His Fatal Love

His Fatal Love


Werewolf | Finished

Traec was labeled the ruthless alpha. He always made sure that he would never have a mate in his life until he caught the gaze of a lady he never knew would be his mate.. When he met Lily, he breaks his own rule. Lily is trying to escape a dark nightmare from her past. One night, while fleeing her past, she finds herself in the hands of the most dangerous-looking man she has ever seen in her life. Will Lily overcome her past? Will she find safety and security in Traec's arms, who promises her love, and faithfulness?
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Lily stumbled along the rimmed sidewalk, her shoes were slipping off her foot. She stifled a squeal as she came to a halt to slip her shoe back on her achy toes. While she barely tries to keep herself walking she sprinted back onto the street, quickly turning. She badly needed to get out of here as soon as possible. Allan planned to kill and finish her. As a result of her slight stumble, the steps behind her were getting closer.

Her mind was clouded with worries as she started swinging her arms more forcefully, urging her body to move faster. Her injured foot protested her quick pace and lack of support, but she couldn't afford to stop.

A cozy restaurant appeared in front of her, and she dashed for the glimmer of hope. Her legs pumped beneath her, propelling her through the cold winter night. She felt her flimsy shoe slip off her foot again, but she refused to turn around. They were far too close together. She was only a few steps away from being safe.

Lily slammed her small body into the door's entrance, yanking and pulling to open the thin glass door.

When Lily realized the door wouldn't open, she let out a pitiful whine. She quickly pulled on the handle once more, but the door remained closed. She dashed down the pavement, realizing she was stuck, towards the few parked cars. Although people aren't always safe, she just thought for sure they were safer than him.

The air was pulled from Lily's lungs by a sharp grip on her hair. She felt tears well up in the corners of her eyes as a result of the pressure on her skull as well as her fear.

Lily managed to grasp the tangled hand in her blonde hair and tried to pry the fingers free from the delicate strands. She heard him take a few deep breaths before pulling her harder back down the dark road she had arrive from.

"You useless piece of trash," chuckles the familiar man in her face. Because of how close he had yanked her, Allan's hot breath skimmed over her ear. "You've never managed to get away from us."

Allan pushed her head in front of him before removing his hand and firmly clutching her arm. He removed his fingers from her hair, and she clearly heard him say into his phone, "Yes, I've captured her." We'll be back soon."

Then suddenly he noticed that the other man chasing her had started walking in their direction, looking out of breath "Rick, it took you a long time. You're always the slowest guy of the group. "Wrap her up here so we can take her back.".

After she saw Allan's rage and anger in his eyes, her heart was pounding to the point where she believed it would forget how to recover and beat again.

Lily was completely oblivious to the tears flowing down her cheeks. Rafael would kill her if they took her back, she knew.

With a new target in mind, Lily started to struggle, attempting to free her arm from Allan's grip. She was shocked at how much power she still had and how easily she was able to free herself from his vise grip.

She raised her knee, aiming for the space between Allan's legs. She didn't pause to watch his response when she collided with him; instead, she swung around and dashed back into the restaurant's parking lot.

This time, Allan got up to her swiftly, grasping her hands. She fought against his hold, attempting to free her elbow. Allan's anger overcame him, and he swung his hand over her face.

Her feet were wiped out from underneath her by the force of the hit. She would have collapsed to the ground in a heap if Allan hadn't held her so firmly. Lily battled the black specks in her vision and fixated on the sting on her face's left side. It wasn't the first time she'd been hit, but that didn't make it any easier.

"Is everything fine here?" Someone shouted out to her, capturing her attention. At his unfamiliar voice, she felt a sliver of hope sprout in her chest once more.

She cocked her head, attempting to gaze at the source of the voice. Her heart began to sink. The man was enormous, standing well over six feet tall and sporting powerful, muscular muscles beneath his tanned skin. He had penetrating golden eyes that were keenly analyzing their circumstances.

The sight of this man made Lily's stomach drop. He had no intention of rescuing her. She's had a lot of experience with men, and none of them have ever been nice to her.

Allan snarled, "Mind your own thing."

He immediately returned to Lily and curled his fingers around her arm where it had been before. Lily's stomach tightened as she sensed oncoming catastrophe.

She was going to die in the company of despicable men who had abused and used her since they had taken ownership of her.

And there would be nothing anyone could do to stop it.

"Ma'am? Is everything okay with you? " Lily's head snapped up, taken aback by the fact that the man was speaking to her.

Lily's mouth dried up as tears welled up in her eyes, obstructing her ability to speak. Allan said, "I said mind your own dang life."

"And I'm telling you to let her go,"

As she battled to stay awake, Lily felt as though the conversation was taking place in the distance. She hadn't had anything to eat for several weeks. She had to make an effort to keep her eyes open conscious between the severe stomach pain, the living dread surging through her, and the rushing.

Allan and Rick let her go before she could fully comprehend what was going on.

She fell to the ground rapidly, collapsing in a heap and causing the bruises and cuts on her arms to spread. She overcame the pain by concentrating on her breathing and eliminating the black spots from her vision. She had to know what was going on.

Lily was speechless as she saw the unknown man in front of her fight her captors. He was battling Allan and Rick at the same time, and he was clearly talented as he avoided and launched blows at them.