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Sexy Teacher‘s Student Mate

Sexy Teacher‘s Student Mate

Author:Pixie Kain


Ever had the shock of your life that the man you hate the most on the first day of college is your foxy hot, male professor and surprise, surprise, surprise- your roommate too ?! Add to it that he does NOT belong to the human world! Amidst bitter pasts and complicated relationships is the added fear of the Dark Overlord who is hell bent on destroying the entire supernatural world as well as the human world. Will the roommates get their act together and finally be one with one another? Will human laws allow the student-teacher relationship to bloom into a satisfying romance? Will the last surviving Lycan in the human world be able to avenge the death of its pure blood Lycan pack ? And finally will the Lycan race survive at all?
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Bella's POV

"YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME !", I cringed as I saw who my roommate was.

"Please tell me that you are the cleaning lady", the occupant of the dorm rudely pleaded.

"And I hope you are the plumber", I retorted back.

"Woah lady ! This hot piece in front of you might look freaking hot shirtless while doing the plumbing work but kindly keep your pervy fantasies with you", he arrogantly replied. "Now excuse me please but I've got some beauty sleep to catch. This pretty face here needs atleast 8 hours of sleep to look so fresh", he added as he shoved me off roughly by the shoulder and slammed the front door on my face.

"The fuck ?", I incredulously cursed and immediately caused a ruckus as I banged the door thunderously.

"What the hell, bitch ? Do you want to batter down my door ?", the highly infuriating piece of talking shit hollered after opening the door for the second time.

"Fuck off", I angrily said as I pushed him away while stomping my feet over his and then ran the wheels of my luggage over his said feet.

"Bloody hell !?", he whined in agonizing pain as he stood numb by the door and locked it shut.

"I just can't believe it that this huge university could not find me a decent dorm with a decent, female roommate", I remarked as I took in the speck clean surroundings around me.

"And I can't believe that your parents couldn't produce a decent child", he scoffed.

"Which one is your room ?", I asked while ignoring the highly humiliating insult.

The apartment was undeniably neatly kept and both the rooms were spectacularly clean too with properly made beds.

Seems like the guy was a germaphobe or a clean freak or both.

"Both are MINE. Now get your filthy ass out of here and ask for a room change", the 6 feet tall, handsome hunk demanded.

"Guess yours is the left one then", I shrugged and dragged my luggage with me before slamming the door shut.

A knock resounded immediately after and I hesitated to open for a while but then the boy's voice came in.

"Miss, please open the door. I need my things", he said and I instantly opened the door.

As soon as I let him in, I immediately regretted my decision.

"Oh my fucking God ! What the hell are you doing ?", I shrieked as I watched him fumble with his pyjamas.

"What do you think am I doing ?", he asked with an evil smirk.

"Pee on the bed to mark your territory ?", I counter questioned unsure. Atleast that's what it looked like to me.

" …. "

" …. "

"Do you think I am a dog ?", he asked bemused.

"Yeah and that too a nasty one", I answered back. "Now please don't bite me", I pleaded. "Shoo doggie shoo", I dramatically said as I waved the back of my hand to get him out of my room.

"You are so stupid", he huffed and strode towards the room's wardrobe to get his things.

"Why the hell were you fumbling with your pyjamas if you just had to take away your things ?", I indignantly demanded.

"Coz I was adjusting the waist band so that I could kneel down to get these", he angrily answered back while gesturing towards his stuff.

"Oh !", I sheepishly exclaimed and I bet my cheeks tinted pink like a fool.

"By the way my name is Kai. What is yours ?", he asked as he scavenged out all his stuff.

"Diaz. Bella Diaz", I introduced myself.

"And I am Bond. James Bond", he dramatically said as he imitated my voice.

"You are so rude", I remarked as I scrunched my face in annoyance.

"You are not exactly delightful yourself, Ma'am", he taunted back.

"I can already foresee a miserable year with you", I sighed.

"How about you ask for a room change then ?", he shrugged.

"I did try that genius", I scoffed. "The Dean personally told me that all other dorms were filled except for a fucking room here", I grumbled.

"Go and stay with your parents then or find yourself an apartment nearby", he suggested.

"Don't tell me what to do or what not to do but since you are so interested to know then let me tell you that I am here on a scholarship and I intend to make full use of it including free accommodation by the university", I said and by the time I reached the last part of the sentence, I was literally screaming my lungs out while poking the boy's chest who stared back at me wide eyed.

"How old are you, Bella ?", he asked with all seriousness as he raised an eyebrow.

"I am 17 years old but I am going to turn 18 next month", I replied. "Why do you ask ?", I questioned while crossing my arms in front of my chest.

"The Dean gave you a room with a teacher ?", he more of stated than asked in shock. "And how come you are in a university at such a young age ?", he questioned.

Now it was my turn to stand open mouthed with a stone shocked expression.

"YOU ARE A WHAT ?", I shrieked as realization dawned me.

"These are faculty quarters", he answered amused with a smirk.

Ughh. I hate it when he smirks like that.

And on top of it, I am not only going to stay with a male asshole but an asshole who is a teacher too ?

Great !

Just fuck my life.