Rebirth As A She-Wolf

Rebirth As A She-Wolf


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Blurb Code name: Wax, was one of the best assassins "Marked Dead" organizations ever had. She succeeded in every mission she was in. Unfortunately a mole in the police government had blown their mission that caused her death. Roxy, a shewolf who had not shifted yet, was being bullied at school and unable to fight back. What would happen if Wax's soul lived on Roxy's body? How can Wax cope up with the new realization that werewolves exist? How can Wax accept her faith as a mate to a Royal Prince, the future Alpha King who was cruel, merciless, fierce and cold hearted? Read and find out what would happen to a human who turns into a wolf.
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'It felt odd.' Wax thought as she listened to her captain speaking. 'What's going to happen? I had never felt this way before.' Wax continued talking to herself.

"Wax, you have to strike at the exact time. A slight delay can ruin everyone's life." Wax nodded as she heard what Capt. Reese told her. Everyone was listening to him attentively. They are on a mission of rescuing the daughter of a multi billionaire from a series of kidnapping cases the police got stock with. She decided to focus on listening.

The wealthiest in all regions of the country, even abroad, know their organization. Some of the government officials know their existence too. There are times that they call them for one way ticket missions.

That is "Marked Dead", an organization filled with assassins and hackers. Every wealthy person can commission them for the job. Whenever there were cases that police and military could not handle, the organization would do it for them.

Wax was one of their assassins, not a simple one, but known to be the best. She was strong and smart. She could make good decisions in a very complicated situation.

She doesn't waste resources and was fast enough to execute missions swiftly.

She was now on a mission to save the multi millionaire's daughter. Kidnapping of the children of known Billionaires had been on police plates for a matter of 6 months now.

Besides the victims' parents, the government had sought for the organization to end this kidnapping series.

Wax listened to her captain and remembered everything he said about the mission. She was not the type to do excess work so she had to learn every possible way to complete her mission successfully.

She knew that in her job, her foot was already at the door of death. But, it was nothing to her. She was not afraid to die as there was no one who would cry for her. She was an orphan after all.

After that briefing, they all went to their respective cars and headed to the target area.

There was already someone who did the stake out and they, the assassins, will do the execution.

Wax checks her guns and other weapons. She was not into guns because she preferred melee weapons. She can use anything around her as a weapon if the need arises.

The turmoil in her inner self depleted as she focused on her mission.

They stove at ground zero and were getting into position. The looked out were informing them of the situation through a wireless channel. Wax understood and was ready for action.

The looked out told them that the victim was in the room on the second floor base on the wire. Just as the captain thought and briefed them, Wax confidence boosted with the information.

She waited by the wall and waited for the perfect time when she heard a gunshot. She was thinking why, would there be a gunshot if they are in their position yet.

Wax got worried with the victim and jumped off the wall. She rushed into the mansion with caution and headed to the second floor where the victim was located.

She heard their captain saying, "abolish" which she ignored. Her focus was on the teenager that was being held by the kidnappers.

She wanted to save her at all costs. She looked into the rooms carefully and as she approached the last room, she felt a presence and jumped up to the ceiling as the door opened.

She heard a whimper inside and was positive that it was the child.

As one of the kidnappers left the room, Wax peeked inside and found no one besides the child.

The kidnapper did not notice that he left the door open as he answered the call.

"Boss, Rico shot the child.

No, she was still alive.

You know him when he was drunk.

Yes boss. Our mole from the police told me that they asked the assistance of the “Marked Dead”

OK, I will deal with him."

The kidnapper ended the call and went downstairs to where the others were.

Wax got mad to find out that they have a mole in the police. She shook her head and decided to deal with the mole later.

She gets in the room and was shocked to see the little girl. She had a gun shot on her thighs.

"Hey, hey, don't be afraid I will take you out of here." Wax said as she carefully released the child from being tied on the chair.

Relief was all over the child's face as she realized that someone had come to save her.

As soon as Wax freed the child, she went to the window and was thankful that it was wide and was not covered with metals or anything that could hinder their escape.

Wax carried the child and as she tried to talk to her so she would not be able to sleep. She uses the harness that had been with her to go down while holding the child tightly.

They managed to walk away from the mansion but they were seen by one of the kidnappers and alarmed the others that started the chasing.

Wax ran with the child in her arms to where she came from. She just prayed that the officers who were assigned to stake out were still there.

They were almost there when Wax felt a sharp pain in her thighs that had her run slowly. The child noticed it and asked worriedly, "what's wrong?"

Wax looked at the girl and smiled nothing. As she put down the child she opened her wireless communication device and said "captain, the package is with me. We are in my designated position. Pick it up now."

As she was saying that she put in the cable to the child. She was about to take the child to her shoulder when she heard Capt. Reese, "Wax, they are in position."

Wax moved fast as she heard that. "Come with me now." the child said.

"No, we're running out of time, they will be here soon. Go now."

"OK, but promise me you'd visit me." the child concedes.

"Wax in, wax out that is how I defend. Make sure to take care of yourself." Wax said and pushed the child as she heard the people on the other side and said, "Capt. Reese, I had been shot and was slowly getting paralyzed from my thighs up. If you are still there, please execute as planned. They have mole in the police by the way."

Before Capt. Reese could say a word he heard a big explosion and could not connect to Wax anymore. He made his men move and exchanging gunshots were heard.

Marked Dead operation was a success. They took the child to the hospital and informed her parents.

They found out that the child had been shot and was losing a lot of blood. If Wax had not put her out of the mansion she could have died.

While the child had been in the organization's custody, the kidnappers that had been chasing them were now in front of Wax.

"So this is how it ends for me huh?" she thought to herself. The arrow that hit me might have a high dosage of poison that had her paralyzed. She knew she won't be able to fight back anymore so she decided to bring some of them with me.

Without the kidnappers knowing, she pulled out the pins of all the grenades she had in her. As they approached her, Wax threw everything to them.

She had been hit by the explosion as well and saw the kidnappers blown away. As she felt her eyes getting tired and her body getting numb, she asked herself, "am I happy? Was I content with the life that I had?"

"I had no regrets" her last thought as darkness consumed her.