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Her Fated Alpha

Her Fated Alpha



Kayne Alexander North, the powerful, cruel and ruthless alpha of the North Pack. Betrayal separates him from the woman whom he had thought was his one and true mate. Vengeance and anger are the only things in his mind and heart now. And he won't stop till he takes revenge on the people that had dared to cross him. Cerise Astor Gray, an independent, straightforward and intelligent woman who boldly took the Alpha position of the South Pack due to the unfortunate fact that her parents has no son. During her lowest time in dealing with heartbreak and betrayal caused by her lover, a disloyal pack member plotted a conspiracy to kick her out of the pack that successfully had made her become a rogue. The two both have one thing in common and that is: 'A cold heart'. However, with no idea, the Moon Goddess bring them together. What will happen when two cold hearts meet? Read to find out.
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Paws, hitting against the hard ground with force leaving a spray of dirt and rock particles behind, power was fueling his adrenaline, and the only thing he allowed himself to hear is the smooth painting of his breath while he kept urging himself to keep running.

A lot of things were running through his mind before he left the pack house this morning to go for his usual morning run. But as always, when it comes to morning runs, Kayne would leave everything behind and focus his mind on his pace and on the time he uses to stay fit and relaxed.

With his supernatural hearing, he can even hear the soft wind rustling through the leaves on the trees, the slow rush of water in the small stream nearby, this was his favorite part in the morning.

Owning the north territory in West Virginia was one of the best things Kayne had ever done in his entire life. He knew from the start that he made the best decision to move to South Charleston city and mark the forest on the north side, as his own. Plus, the view every morning in the forest is breathtaking and wonderful and Kayne knew right at that moment that this was home.

He finally slowed down from running, gave a little rustle to the thick light grey blanket of fur on his back, and released a little satisfied howl. In just a quick second, the air suddenly changed and his alert instincts kicked in. He froze in position and his ears automatically perked up, letting his supernatural hearing pick up any form of sound in the perimeter around him. He focused all his senses all at once, trying to detect where the weird atmosphere was radiating from but when a sudden scent lingered with the breeze that envelopes him, he suddenly relaxed while his wolf started jumping in excitement, yapping;


Kayne wondered what his wife could be doing so deep in the forest at this early time while he followed her scent through another direction in the forest. She rarely joins Kayne on his morning run so if she suddenly decided to change her mind then, color him surprised at all. Suddenly, a bad scent invaded his nostrils completely entangled with the scent of his mate that suddenly made him feel enraged. The toxic scent could only belong to the mutts he despise the most and they’re none other than filthy;


He immediately shifted back to his human form and walked towards one of the familiar trees nearby and grabbed the neatly piled of clothes nestled between two thick tree branches and just grabbed the shorts and put it on. This was one of the many things he had his beta done for him, in case any of his pack members got into a difficult situation in the forest. So the clothes prepared were for emergency purposes only. It’s been done to other particular trees around the forests so all the pack members and people living in his territory know the rule. Although, Kayne did not have an emergency to make use of the clothes. He was planning to run back home in his wolf form but now that the situation has changed, he decided otherwise.

His protective instincts kicked in as he started jogging towards the direction where he knew where his mate was. A few murderous thoughts popped into his head at the same time if he happens to find the disgusting rogue bothering his mate. She was the Luna of his pack and protecting her always is one of his main priorities. He turned to a corner fully ready to attack, but the scene happening right in front of his eyes made him stop and look with shock and confusion visible on his face.

His Luna, his wife, the one who he had thought was his one and true mate, was enjoying herself naked riding on an undressed man who smelled like a rogue, and moaning contentedly from her mouth. They were fully occupied in caressing each other with their lips locked together.

Kayne’s eyes immediately narrowed into slits and he clenched his fists so tightly that they started to draw blood. The dangerous growl that escaped from his mouth was what suddenly alerted the two and they backed away from each other, staring back at Kayne with fear in their eyes.

“You!” Kayne growled towards the rogue while taking a few long strides towards him.

His eyes and anger was both locked on him but when his wife suddenly stepped up in front of the rogue as if to protect him, Kayne’s heated emotions slightly wavered when his eyes met hers.

“Kayne, don’t!” She shouted in his face.

“I will deal with you later, now get the hell out of my way!”

She didn’t budge and remained standing in front of the guy with a challenging look on her face.

“Don’t you dare touch him.”

Kayne smirked in disbelief.

“You dare to give me an order?”

Her expression faltered for a second before she recomposed herself again.

“I love him.”

Something deep snapped inside Kayne when she threw those words at him. It was like a sharp arrow being pierced to his heart. Here, standing in front of him was the woman he had marked and claimed 5 years ago as his one and true mate and the Luna of his pack, telling him straight in the face that she loves someone else. And to add more salt to the open wound, she chose someone that he disgustingly hates and would not hesitate to kill in a split second.

“What did you say?” He managed to force the question out despite trying to keep his anger from taking over his whole body.

“I love him, Kayne.” She repeated in a small voice.

“After everything I’ve given you and this is how you chose to betray me?!”

She took a hesitant step back when the alpha suddenly raised his tone at her.

“Oh please, what exactly do you mean by those ‘things you’ve given me’? Oh you mean my position as your Luna and those other material things? But you missed out on one specific thing Kayne.”

He suddenly held his breath, waiting for her to spit out the obvious sign in their relationship that he had missed, that had turned her this way.

“Real love.”

He frowned when she said this word. And it seemed that the woman couldn’t control her emotions anymore when she decided to tell all her true feelings.

“You just wanted me in the first place because you thought that the feeling of love you felt for me was legit, when the truth is it was all lust. Pure lust!

Nothing you've ever felt for me was nothing related to love, Kayne.

Coincidentally, I didn't love you for even one day. But you are an Alpha who had the power to help me enjoy the queen-like treatment. And to be honest, I had no better choice at that time. That was the real reason why I pretended to fall in love with you and become your mate.

Now, is there any difference between your pack and other normal packs? Even more, you're getting more and more enemies for keeping your so-called morally lofty, which also leads your pack to get less and less territory.

Why shouldn't I make the right choice-drop you, and choose Andrew?

Kayne watched as she turned towards the rogue and held his hand before looking back at him with a disgusting face.

“So we’re done. I’m leaving you and the pack. And I’m leaving with Andrew today. Have fun with your dull life.”

It took every willpower Kayne had to stop himself from charging forward and snapping both their necks apart. He didn’t remember being like that with Charlotte when they were together, he was only focused on trying to love her the best way he can and be a better Alpha, but which turned out she took everything for granted.

Pain slowly surged through his vein, almost making him appear vulnerable in front of them. But then he remembered that he was the one with power, strength and the ability to kill anyone in less than a minute. His eyes darkened as he stared right back at them with rage radiating off him. He couldn’t care anymore that she was once his wife-all the happiness he thought just turned out to be a lie.

All he wanted now is their blood on his hands.

“Look man, just let us leave with peace and we won’t step foot in your territory ever again.” The rogue, Andrew, suddenly said complacently.

“The fact that you already set foot in, and that is the reason why you’re going to die today.” Kayne angrily snapped back and took another step forward.

“Look I get it, It's really heartbreaking when you re looked down upon by a woman. Shit happens man, you’ll be able to get over it soon.”

His taunting words did nothing but fuel Kayne’s anger even more.

“If you continue talking, I will snap your neck like a twig and rip your body into shreds. Then I will also do the same to your lover who’s no longer my mate and no longer a woman in my eyes.

You’re both rogues to me now and I slaughter rogues as a hobby.”

Charlotte gasped in fear and grabbed Andrew’s arm to pull him back, obviously knowing that Kayne was telling the truth. Andrew stood his ground and then smirked back at the alpha with a dark gaze.

“Oh but I’m not dying today.”

That, was enough to make Kayne shift back to his wolf form immediately. He braced on all fours and was ready to pounce but a sudden hit came out of nowhere which was aiming at the back of his spine. He could have dodged it, but he was forced to take the blow-his strength was weakened shortly after he accepted the rejection of his ex mate. He lost balance and dropped down on the ground in pain.. Before he had the chance to get right back up, another strike got him on the back and his wolf whimpered in pain and rolled back down on the grass beneath him.

Teasing snickers and laughter erupted all around him, his eyes looked up and saw that there were more rogues surrounding him.

Andrew was Alpha of the rogues and his men were gloating over Kayne. Andrew couldn't help but laugh loudly- the one who he used to fear now turned to be a pity loser lying under their feet.

"Poor bastard, I warned you, I won't die." He gave Kayne a heavy kick while said with a vicious tone.

"Alpha, it seems that a wolf with another scent is coming. It is likely to be his rescuer. It is better for us to leave here first." Suddenly, a rogue said anxiously.

Like venting his anger, Andrew kicked Kayne again. "You're lucky today, let's go."

Feeling himself was becoming weaker, Kayne turned into his human form, and the anxious voice of his beta came in his mind vaguely.

"Alpha, I smell the rogue, where are you?"

"North of the forest." Kane forced himself to stay awake and answered the beta weakly.

The side of his waist was badly bruised and he can actually feel that he might had two broken ribs as well. He made a promise to himself that he would not stop till he finds Charlotte and her lover and make them pay for what they did to him today, and what’s more, he would kill every rogue he caught!

His vision was starting to get blurry but before his eyes fully closed. He noticed there was someone running right towards him. he feared it might be another rogue who might take advantage of him in his poor battered state but then he slowly noticed that it was a female. His eyes were getting heavy and his body was lacking the energy to keep himself from passing out, but he knew he had no option left.

The woman suddenly knelt by his side right after nearly tripping over him but then he quickly fainted before he had the chance to see what she looks like or even tell the color of her hair. The last thing he remembered is the unmistakable scent of a rogue that lingered around her and the faint sound of his wolf calling her;