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Cheating Mates

Cheating Mates



Carla was chosen by the Alpha King to be his Luna. However, in order for her to remain the Queen for all time, she must become pregnant within the next twelve months and provide the Alpha King with a legitimate heir. In the event that she is unsuccessful, the Alpha King will deliver her to the slave's house like a piece of meat so that each of the warriors can enjoy her body. The only problem that she had to deal with was the fact that the Alpha King was infertile. As a result, trapping the Beta in her bed was her only option for becoming pregnant. In light of the fact that she was having an affair with the Beta, she devised a dastardly plan to get rid of the Alpha. She made a pact with the Beta that she would be his forever if he killed the Alpha. But did she really love the Beta, or was it just a game she played with his heart so that she could be with the person she was meant to be with?
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“Carla! Please make your way over here."

When the manager of the orphanage called my name, I was busy having fun with the other children. I immediately responded, "Right away, I'll be there," and I meant it.

Almost up until the age of 18, she acted as my guardian. I was clueless about my family history and had no idea who my parents were or why they had abandoned me. But the only thing I was aware of was the fact that I had spent the vast majority of my life in that orphanage. The manager shared with me that they found me in the woods when I was only about three or four years old only.

I tried to look for my real identity, and I had high hopes that my parents would appear and find me, but nothing from this happened, so I adapted myself as a she-wolf omega and lived in the orphanage; they helped me to study in the school until I finished my high school in the poor-neighborhood. My hopes of advancing my education by enrolling in college were dashed when I discovered that the orphanage did not have the financial resources to cover the costs of my education.

Unfortuitously, the alpha king of the werewolves did not support the omegas to the same degree as they had supported themselves. I had a deep-seated, visceral aversion to him even before we had ever spoken. Without even knowing who I was, he shattered all of my hopes and ambitions.

Everyone else loved him but not me. What are the key differences between being from a wealthy werewolf family and being from a low-income omega family like us?

In addition to this, I was forced to work in the orphanage; I was unable to leave the building under any circumstances, just as if I were in prison. The distance between the orphanage and even the omega school was only a mile. To say that I had a miserable childhood would be a gross understatement in comparison to the torment I endured throughout my entire life. They went so far as to prevent me from taking part in the annual mating ritual, which requires every single unmated she-wolf and unmated wolf to enter the forest and run around until they find their mates. I had high hopes that I would be able to find a good mate for myself, lead a normal life, and start my own family even if my mate turned out to be a poor omega. Orphaned girls such as ourselves, however, were not permitted to participate because we lacked a family history and our parents' identities were unknown.

Because of this, the level of hatred that I harbored in my heart for the alpha king thunder was unfathomable.

But I did have a plan for the future, and that plan included working as a teacher in the orphanage for a year and a half, and then leaving the kingdom to look for a job, a place to live, and to finish my education in higher education.

I yearned to accomplish something meaningful with my life. I wanted to be successful financially, and I also desired to start a family of my own. It wasn't easy to survive on just two small meals a day for the past 18 years! It was a difficult situation to have to share your small bed with two other girls. It was a challenge to wear the same dress for an entire season without washing it.

Even the bathroom with the showers was a communal space that I shared with many other girls.

It was true that the situation was even more dire than a prison. I was confident that if I ran away, I would be able to find a man who would be more than happy to pay for my college tuition and enroll in a college of my choice. I was confident that my attractive appearance would aid me in finding a rewarding position.

Why should I be interested in the male wolves if they aren't interested in girls like us who have no history or family?

However, I could not deny the fact that I loved all of the little girls and little boys who lived in the orphanage as if they were my siblings. Furthermore, I wished to be of assistance in passing on to them the knowledge I had acquired. I felt it was important to offer them the utmost amount of assistance that I could.

I went up to the manager's office and knocked on her door before entering once she gave me permission.

"yes, madam, you called me?"

She gestured for me to take a seat and said, "yes, Carla.  Here, have a seat. It is imperative that we have this conversation."

I indicated that I understood by nodding; she gave me an intense look that left me feeling perplexed and anxious, and then I said, "sure.  I was wondering if everything was going well. I mean, did something really terrible happen?"

She gave me a feeble smile and shook her head before saying, "actually, you know that you turned 18 two weeks ago, and as you know that either you get out of the orphanage and find a new home and job for yourself according to the rules of the orphanage or you can work here."

My breath came in short, shallow gasps as I tried to decide which direction to go in. " I was under the impression that we had already discussed this, and that I had committed to working here. Have you made a decision differently?"She gave a disappointed sigh and shook her head, "no, but we are unable to provide you with a high salary or an attractive job.  I mean, I can't hire you as a teacher, especially considering the fact that you didn't graduate from the university. I just can't do it. So…” She took a breath, after which her tone of voice changed in an odd way.

I blinked, feeling completely bewildered. I waited for her to continue speaking with agitated anticipation until she did so, at which point she said, "so, my offer for you is to work as a nanny in the orphanage."

I was taken aback and utterly shocked. My brow furrowed in confusion as I questioned, "what? A nanny?! Do you want me to make the beds, clean the laundry, and feed the children?"

She indicated with a nod and a "yes. However, you have the option to decline the position, move out of the orphanage, and look for work."

After hearing what she had to say, I immediately had the sensation of being disoriented and homeless.

I inquired of her while simultaneously pondering the question, "Why?"

Your promsied me good job here! I was under the impression that you thought of me as your daughter."

She creased her brows and said, "I am so helpless in this matter.  And I thought you loved the kids and were ready to help them in everything! " I rubbed my face and tried to think, but my brain wasn't working very well. She, along with the rules of the kingdom, dashed all of my hopes and expectations! Why do they hold us responsible for not having any parents to look after us and provide for us financially?

After that, she addressed me by saying, "Carla, pay attention to what I have to say. I will make an effort to be of assistance to you. I have a scheme in mind, but in order for it to work, you have to carry out my instructions exactly."

And in doing so, she restored my faith in the future. I tilted my head back and gave her a thoughtful look before responding, "yes, of course, please. I will carry out all of your directives in the exact manner that you specify. What are your plans?"

She stood up and moved closer to me before placing her hand on my shoulders and telling me, "The alpha king thunder has decided to visit the orphanage tomorrow.  As a result, I came to the conclusion that it would be best to celebrate the children's birthdays together and throw a modest party. I would really appreciate it if you could sing at that party as well as watch over the children for the entirety of the celebration. And I will demonstrate to the alpha king thunder how much you care, and I will ask him to pay your tuition fees so that you can enroll in the college, or at the very least, I will ask him to give you a good job working in his castle."  The question is, "Well, what do you think?"

Despite this, I had a deep-seated hatred for that king; however, if he was my ticket out of that orphanage and if he could teach me how to live a normal life, then there was no reason for me to refuse his assistance.

I got to my feet, gave a satisfied nod, and agreed without giving it a second thought, saying, "Sure.  I promise to work to the best of my ability."

But then, just as I was about to excuse her to leave and go back to the children, she stopped me by the door and said, "wait. You have no choice but to put on this dress tomorrow if you want to make a good impression on the king and his ministers."

When I turned my head, I saw a massive box; she handed it to me and instructed me to "open the box" while beaming broadly.

I was impressed and surprised to see a tight, short red dress, black heels, and even a small box containing make-up on her vanity.

I blinked twice and asked in a confused tone, "reeeeeeally?"  I was wondering if that was for me.

She acknowledged my question with a nod and a motherly touch on each of my cheeks before saying, "yes.  In all honesty, I did have an alternative course of action in mind for you. If the alpha king chose not to assist you, at least one of the ministers or the warriors could become smitten with your attractiveness and make the decision to take you as their mate."

I was speechless and my eyes were watering; I had never considered the possibility that she might have organized all of this for my benefit. I threw myself at her and gave her a bear hug while saying, "Thank you so much. I'd like to express my gratitude for the care that you've provided for me."

"All right, now get out of here and give yourself a break for the rest of the day. Make sure you're prepared, and then wax your entire body. I want you to have a day tomorrow that is bright and beautiful like the sun."

I was unaware that she was only using me as a pawn in another nefarious plot, despite the fact that she gave off the impression of being extremely thoughtful.

Unfortunately, her plan was to take advantage of me and my beauty in order to improve her position in the workforce.

However, it was too late to comprehend what was happening. I was a foolish and naive young woman, and for the majority of my life, I almost thought of her as a member of my family and as my mother.