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My Omega Girlfriend

My Omega Girlfriend



13 years ago, Victoria Brynn, an omega from the gem pack, escaped from her abusive husband and started a new life on a different town with her two children. Little did she know that she was going to meet Cole there, her true mate. Naturally, Victoria fell madly in love with him at first sight, even though he was only a human and a broke college student. But when her alpha husband tracked her down and found her with Cole, he got into a fit of rage and beat her mate so badly that he would have left him for dead if Victoria didn’t beg him to stop and accept to return home with him. Now, fate has brought her back into Cole’s life and he’s no longer a broke college student. He’s a successful entrepreneur and more than anything else...He’s extremely bitter that Victoria broke his heart all those years ago and disappeared without a trace. But it only takes one glance at her to ignite the spark of love and lust he thought was extinguished. The truth is, there is no woman other than Victoria for Cole and this time, he is determined to make her his. But what will be his reaction when he discovers that Victoria is actually a werewolf and that she belongs to a world he never even knew existed? Will he have the strength to fight against an alpha for the woman he loves or will he risk losing her once again?
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Victoria Brynn was unhappy.

The time when she was innocent and carefree belonged to a completely different universe. Sometimes, she wondered if it even really happened or if she just made it all up in her mind. Now, everything she knew was misery, fear and violence. Ironically, it all started on the day that was supposed to be the best in her life.

Her wedding day.

Victoria’s fate was sealed when she tied the knot with her husband Jake. If she knew what was awaiting her, she’d certainly not have committed such a terrible mistake. She wouldn’t have been so naive and gullible.

But was she really to blame? She was only sixteen at the time and was told all her life that her father knew what was best for her. Naturally, she couldn’t complain or have doubts when he introduced her to Jake.

He was the most prominent bachelor in the gem pack and the fantasy of many female wolves around town. Jake was a strong alpha in his mid twenties and he belonged to a good family. After his father’s death, he took over the latter’s businesses and made them better. Most of the shops in town were his. Without a doubt, he had all the qualities to make a perfect husband and a great provider.

Victoria was no different from the other girls. She also thought that Jake was really attractive but it was nothing more than a vague crush. Never did she expect that she’d have the opportunity to marry him, not when he had so many other omegas to choose from.

Back then, Victoria wasn’t yet aware of her feminine attributes. In her mind, she still considered herself a child, oblivious to the way people looked at her when she stepped out of her home. She especially caught the attention of the male alphas and betas that were searching actively for their mates.

Victoria was blessed with generous curves and a pretty face. Her hair was the color of fire, something she got from her great grandmother and her eyes were brighter than the purest tropical sea. The fact that she wasn’t aware of her beauty made her even more attractive and naturally, Jake heard of her.

When he met with his friends and they ended up talking about women, Victoria’s name was always brought up without fail. That’s how he knew he needed to have her.

Jake wanted to be the best and so, it was evident that he needed the most desirable woman in the pack by his side.

Victoria’s father was reticent at first when he asked for her hand. He thought she was still too young but Jake knew how to be convincing. He gathered information around the Brynn family and found out that the father, Marcus, always fancied a position as one of the members of the elderly council in the gem pack. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t influencing enough.

From then on, Jake only had one thing to do: he promised Marcus that in exchange for his daughter’s hand, he’d help him achieve his life goal and become a member of the elderly council.

How could he refuse such an exquisite offer?

That’s how Victoria was officially acquainted with the man who’d become her husband. Her friends couldn’t stop talking about how lucky she was and of course, she didn’t fail to attract a little jealousy from her peers. How could a young, foolish girl like herself end up with the best party in town?

She didn’t understand it either but she was happy because Jake covered her with gifts and compliments. He was nice and frankly obsessed with her. Victoria was even more convinced into this marriage when her father told her that Jake was her true mate but she just couldn’t tell because she wasn’t eighteen yet.


She found out on their first night together. Jake marked her between her shoulder and neck but when she woke up the next day, it was gone. If he had been her true mate, the mark wouldn’t have faded.

Naturally, Victoria felt betrayed, especially when Jake told her how her father happened to become a member of the elderly council. He’d sold her for a better status within the pack and now, she wasn’t going to know the pleasure of being reunited with her mate.

How could he have done something so cruel to his own daughter?

Victoria spent the remaining of her honeymoon days crying. Jake didn’t understand why any of this mattered to her. She married the best man in their pack, she should be jubilating.

Their happiness didn’t last very long. Jake was annoyed by Victoria’s dissatisfaction and quickly, he turned into a tyrant. They only kept a façade of harmony when they were in public but in the privacy of their own home, the couple did nothing but argue.

Victoria resented her husband who didn’t want her looking at other men, let alone talk to them. He controlled everything, where she went, who she was friends with, what she ate...Jake behaved as if she was his property.

She’d given birth to their first child when he started hitting her for the simplest mistakes. The first time was only a smack across the face with the back of his hand. Then, it quickly escalated to more. Jake was always strategic to hit her in places she could hide under clothes. Of course, he had to maintain his perfect image in front of the rest of the pack. What would people say if they knew he was hitting his beautiful wife?

No one knew what kind of monster he truly was except for the woman who shared his bed.

Victoria gave birth to her second child and still hadn’t found the courage to escape her abusive relationship. She got used to the violence and didn’t think that a little bit of pain was worth keeping her children away from their father. Jake was a terrible person, sure, but at least he provided for his son and daughter.

She could have stayed with him forever, just for the sake of the children. But when Jake came home from work one night, drunk out of his mind, he smashed a dish against the wall and one of the broken pieces cut their young son’s cheek.

He apologized for that but Victoria had had enough. A week later, she ran away with her two children.

She found herself in a new city, the farthest from her hometown. There, she started a new life in an environment where no one knew her but she was still welcomed with open arms. Victoria quickly took on a waitress job and the salary was pretty decent, enough to take care of her kids.

It was on one of her workdays that she met Cole for the first time.

He came to the restaurant on a warm summer afternoon and ordered a smoothie. Victoria brought it to him at his table and as soon as their eyes met, she felt a jolt of electricity rush throughout her body and the hair on her arms stood. It was the reaction described by so many wolves on what it’s like to find their mates.

Victoria couldn’t believe it. She’d lost all hope of meeting him someday and yet, here he was. He was different from what she had in mind because Cole couldn’t be more opposed to her husband Jake.

He was young and judging by the notebooks and computer he had around him on the table, he was only a college student. He froze in front of Victoria, looking like a lost deer.

“Uhm...Here’s your smoothie, sir.” She’d said to him.

“T-Thank you.”

He could feel it too, the undeniable connection between them but Cole didn’t understand it. He was only a human who had no idea of the existence of werewolves.

Victoria decided to let him go even if her wolf would be miserable. Cole didn’t deserve to be dragged into her mess. But when she got out of her shift that evening, she found him waiting for her in the parking lot of the restaurant. That’s how she knew she wouldn’t get rid of him so easily.

He was beautiful with his pale skin, electric blue eyes and overgrown hair that sat over his head like a cloud. But the last time Victoria saw him, he’d been badly bruised. Jake had somehow found where she was hiding with Cole and he poured his anger down on him.

He was just a human and couldn’t defend himself against a fully-grown alpha. Jake wanted to kill her mate but Victoria begged and cried.

“P-Please, don’t kill him Jake...Please. I’ll come with you. I’ll n-never leave you again.”

Her offer convinced him. Jake left her mate unconscious and barely alive. Victoria had no choice but to abandon him and return to her abusive husband. But even if thirteen years had passed, she just couldn’t forget about the beautiful young man with the dazzling eyes. Her mate.

Was he still alive? Did he build a good life for himself? Found a nice girl to marry? Victoria wasn’t sure but she was hopeful that Cole was doing great somewhere. It was her own fate that she didn’t have any hope for, forever trapped with Jake.