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Why My Angel Cries

Why My Angel Cries

Author:Cris_ 0526

Werewolf | Finished

She got a narrow escape when her pack was attacked and became a rogue,living in a turbulent life. Once she accidentally stepped into his land and was captured by his members. Being locked in their prison, she was abused and mistreated, painful and desperate. she thought this is her fate until he walked in and the world stopped and everything changed. will she ever discover who was the attacker of her pack and revenged for her family?
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Beck's POV:

Two months. I had been away from home for close to two months now, if not longer. I was more than ready to be back home. I had been traveleing around the country, surveying and overseeing more distant pack lands. I was finally on my way home.

I sat in the driver's seat of my black hummer, six more just like it followed in a caravan behind me filled with some of my most trusted pack members. I rubbed my tired eyes, and adjusted the volume of the radio. I returned my eyes to the long stretch of road, before me. It was nearly 2 am, and we had been on the road for a little over 10 hours, stopping only for bathroom breaks and the occasional snack. I began to feel a change, I felt more content as we neared my pack territory and I started to recognize my surroundings.

After about half and hour, I turned left onto a long, secluded road. a little farther down you could already see the lights from the pack house. I turned onto the long gravel driveway and opened the garage door. I pulled in smoothly and closed the door behind me with the remote and put the SUV in park. The guys started pouring out of the vehicles and trudged into the house. I stepped out of the car and stretched my arms out high above my head, hearing the satisfying sound of my back cracking.

I grabbed my duffel bags out of the trunk and climbed the stairs to reach the hallway of the pack house. It was late, so most of the pack that lived there were asleep but a few were wandering around. They softly murmured their weelcomings and acknowledged my presence, respectfully. I started the long climb to my quarters and swung my duffel over my shoulder. God I missed this place. I finally reached the French doors leading to my suite and tiredly pushed them open. I quickly strode down the hall to my bedroom and threw my duffel on the floor by the door. I yawwned loudly, and walked over to my bathroom, pulling off my t—shirt and tossing it on the flower. I turned the water on and waited for it warm up, while tugging off my jeans. As steam filled the room, i tugged off my boxers and hopped in, letting the hot water roll down my back. I quickly scrubbed my skin and hopped out tying a towel around my waist. I walked into my room, surprised to find someone waiting for me on my bed.

"Gianna," I said, smiling. I shook the water out of my hair and took in the pretty blonde blinking at me under her long eyelashes. Gianna was a girl who I.... let's say has kept me company and er kept my bed warm. There had been others like her before, but none stayed longer than two or three weeks. Gianna, however had other plans hoping to stick around.

"Babe, you're home. Finally, I missed you so much." She simpered her lips tightening into a pout.

"I'm home. I missed you too." I murmured walking over to where she sat on my bed. I leaned down and gently pressed my lips to hers. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her as she laid down on my bed. I groaned deeply and shoved my tongue into her mouth. She began to grind against me, I found her disgusting. No self respect whatsoever, but hey I'm a guy I have needs. I ran my hands up and down her thighs and pushed up her already short skirt up around her waist. I kneeled between her legs and dropped my towel, my lips still pressed to her neck.

I woke up feeling a heavy weight latched on to me.

I opened my eyes and found my face buried in blonde hair. I groaned and peeled her arms from around my neck. She started to stir and I pushed her away from me. She opened her pretty blue eyes and blinked up at me.

"Beck? Baby? What are you doing?" she asked, her face pulling into a confused look.

"Morning. I'm sorry to say love, you've been fun. But us— yeah we can't happen. You've gotta go." I replied, my voice void of emotion. I know I sound like an ass, but I'd rather be honest with her.

"Wh—what? Why not? What are you talking about? Babe, I'm your mate! You can't do this!" She screeched.

"Oh sweeheart. The thing is— I don't want a mate. And even if I did, you aren't it. So as your Alpha, I'm telling you to leave my suite. Now." I said with a smirk. Yeah, I wasn't sure that the whole mate thing was for me. I like my lifestyle, no strings attached, no commitment. I didn't want to settle down. And if I had a mate, I sure as hell didn't want her. She was cute and all, not to mention good in bed. But she was clingy and annoying as hell. She cried, her tears streaming angry, red trails down her face as she got dressed and left my room. As she left, my Beta and best friend, Will, stood in my doorway with his eyebrows raised.

Alexia's POV

"Run! Sweetheart, I need you to be a good girl and listen to me, okay?" he looked at me with pleading eyes, "You have to go! Now! Run!! I need you to run, Alexia!"