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A Monstrosity (BoyxBoy) (Mpreg)

A Monstrosity (BoyxBoy) (Mpreg)


Werewolf | Updating

Kyungsoo, who's a human boy and Jongin who's the alpha werewolf of his own pack have been together for a year now. Sharing a house with the pack wasn't so bad for the couple. Kyungsoo had told himself that over and over again even when they called him weak and other names, even when they pushed him around and made him feel like nothing, unaware of his true identity. Jongin never noticed and he didn't want him to notice. But everything seems to fall over and turn upside down when he got sick. Who would have known that the cause of his sickness was a baby living inside of him . Things change when identities get uncovered, pasts were brought back up, Enemies appeard and disappeard Rogue and vampire attacks accure constantly And on top of that, Kyungsoo was a human carrying a supernatural. Can jongin protect both ? warning : - Mpreg - smut - grammar mistakes (ask me) - violence - blood & gore (- child abuse ) (- bullying)
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AHH!"Her scream made me flinch just before something broke the glass of the car window by her seat. I could see a pale wide face, white bloodshot eyes and disgustingly long dirty fangs. It had bone skinny wings.

I reached out getting a hold of her trying to help her get rid of that creature.

It was a vampire a female and she was hissing as she grabbed onto krystals arm, her nails digging into her skin and drawing blood while krystal held onto the seat and pushed against the door, refusing to get pulled out .

I started kicking the vamp into her chest and face over and over aiming carefully to not let my foot get caught on her mouth when myungsoo started driving faster.

She just wouldn't let go so when krystal pulled harsher I pulled too, causing that thing to fall inside . Her wings flapping in the small car causing it to drive in waves, I couldn't see anything I was too busy shielding myself from the force of her wings. I was sitting on the backseat with krystal besides me .

Suddenly she screamed a high pitched scream hurting my ears and her wings stopped flapping around only twitching and shaking .I could see how myungsoo had cut through her throat with his wolf claws leaving her corpse to lay partly on us and partly on the passenger seat .Her head on the glove compartment as it was now open .

We were shocked to see a gun in it .wasn't this our neighbours car ?

we almost forgot that there was a second one until the car got jolted foreward to drive even faster and when I turned to look behind me I could see a male vamp ...

Her mate maybe ..

shit !"Krystal screamed as it was pushing the car foreward in such a speed it's mouth wide open to show the thousands of tiny sharp teeth in it as it released another high pitched sound full of anger and grief.


Krystal screamed loudly .through the high pitched scream of the vamp and I turned my head back quickly when myungsoo grabbed foreward into the glove compartment getting the gun and blindly throwing it back .

I caught it leaning back against the back of the passenger seat when I squeezed and eye aiming for its shaking head I had to hit it right there were it wouldn't heal and not 2 seconds past before I shot the bullet hitting him right between his eyes.

i kissed him carefully as i was hovering over him motioning the movements of thrusting into him ever so gently . as i backed away from the kiss seeing him pant already i smirked kissing down his jaw while i linked my hands with his and he moaned softly as i reached his sensetiv spot . at which i sucked to create a mark .not that i hadnt marked him yet .. because i had , there was a scar on his left neck .a scar of my wolfs teeth and i was proud that it was so easily to see .so everyone knew that he belonged to me, plus he looked bad ass for the naive humans .

his moans got breathier as i sneaked my hand over his scarred tummy into his pants rubbing on his still clothed shaft . and he ran his hand through my hair throwing his head back as i continued .

until i slowly moved down with my kisses to his collar bones and down his chest placing a few kisses on his flat stomach around his navel and the stab wounds that have left horrible memories to both of us, as i pulled his pants off

he giggled lifting his lower body up to help me . i returned his giggle with a smile . as i got his member out stroking it a few times hearing his breaths getting heavy again before i started teasing his tip making him whine and hold my hands with his when i didnt stop slowly teasing his member with light touches.

I sat up when i decided that i had teased my baby enough ,looking down at him he looked back at me with eyes full of lust . reaching his hands out to me i leaned down and kissed him as he sat up and i cupped his face deepening the kiss as he played with my pants . i chuckled, helping him to pull them off and he ended the kiss looking over me as his soft little hands caressed my own scarred skin.

he moved down over the 3 long gashes that have healed .and his hands moved over my shoulder where an arrow had hit me 5 years ago letting me know that he accepted and loved my body just as much as i did his the only difference was that me as a werewolf I only scare from silver while he ...

he looked back up at me with his smile and eyes full of love .

as he kissed me again . his hands now moving lower first stroking and then pumping my shaft slowly and gently .

i held his head with my hands as he kept pumping giving me pleassure and i grunted as he stopped the kiss to move down .planting a kiss to the scar on my shoulder as well as gently tracing the scarred gashes, before he smiled kissing my cheek and eyes once i had closed them. I was about to just place another addictiv kiss to his tasty lips when he started stroking my member realy fast all of the sudden causing me to grunt and hesitate which seemed to amuse him .

i smiled and quieckly cupped his face to pull him closer again as i felt my wolf losing it . but i wont let him take over because kyungsoo couldnt take it if kai would have sex with him . kyungsoo was only human .he was fragile and i didnt want to hurt him .

and so i kissed him again sloppier this time as i had to battle with kai still . to not let him come out .

jongin "

he whisperd as he stoped the kiss leaning his forehead leaned against mine and his nose stroking over mine as he rose himself up not moving away tho. his eyes were closed and his breath ghosted over my lips .

i felt my member being grabbed gently and entering him slowly causing panic to flood my mind, holding him by his waist to stop him from coming down .

i havent preprared you "

i frowned but he only chuckled opening his eyes half as he looked at me .

i know "

he whisperd and continued slowly getting my member more into him . his eyebrows forrowed and he squeezed his eyes lightly

kyungsoo stop i'll prepeare you"

i held his buttcheeks to stop him from continuing but he shook his head moving his hands up he took 2 fingers into his mouth and i growled at the sight was he trying to make me lose control??.

i could feel my eyes starting to glow and all i could think of was

fucking kyungsoo .

i watched him as he wetened his hole with his wet fingers before stroking over my member again and inserting it once more i was breathing heavy as he came down completly breathing heavily himself as he had his eyes squeezed and his arms wrapped around my neck .

he kissed me probably to distract himself from the pain and i stroke over his tighs and buttcheeks to sooth it . i could feel myself getting the full control again .

but then he had to move up and stop the kiss to moan against my lips and cheek in the process.

i lost it at that my own lust mixing with my wolfs lust . and i grabbed his buttcheeks thrusting up .

he moaned as he held my neck tighter laying his forehead onto my shoulder and i thrusted up again grunting with glowing eyes and feeling his heavy breath between the kisses he placed onto my shoulder .

his moans got louder the more i thrusted into him . i wrapped my arms around his back ignoring the raised skin of his whipping scars that i felt when holding him and lowerd him onto the blankets to be on top of him again as his legs linked around my torso and his hands had a tight gripp on my neck . he had a few tears in his eyes and his lips were slightly swollen .

he looked simply amazing and it didnt help me in the battle for control with my wolf .as i started thrusting into him again .he squeezed his eyes his gripp tightening and his head rolled back as i kept thrusting . it wasnt our first time .

i knew where his sweetspot is and i knew how to hit it .

he continued moaning getting louder and repeating my name all over as the bed squeaked and i speeded up . his hand searching a place where he could hold himself as his hands stroke over my back and i burried my face in his neck kissing and nibbling his skin .

he moaned even louder now as even his legs tightened around my torso and i started thrusting harder into him to be deeper . his hands moved around once more so i just grabbed them linking our hands i pinned them down besides us as i now moved my kissing back to his lips hesitating because of my own uneven breath as i kissed him sloppily because of my movements i ended up mostly kissing the space between his nose and lips before slipping down to almost reach his chin .he bearly returned the kiss being too caught up in pleassure .

his moans turning into heavy short breaths as his gripp tightened and his eyes shut. i felt his ring of muscels also tighten around my shaft and i knew he was close .so i speed up even more feeling myself getting close aswell .

i growled letting his hands go and i grabbed his torso ramming into him, he cried out his back arching as he grabbed my hands on his torso but i didnt stop i continued rimming into him holding his torso tight as i kissed him biting onto his lower lip when he moaned loudly again. this time one of his hands moved to my cheek .

i stoped the kiss with a growl as he moaned once more

"Jong- ..gin ..! "

i came inside him and he over his stomach panting like crazy .

finally i stopped looking onto him i felt his hand fall off of mine on his torso along with the one on my cheek and his eyes still closed as he catched his breath .

i froze when i saw his lip bleeding and i tasted blood in my mouth .

oh my god .. baby i'm so sorry .."i removed my hands off his torso instandly , moving them onto his cheeks and he just smiled weak .

"'m-fine ."

he closed his eyes breathing out

nugget ? "i looked at him and he whined not opening his eyes .

i understood him and smiled before getting up . unfortunatly i forgot that my shaft was still in him . and he whined back his face scrunching up as he cried out quietly .

sh sh"

i snoothed him again

"sorry "

he didnt answer this time so i got up and walked towards the bathroom getting a towel which i then used to clean myself and returned to kyungsoo cleaning him aswell .

i threw the towels to oure old clothes and grabbed some underwear from our wardrobe along with a pullover for kyungsoo since i knew he doesnt like to sleep shirtless, plus .he for some reason always seems to freeze at nights. Humans were weird creatures as much as they share similarities such as emotions and looks with us wolfs.

dressing him and myself i collapsed besides him onto the bed pulling the blankets over us as he smiled and snuggled into my chest . at which i gladly wrapped my arms around him .pulling the blankets more up . he looked fucking cute and small in my arms and in my pullover. I chuckled as he mutterd a quiet thank you.

he was my Boyfriend and i loved him .