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The Shift

The Shift

Author:Selina Moonbeam


In a realm where humans and shape shifters have been at war for decades a young human women must choose her path, will she find peace with the beast or return home to the love of her sister. The choice is Selina's and her decision will decide the fate of the war.
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As the word "ten" left her lips her green eyes slowly opened and a sly smile spread across her face, "ready or not, here I come!" Selina whaled.

She quickened her pace in search of the children that had found their hiding place from her, her bare feet flattening the grass as she moved through the open meadow.

Selina heard giggling in the tall brown weeds just ahead of her, she began to crouch lower, almost predatory like, her curvy figure hugged by long chocolate curls sinking closer to the ground first, followed very slowly by her plump lips, freckled cheeks, then emerald eyes framed with thick eyelashes.

This action was instinctive and allowed her to be completely silent as she made her way through the grass, slinking on all fours towards the stifled giggles.

Selina had been made one of the village's child minders when she turned sixteen, almost six years ago, her position was appointed to her after it became apparent she was too meek to be a hunter, of no significance to be on the council and a disaster as a cook.

"I found you!" She bellowed as she leapt out at the unsuspecting children, they gave out excitable screams as they regrouped infront of her.

"Again, again" the children pleaded.

"I am afraid not little ones," Selina said, "Can you see we are approaching dusk, we will no longer be safe outside the walls, the beast's will be shifting soon, you all know we need to be safely inside the walls when they do, how about I race you to the gates instead?".

The children took off at a quick pace as Selina frolicked behind them.

Once they reached the over sized gates they swung open, the children flooded inside and back to their homes, Selina instead wavered on the spot, just for a moment, after taking a sharp breath, she put her head down and took a reluctant step inside.

She hated being stuck behind the walls at night but her fear of what lurked outside trumped the feeling of been trapped. Once the moon ascended their distant howls would begin, the thought made her shiver.

Selina slowly trudged towards the direction of her hut whilst cursing the gods for the beasts creation but in seconds she quickly retracted the curse as she new very well the gods were vengeful and she had the common sense to fear them far more then the shapeshifters, as she swung her door open and flung herself on her tiny bed she quietly mumbled to herself "curse the wolves instead".

Dawn was upon the village and the sunlight trickled into Selina's hut, she rolled over to protect her eyes from the morning glare.

Today was a special day for Selina, she had received a summons to the main quarters, she quickly washed and put on her best dress before heading towards the large house.

The building itself was settled at the very center of the village, the sight of its grandness still left Selina in awe, large white marble pillars, sleek glossy floors in every direction and high ceilings covered in paintings depicting the history of hunters.

Selina was led by one of the servants to the dinning room, a women sat at the large table alone, bent over several maps, her golden hair splayed down her back, her blue eyes pulled together in concentration, she was the epitome of loveliness.

The women looked up from her work as she heard Selina approach, a wide smile spread across her face

"I have missed you sister" she squealed

"and I you Emma" Selina replied as she was pulled in for a warm embrace.

Emma and Selina were sisters although the color of their eyes, hair and skin tone were diffrent their faces were structured the same. Emma was slender in comparison, her skin the color of cream, unmarked by freckles.

Selina looked at her hand that was now intertwined with Emma's, studying Emma's milky tone compared to her own olive colored skin, Selina had been painfully aware she was different from most others in her village, her darker looks drew much unwanted attention, some implying she was cursed with the same complection as the shapeshifters, aside from the children and her sister they mostly avoided her.

To Selina her sister was flawless, she was a hunter, not something many females could boast to be, she was a gifted one, she was quick and deadly outside the walls, she was also as beautiful as she was skilled. It did not take long for their village leader Max to take notice and quickly ask for her hand, Selina was delighted for her sister, she had the life, the comfort's, that herself and Emma dreamed of while growing up in the village orphanage.

The sisters caught up on Emma's latest hunting escapades, Selina still in awe of her wolf killing sister.

After the catch up Selina finally asked

"So why are we meeting here instead of our meadow?, I am honored but you know as well as I do villagers are not typically invited inside unless there is an occasion".

"Oh but dear sister there is an occasion, I do not know the details yet but Max himself requested I send for you, I couldn't get alot out of him but he did refer to your living situation."

An even bigger smile graced Emma's face as she continued speaking.

"Selina I assume he will ask you to move here, to the main quarters, now we are engaged you will be his sister too, how could he not ask Selina."

Her sisters excitement made Selina's heart soar.

"Do you really think it's why I am here?" Selina asked.

"Of course, imagine it, you and I under one roof again, isn't it fantastic."

Just as Emma finished her sentence Max entered the room, his broad shoulders leaning to rest against a large marble pillar just to the side of the sisters.

Max was conventually handsome, with golden hair and hazel eyes, Selina could see why her sister hadn't hesitated in accepting his proposal, but today he looked conflicted as his eyes darted between the two sisters, he looked as if he was struggling to began the conversation and then he spoke.


"So" I begin, "As you are both probably aware the packs are coming closer and closer to human territory".

I pause trying to figure out how to continue the conversation delicately,

"Well what is needed at this time is a strong alliance between the human communities, the best way to insure this is to aid each other in whatever our other village's need".

I am stuck for words again, I knew this conversation was going to be hard but looking into my pretty fiance's eyes I am struggling with how she will take what I am about to say, or her sister at that

"I've had a concil meeting with the mountain community this week and their leader Luke only has one request of us."

"Well what is it?" Emma asks with a raised brow, this is going to be rough, I inhale deeply before speeding out the words.

"Selina, he wants Selina." I grimace as Emma's expression starts to change.

"WHAT!" She responded.

"Emma I am sorry, I truly am but Luke lost his wife and sister to the wolves two weeks ago, he needs a mother for his child and he believes the marriage would unit the people of both communities."

"Absolutely not, tell him no, tell him we refuse!!", Emma yelled as she stood and slammed her hands on the table.

"Emma you know I can't refuse Luke, his army is the largest in the human lands, if we refuse his request he will not only rescind our alliance but he may even attack and take Selina by force", I say trying to defuse her anger.

"Let them come Max I will kill him myself" Emma responded, her anger only escalating, I began to plead with her.

"Emma please will you be reasonable here, Selina will have a very comfortable life with Luke". Emma won't have it, her face now red with rage,

"You know full well Luke is an awful man, he is lazy, vicious, his village people are starving, he takes slaves, beats them, the man is dangerous Max, do I need go on?"

I was taken aback, I know she is right on this, Luke was a terrible leader and an even more terrible man, he was dangerous, but to me it was all the more reason to comply with his request, I did not want a war with other humans and Luke would have one if I did not deliver his bride.

The silence between us was broken, not by Emma or I but by Selina.

"I will go" she said quietly.


"I will go" I say in a low voice, both Emma and Max look at me in shock.

"I have to do what's best for the village," I continue.

"It's not what is best for you" Emma started.

"He will have me whether I like it or not, I will be fine, I will do this for our people" I explain.

Emma shook her head furiously and stormed from the room.

"Thank you" Max says, the gratefulness evident in his tone.

I would have less then twenty four hours left in my village, the village I have lived my entire life. By the time dusk was settling in the gates would close, at dawn when they reopened, I would be escorted to the mountain village.

I had never left my home before, the farthest I had traveled was the meadow.

When I finish discussing the details with Max I return to my hut, I pull a dusty bag from under my bed and began packing the little items I have.

My thoughts turn to my new home, Emma has always said the mountain village was beautiful, lush and green, water cascading down from the mountains into a lake inside the community walls.

Then I think of Luke, the man I will have to marry, I have seen him many times arriving at the gates for concil meetings, he is a very large man, the sheer size of him intimidating, he has fire red hair and steely blue eyes that never really held any emotion in them, I then cringe at a returning memory of him beating one of his young slaves for accidentally spilling his wine during one of our balls.

There was no doubt he was awful, violent, a brute, but it is because of this I know I must go. I didn't want any trouble for my village and Luke was trouble.

Just as I zip my bag I hear Emma in my doorway. "You don't have to do this Selina."

"Yes I do" I reply.

"I am more then happy to kill his entire army" Emma says very matter of factly.

I give her a small smile, imagining this tiny women infront of me slaughtering an entire army was impressive but impossible. I sigh assuring her we will see each other again but I know this is more for my sake then hers, she pulls me in one last time "Take care sister" she says.

"And you I reply."

Before my departure tomorrow I decide I need to say my farewells to the children and it was a very teary farewell for all, I would miss them terribly.

My last hours I wanted to spend in my meadow, I slump down in the grass, settling in amongst the wildflowers, taking in as much of their scent as possible. I have always loved it out here, outside the walls, it made me feel free, I know I will never feel this feeling again, I shut my eyes and soak it in, a breeze caresses my face. I realize now it is very close to sundown.

I shift to get up and start my way back to the gates when my ears pick up on the distinct sound of movement in the long grass, I hear a low growl and to my shock I let out a growl in response, then everything goes black.