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Mated To Three Alphas

Mated To Three Alphas

Author:Ebony Pete


After getting mated to an Alpha from the Mountain Pack, Jade happily follows him home to start her new life but she's totally unprepared to discover that he's part of a set of triplets who are her mates too! It's an unusual situation but it comes with exciting days and steamy nights. She was having the time of her life until she becomes pregnant and the brothers begin to fight over the unborn baby's paternity. Unable to cope with the chaos, she goes to her childhood home to escape from the conflict. Her unexpected visit starts a chain reaction that leads her down a dark rabbit hole filled with secrets, lies, betrayal, and a world of unpleasant surprises. Will she eventually have her happy ending or is she doomed to a life of endless confusion?
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Today is the happiest day of my life!

After living like a slave in my uncle's palace all these years, I finally get to break free from this beautiful prison and start my life afresh. Yes, dreams really do come true.

"Here comes the bride," said Brianna distastefully as she entered by bedroom without knocking on the door as usual.

"With the way you're carrying on, one would think you have just been mated to an Alpha king instead of a miserable unknown Alpha who lives under a mountain like a wild animal."

"What do you want?" I asked her dryly while I continued to pack my things inside my small travelling bag. It was just enough to contain my few belongings.

She stared at me with a look of hatred that reminded me of her father, Barry Hunter. He took me in as his ward since he was the only family I had left. My parents had died suddenly during a robbery attack on our way to Apex Woods to attend my uncle's coronation as the Alpha King of the Woods Pack.

How he reached that position was still covered in mystery but I honestly don't care. I was finally free of him and his mean daughter, and that was all that mattered to me now.

"I came to bid you farewell," she said with an exaggerated grin, showing off her perfect white teeth.

"At least I no longer have to worry about you trying to seduce my betrothed like the shameless tart that you are. Do you think I haven't seen how he stares at you and how you always happen to show up when he's around?"

"For heaven's sake, Brianna! I have never tried to seduce Antonio and you know it. He's the one who has been flirting with me and every female werewolf that crosses his path."

She gasped. "Liar!"

"Listen, Brianna, today is my happy day and I will not let you spoil it for me. I am finally going to be out of your way, so please, leave me alone."

"Whatever," she said and tossed her long blonde hair dramatically. "Hurry up and leave with your wild mate. The two of you are stinking up the palace anyway."

I sighed. It was a waste of time trying to have a proper conversation with my sharp-tongued cousin who has been my worst enemy in this place.

It did not matter to her that I was living here as a servant, she still saw me as her rival and never missed an opportunity to set me up and then watch happily while her father punished me brutally.

I zipped up my bag and carried it with me as I left the tiny room that had been my personal space for over a decade. I made my way down the familiar corridor in the servant's quarters where I have lived since I was seven years old. 

When I reached the main hall of the palace, I saw some of the servants who I have worked with all these years standing together in the corner and laughing at me. They had never welcomed me as one of them and always treated me as an outcast.  

"What shall we call you now, Jade? The mountain mate?" One of them asked with a mocking smile.

"No, let's call her the wild mate," another one said and they all laughed.

This wasn't new to me. I always got teased in the palace by these mean servants who enjoyed picking on me for no reason. 

"She's leaving the palace to live in the open fields like a homeless animal," the oldest among them said.

"I've always known that you cannot do better than that even though you always acted as if you were better than us."

"That's not true," I said. "And no matter how you try to spin this, I can tell that you're all just jealous of me. I get to live my life freely from today while you all remain servants here."

That made them keep quiet and it gave me a feeling of satisfaction to have had the last word. I left them there and went outside where my mate, Dominic was waiting for me.

He was standing by the palace gates, carrying his leather backpack that contained his things. He was with my uncle and Brianna's cheating fiancé who has made Apex Woods his second home since their betrothal even though he wasn't quite ready to go ahead and make her his mate for whatever reasons.

My mate was taller, more muscular and ten times more handsome than the other men. His dark hair shone in the sunlight and his chiselled face radiated with happiness. My heart squeezed with love as I looked at him. He was a true Alpha in every sense of the word and I almost could not believe that he was truly mine. How did I get so lucky?

"Oh, there she is," said Alpha Barry with annoyance. "What took you so long?"

"I'm sorry, my King," I said with a bowed head. "I was held up by Brianna."

"Well, goodbye then," he replied gruffly "You're officially no longer my concern," he said and walked away. 

"What an emotional farewell," said Dominic jokingly and I smiled.

"I know you like adventures but this is too much for even you," said Antonio with a mocking laugh. "I mean, who leaves a grand palace like this one to live in the wild with a bunch of savages?"

"Be careful, Antonio. Don't make me rearrange your pretty face with my fists," said Dominic in his deep baritone voice that sent shivers of excitement down my spine.

It felt good to be protected and defended for once, and my love for my mate doubled right then. I placed my palm on his arm to calm him down and stop him from carrying out his threat.

Antonio was the male version of Brianna in every single way and that was why I secretly called them ‘The Annoying Couple'.

"Spoken like a true savage," said Antonio, goading Dominic.

Dominic responded by grabbing Antonio by the throat and lifting him off the ground. "What did you say?"

I may not like Antonio but I didn't want him to be killed by my mate either. That would give my uncle the perfect excuse to wage war against the Mountain Pack. He was known to have started wars for even lesser reasons.

"Come on, my love, let's go," I said to Dominic, pulling his arm, as I took a step toward the open gates.

He released his hold on Antonio and the Beta wolf landed on the ground, coughing. He didn't look sorry though and I knew he wouldn't stop teasing us until he got into trouble.