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Mates Between Marriage

Mates Between Marriage

Author:Coco Chigbo


"You're mine," His possessive words slowly pushed into my head causing me to shiver uncontrollably as his breath skimmed through the base of my neck. "I'll kill him." My heart stopped. Adriana Carter's life is a whirl wind as it continues to surprise her as time moves on. As the strong, beautiful werewolf is given away in marriage due to a huge family crisis, she can't help but make lemonade with the lemons life gave to her by falling in love with the supposed husband who is not her mate. Suddenly, an extremely handsome abomination awakens in the supernatural world, putting her life apart again. It's quite simple really. She is his and he is coming to take her back. WEREWOLF ROMANCE!
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Pain was an understatement to what I was feeling right then, when my beta swung his closed fist at my jaw. The crack resounded around the training room as I also whimpered at the aching contact.

Yet, I shook it off like it was no big deal when I was actually dying inside. He seemed to notice my acting, which was why he had smirked at me and kept on coming closer while I shifted backwards. His forest green eyes trailed on my legs, watching every move I made.

I sighed to myself, immediately deciding that I definitely did not like this side of my best friend. So competitive. Droplets of sweat fell from his brown hair, eyebrows pulling closer as his fists squeezed tighter. I walked towards him stealthily, my heart racing more than it should.

His eyes followed me and he sighed, "You know, if you give up now, at least I know you tried," he said trying to sound pitiful but his actions showed anything but. My head shook vigorously like it was going to fall off. There was nothing I loved more than fighting.

The thrill, grunts, pain. I loved it all, especially the moments where your opponents think you've lost the battle. Just like my cute little beta here. Without a second thought, I threw in a punch as a distraction, which he immediately deflected by holding my fist in his.

My right leg followed in a strong kick, which he caught - entering straight into my trap. Now his hands were occupied, before he could realize the death move I was going for, I immediately jumped, using my flexibility to wrap my left leg around his neck and twist it painfully, bringing him to the ground.


The satisfying sound that had come from me earlier filled the room again. He grunted loudly and I smiled with my face glistening with sweat. I had been practicing that move for a long time now, trying to perfect it.

"Fuck!" His deep voice exclaimed aloud. I shrunk back a little bit knowing that he was going to be very mad at me. Those kind of moves were only used by The Blue Blood Pack. That was my original pack and my father's. We were trained fighters, with warrior instincts and great determination.

"Are you okay?" I asked genuinely but truthfully, I, myself wasn't okay. I was famished and tired. We had been going at it for almost an hour. "Justin."

"What?" He whined out, still lying on the floor lazily. The little breeze came through the window, blowing us a bit silently and giving me chills as I was just sweating a minute ago.

"Getup, let's go get food." I ordered but he didn't budge and I sighed knowing that I had already been placed on the silent treatment.

"Are you guys finished?" A husky voice asked from behind, sending me shivers. My head turned in a whiplash as I stared at my handsome husband. He had a bottle of water in his hands and I immediately smiled at him for that.

He came closer to me, still staring at Justin confused and I laughed. Collecting the bottle from his hand, I tore off the cap and took gulps of it, feeling so much better as I quenched the parched feeling in my throat.

"What's going on baby?" My husband asked as he stared at his Beta who had now changed positions to the other side so that he could be glaring at me.

"Water?" I questioned as I stretched my right hand with the bottle of water in it towards my best friend but the reaction I got was not pretty. "Is that face for me?" I asked with a pout on my face.

"You know what she did Christian?" He finally said in his usual baritone to my husband who shook his head in response. "She used her death move on me."

Chris' eyebrow furrowed together, staring at Justin before he burst into laughter suddenly. It took some time for him to calm down before he turned around, holding my hands and taking me away from him. "Suck it up and come have launch. You were disturbing her for a spar and she finally obliged. You should also learn how to deflect any move from The Blue Blood Pack." He said as he walked away, throwing a salute at him.

I was still smirking at Justin as he threw me a "fuck you" sign and I replied with a kiss which got me an extra finger in return. I had to admit, I had already gotten used to fighting like that.

My father always trained me, all the time. I guess he was always afraid that I would not be able to protect myself due to me being a late bloomer.

Yes, if you're asking, the Adriana Carter, one the strongest warriors and Luna has not yet seen her wolf.

Christian led me to the staircase and raised my hands from my sides to wrap them around his neck. I immediately stared into his soft molten brown eyes. One of the things that attracted me to him. He leaned down to kiss me on the cheek and I smiled.

"You know, you should start fighting like a Black Dusk warrior. As Luna, you should not use the style of another pack." He cautioned again for the hundredth time.

"It's not easy for me. I came here two years ago, I have been fighting like that since when I was seven. For eleven years. I'm trying, believe me." I pleaded and he sighed, looking up to the ceiling causing me to smirk at his usual habit when he was considering something.

"Alright but you can do better babe. I'm at the table. You should probably take a shower, you must feel very uncomfortable." Chris said and gave me a light kiss on my nose before releasing me and walking away.

I turned to the staircase and started jumping up the stairs, taking two at a time. My mind soon wandered off quickly. Christian and I had not been the best of couples or even friends.

Chris' father, Alpha Mano was killed at nightfall in a war between The Black Dusk and The Black Blood Pack. There had always been a feud between the two packs for centuries. Till now, nobody knew why. His mother died at the loss of her mate and heartbreak leaving Chris bare and broken.

His pack harbored a rule where an Alpha must have a Luna before getting his title. My father had been a close friend to Mano, even to the point that they both saw themselves as brothers.

In that case, he offered to make me Chris' wife and to take me after three years. The deal was for Chris to let me go as soon as I found my mate and to never perform any of mate rituals with me. Yet, being a child who never went out and always stayed with my dad and my few friends, I lashed out.

When I got here, I had cried, fought and argued, doing everything to make him come and take me. But as time passed, I finally decided to make Chris a friend of mine and yeah, you can see where that brought us. Did this affect me in any way? Yes, it did, cause till now, my wolf still had not bloomed.

I stepped out of the shower, smelling like fresh pine and apples. Sighing, I stepped into my walk in closet and chose the most comfortable hoodie and shorts that I could wear. When I was done, I brought out one of my novels that I had not read yet and set it at the side of my pillow.

Feeling satisfied, I gladly walked out of the room to eat lunch with my husband and best friend. Hopping downstairs slowly, I winced at the pain on the side which was caused by you know who. Having the werewolf genes, I actually still healed a little faster than a human but not at the rate of other normal wolves.

I sighed as I finally got down and immediately stretched to the side to ease the pain off a little. That didn't seem to go very well as I groaned out loud.

"Babe, you okay?" I heard a voice call from the dining room as I walked towards there. Catching a sight of my husband's worried face, I smiled slightly. Chris and I had already told each other how we really felt, last Christmas. Yet, there was something off about him, like he was fuming about something.

"Yeah I'm fine. Where's that serpent that did this to me?" I glared playfully at Justin who was drinking right from the orange juice carton, giving me another cuss sign. He was now wearing his usual clothes and his hair dripped slightly. His muscles flexed as he dropped down the carton, looking at me playfully.

"You're the rat who broke my neck darling." He smiled and batted his full eyelashes. "Anyway, Chris and I, would be going for a meeting soon, so you better get ready to eat a- are you testing me young lady?" He asked and I suddenly stopped copying him with a mischievous smile on my face.

"What's the meeting for anyway?" I questioned curiously and Chris frowned looking away from me. I raised my eyebrow at Justin and he just shrugged.

"Justin's right. We are leaving now," Chris said and stood up and as Justin shoved another piece of chicken into his mouth and glared at him. "Justin."

"You have to let me take my chicken to the car then I'll follow you," He said, giving conditions to my husband and he frowned again, of course.

"Take care of yourself, don't call unless it's important." He said and shifted my lunch plate to me while I stared at him with my mouth opened. Why the sudden change of mood? Was the reason of the meeting that serious?

Justin winked at me, blowing a kiss as he followed Chris to the door. I blew him a kiss too but still watched Chris as he brought out his phone from his pocket. For some reason, I could feel my chest beat slower in sadness.

I sighed and pushed my food away from my face. I had really planned to have a fun lunch with my husband and best friend. I shrugged to myself and groaned aloud.

Downing the glass of orange juice, I cleaned my lips before turning for the stairs again, headed to that novel I had dropped on my bed earlier.

I had lost my appetite.


The novel I was reading had me trapped. I could not move, change positions or do anything. I just wanted to keep reading and reading.

Usually, being a fast reader, I always finished and would send a guard to bring me more from the main estate library. I was a big sucker for romance. A waft of cool breeze swept through my window causing me to shiver slightly.

I tiredly pulled out my phone and checked the time, my eyes widening at the reply. 8:54pm. Almost nine. I groaned and switched off the phone light. So it was almost nine and those two boys were not done yet.

Another waft, another shiver. I sighed knowing that I should probably go close it but I was weak, trust me. I pushed the novel aside and groaned on the bed, stretching my body. I smiled when I no longer felt the pain. It had finally healed.

"Where can they be?" I asked myself as I stepped down from my bed. My footsteps were silent and suddenly, I was stretching again on the floor, almost tripping when I got to the window. My breath hitched in my throat when I saw the sky.

The stars were many tonight. It definitely was beautiful! The clouds were not really visible but the stars dotted through. The wind blew my hair and I sighed and smiled when I stared at the moon, feeling an overwhelming connection to it.

"Oh mama, I hope you're okay." I said, immediately remembering my mother, while holding my moon pendant. "When will I find my wolf, mom? Do I even have a mate? Am I to stay with this Alpha all my life?" I asked her silently knowing I would not get an answer. I smiled as the wind blew passed me, kissing my cheeks.

For some reason, I looked down and immediately regretted it. The softest pair of red eyes were staring at me from a rose bush, so silently. They were enchanting and scary. My fingers grasped the window in fear. I felt like they were going to take me away.

My heart immediately leaped into my mouth as I blinked. It was gone. In a rush, I shut the windows and the blinds, backing towards my bed slowly. My pulse increased and I could hear my heart beats more clearly.

Hitting the back of the bed suddenly, I tripped on it and sat down. On instinct, I grabbed my phone, dialing Chris' number in fear which went straight to voicemail so I decided to drop one.

"Hey, uh, are you okay? I feel something is with me." I said frantically and threw the phone to the other side of the bed.

The wind blew harshly making the window shake a little and I jumped in as I told myself to calm down like a mantra.

There are guards.

There are guards.

You are here too.

You can fight.

You've seen worse.

No, you haven't.

"Moon g-" I started to say but soon stopped as my phone screen lit up. I grabbed it in relief and threw it away when I saw a message from an app. "Piece of shits."

Before I knew it, I began to drift off into dreamland, which I was really grateful for.

But with a certain color filling every part of mind standing for every thing possible.