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Lonely Lycan's Abandoned Omega

Lonely Lycan's Abandoned Omega



Delilah was an Omega with a unique scent. Her stepmother took advantage of it and wanted to sell her to different men. After losing all the way to save herself from the conspiracy of her step-parents, she went to the forest to find a way to live. But a dangerous beast was living there for years. People were frightened just to think about him and never dared to go inside the forest. It was like his own kingdom. What if she collided with the beast? Will he hunt her or let her stay alive?
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Delilah screamed at the woman who she called her mother. But in reality, she was just her step mother who did not love her and wanted to sell her to other men so that she could earn some money.

"What did you say?" Naomi got angry at her and slapped her face hard.

"Listen to me, girl. You can't decide what is right and wrong. You are twenty but I had to look after you for ten years. You have to pay for it. Your father died without giving me anything. He was a poor man, I don't know why I even married that ugly guy in the first place."

Delilah was twenty years old. She lost her mother when she was just ten. However, her father came home the next day with another woman and said she was her new mother.

It was hard for her to accept but still, she tried her best. But this woman never loved her once. She made her do every household chore from that age.

When Delilah was fifteen her father died in a war because he was a pack fighter. So her step mother married a man who had money.

From then on, Delilah stayed with them because the house was her father's house. Naomi, her stepmother did not throw her out but made her their maid and lived her life as the landlord.

Delilah touched her right cheek, she felt pain all over her cheek. She hissed and tears rolled down her eyes.

She lowered her eyes to the floor.

"I have always done what you said to me. I didn't go out like other children, I didn't live my life how other girls live their lives. All of my life I had to stay with you as a maid. I was okay with that too. But now you want to sell me to men. I can't accept it." She mumbled.

Naomi grabbed her arm and pushed her to the floor.

"Naomi, don't hurt her. If you break her bones, men will never like a defective woman." Harland, Naomi's husband said.

Delilah felt disgusted that how could a man say that?

Naomi and Harland both took over all the things that Delilah's father had. The house, his money, everything. In fact, Harland was living on her father's money.

Delilah stood up slowly though her knees hurt.

"Be prepared. Those men are coming tomorrow. You have to submit to them. They will take you for one night. You will be back home the next morning. Just don't try to provoke them." Naomi warned her.

Delilah shook her head. "No," She whispered.

"What did you say? Say it again. I will cut your tongue. They are giving us a thick sum of money. If they like you, they will recommend others."

Delilah felt like dying. How could a woman say those words to another woman?

Was she a joke to her?

All of her life she thought Naomi did not like her because she was her step daughter. But the way she wanted to do business with her body, it was ridiculous.

"I am not going to stay here anymore."

"Not gonna stay? Fine. Then I will throw you to the beast of the forest. He will eat you alive." Naomi growled.

Hearing that Delilah's eyes widened.

The Beast? Everyone knew about the beast. There was a saying that in the deep forest, a beast was staying there.

He ate people alive. If someone met him, they could not come back alive. He was a very ugly and horrible looking man. He liked to live alone, if anyone disturbed or crossed his side, their death was inevitable.

Delilah felt shiver all over her body hearing about the beast.

"If you want to stay alive, then just do as we say." Naomi smirked. She knew Delilah would never leave this house ever. She was confident about it.

Delilah nodded at her and ran to her room.

She needed to escape from there. She could not let others destroy her purity and use her. She could not let her life be ruined by other men and her step parents.

Everyone in the pack knew about her and called her an 'Abandoned Omega'.

Many of them laughed at her for her situation. They called her weak and vulnerable. Naomi provoked others by telling them fake things about her. Delilah did not know how she would survive outside.

When it was midnight

Her step parents were sleeping in their room.

With slow steps and a fast beating heart, she came out of her room and closed the door unhurriedly so that it could not cause any noise.

She glanced around and took a deep breath. She strode to the door and came out of the house.

She looked at the house for the last time.

It was not true that she did not want to leave all these years. It was just, she had memories with her mother in this house, and she did not want to leave her mother's memories.

But this time she had to leave for her sake.

She closed the door and turned around. She strolled ahead.

It was a cold and dark night. She wandered around alone. She never came out of her home at this time before.

Today she fled from hell. But where would she go? She had no one. Not a paternal or maternal family. Everyone lived in other villages. She could not go there. Then where could she go and take shelter?

The road was unclear because of the darkness. She saw a hurricane lamp hanging in a tree beside the road.

Someone might think it would show little light to the passerby on this night.

She headed to the tree and took down the hurricane.

The flame inside it showed her light for walking forward.

She thought for some time and felt she was alone in this whole pack. It was better to live in the forest than sell herself there.

So she started to walk inside the forest.

The more she walked, the more heard the crunching sound of the dried leaves when she stepped on them.

The sky was clouded with darkness and the air was chilly. She felt frozen.

She did not know where she got the courage to come to the forest.

Her step mother's words came to her ears.

"The beast will eat you alive." Naomi's voice kept enchanting in her ears.

She felt fear inside her heart. Her legs were wobbling. She could see the yellow dried leaves through the light of the hurricane.

She walked for a long time and felt her body freezing. She felt unsteady, she didn't eat anything the whole day.

A sound of crunching came towards her ears and stopped.

Her heart beat started to run fast in fear.


It was not her steps anymore but coming from beforehand.

Her legs felt jelly on the ground but she still tried to walk to see who was there.

"Who's there?"

She asked again. Unexpectedly a dark silhouette came across her sight. Her steps halted.

She tried to put up the hurricane lamp close to her eyes to see who was coming.

The moment she put it up, the candle flames inside it blew away and the huge figure towering over her.

She slowly looked up and saw a pair of furious Orange eyes looking into her eyes.