were scared at how her eye looked at them. And that thought kept washing away. Now, they found the perfect opportunity to escape death because they knew that if they never complied, one of their heads would be blown off.

And when Siliva walks out with her hand up, they found the perfect scapegoat.

“What do you mean ‘she knows where the money is?’” The young man amongst them said, shouting. It looked like he was their leader. Siliva looked at her co-workers, quiet. Whereas, they looked at her with disgust. What was their problem anyway?

Was she the one that made her hair that way? Or was she to be blamed for being weird?

“My name is Caroline and I’ve been working in this restaurant for years now. Since I’ve been working here, she always keeps the money we earned daily.” Caroline said pointing at Siliva. She was the other lady earlier.

The young man in their mist, turned to her looking at Silvia whether what she said was true. Instead of a reply, Silvia looked at the man smiling, hysterically.

What was she thinking?

“Is that true?” he asked, the young man in a red suit and a black blazer. His eye was black as to the fact that he had no emotions either. Money was his priority.

Silvia didn’t care as that was her last priority at the moment. Since her father died, she felt lonely. She felt like she was the black sheep among the other whites. And when the man she cherished the most died, she lost her touch with speaking. She never talked or said a word to anyone. Today could never be different.

“I said, what they said is it true?” He asked, again pointing his pistol at her forehead. Silvia looked at him, without breaking a sweat. She could feel the tension amongst everyone and how their body kept producing adrenaline, yet she thought she was running mad. If this man want to kill her let him do it as she was already tired of all the weird things in her life.

The man pulled the lock properly for Silvia to know that he was serious. He would fire the gun if she never said anything. He was ready to end her this instant.

“Pull the trigger immediately because am getting tired of standing,” Silvia said, and this man became more scared as to how spoke and looked.

‘She’s weird’ he thought to himself when his hand kept holding the trigger.

Everyone’s heartbeat started to beat faster as the suspense-filled in the room. Siliva was already running mad and tired. The sound she was hearing started to increase and it was already unbearable.

“I would pull the trigge-,” he said, and Silvia interrupted immediately.

“Do it fast!!. Please!!” She shouted at the young man and he fear backward. His hands were already shaking as he saw Siliva’s face all washed up with sweat. Her face was pale and she looked like she was about to explode.

“Shoot her!” The two ladies on the floor yelled also and the young man flinched allowing the gun in his hand to fall immediately.

“Boss, are you okay.” The other man with gray hair asked as he saw his boss, pale and also drenched with sweat.

What was this?