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The Unexpected Mate

The Unexpected Mate

Author:Midnight maze


Everleigh has only ever know the life of a slave. Even though she was the daughter of an Alpha, everyone treated her like she didn't matter. When the soon to be Beta of her pack tries to do the unthinkable something happens and she gets away. she ends up in a neighboring territory. She finds her destined mate within the pack. Will she have the life she always dreamed of or will her nightmare return but in a new home?
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I was the only daughter of the Alpha but treated like a slave. I got my wolf when I was 13 but after I changed my world came crashing down around me. It started off with them smacking me and it gradually became punching, throwing me into walls, using a silver whip on me or even just a silver chain. Then they moved me from my room into the basement. I could only come out to fix the food and clean the house.

One time when I wasn’t cleaning fast enough, they threw me down two flights of stairs then started kicking me in the stomach causing 4 of my ribs to break and one of them to puncture my lung. They only called the pack doctor to fix the rib that had punctured my lung. Other than that, one time I never got the help I needed. I had to suffer in pain trying to do my duties and do them fast.

It was mine and my twin brother’s 20th birthday and the first time he could drink alcohol since he was training to be Alpha. Everyone got smashed with him. No one paid attention to me since I was the one making the food and serving it. I stayed to the shadows. When I noticed that everyone was relaxed and wouldn’t notice me, I snuck back into the house and ran to the basement. I grabbed my small tattered bag and stuffed some of my clothes into it. Then I ran back upstairs and stopped at the basement door to make sure no one was around.

I carefully went to the kitchen and tried stuffing some easy to carry food in. Before I got done, I heard footsteps coming my way. I stashed my bag and acted like I was getting more food to take to the party. All of a sudden, the door smashed open to the kitchen and in comes my brother’s friend and soon to be beta Bash.

“Where have you been bitch? We want more food!” He hollered at me.

I bowed my head to him. “Yes sir. I was getting ready to bring these sandwiches out.” I said to him pointing to the variety of sandwiches I made.

“That’s not good enough!” He yelled at me. “They need to be out there now!” he finished and started stalking towards me. With every step he took towards me I took one backwards.

“Better yet I have a great idea.” He said happily.

He grabbed my wrist forcefully and slammed me into the table hurting my back. He takes two more steps to get to me and there is a lustful glint in his eyes. I tried backing up but I couldn’t move as I was against the table and extremely scared.

“You know bitch. You are very beautiful for a slave. I would love to have you for the first time.” He said huskily pinning me to the edge of the table.

I whimper not knowing what he is going to do. I have a feeling but I don’t want to think he would do that to me.

Before I knew it, he put his hand on my arms and made me turn around. He bent me over the table on my stomach. I started trying to fight it but he grabbed my wrist and pinned me down with one hand while the other roamed over my thighs.

“Please don’t do this Beta. Please.”

He laughed at me. “I’ll do what I please with you. No one will mind. Plus, I have to get practice in somehow since I should be finding my mate soon.” He said while going for the button of my jeans.

“You should be happy I chose you.” He whispered in my ear then kissing down my neck. I cause a shiver of disgust to go down my spine.

“Don’t do this. Your mate will not like it. To know what you did.” I said in a low voice trying to plead with him.

“Bitch! Don’t you dare say that. She will know I’m not a virgin. Us males have to know how to please our mates. But you, you will never have one. You are not a favorite of the moon goddess like the rest of us. She looks down on you and laughs.” He snarled and slams my head into the table.

He rips my pants down and starts undoing his down. He gets his down and lets his length free. I felt it on my back. I start to struggle more only hurting my stomach and wrist in the process. I can’t let this happen I thought.

Next thing I know is his hand is around my front going under my panties. His starts to rub my clit and an unvoluntary moan escaped my lips. I can’t let this happen. I don’t want this to happen. I start thrashing around trying to loosen his grip on me.

“No!” I screamed. Something inside of me let lose, I didn’t feel his body pressed to mine anymore. I take a chance and look up. I see he is across the room slumped down, unconscious.

I hurry and pull my pants up and run over and grab my bag. I dash out the back door, hearing foot falls running to the kitchen. I ran as fast as could to the forest behind our house. I drop my bag and shift into my wolf. I grab the handle of my bag into my mouth and take off. Running as fast as I can. I ran for three hours only taking small stops to drink at a river. I would find small caves to rest in for a few minutes before I was up and running again. I don’t know where I’m headed but I had to get out of there. I will not lose my dignity any more than I already have.

I found a cave to sleep in for the night. I grabbed some brush that had fallen from the trees nearby and began to drag them to camouflage the opening. When I got it some what covered I went inside and settled down. I heard howls far in the distance. I knew they were looking for me. I hope they don’t find me.

‘I’m so sorry Nyx. I couldn’t do it anymore.’ I thought to my wolf.

Nyx: You’re fine Everleigh. I understand. I just hope we don’t get caught before we get somewhere safe.

‘Me too’ I thought before darkness took over.