Rejected Alpha

Rejected Alpha


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Have you ever been disappointed and embarrassed at yourself? Then Maybe you might understand what Aiden had gone through when he couldn't shift into his wolf at the shapeshifting ceremony. he had failed not only himself but his mother and even the pack who trusted that he would be a strong wolf. for this reason, the great Alpha Lundamous threatened his daughter to reject the useless werewolf who is not worthy of her. But Adelia loves Aiden and rejecting him will be too much to bear. However, Alpha Lundamous is persistent and he swears to kill Aiden if he is not rejected. But what no one knows is that Aiden isn't one to be joked with, but one to be feared.
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Aiden's pov

I threw the fabric I was holding to the wall, sweat creasing my brow as I sighed heavily. How much longer did I have to clean up? I asked myself as I stared at the empty hallway.

There was no one available and this was because it was a hot Saturday afternoon and there was really nothing important to do on a Saturday afternoon.

I was sure the alpha and his household were resting in their cabin. Same with the rest of the pack members. I could easily sneak away without anyone finding out.

"No." I shook my head. Sneaking away had never done me any good instead it had given me more beatings and insults. I hated being insulted even when I had been insulted all my life.

It was just so difficult to get used to it even when the wolves picked on me at any slightest chance they had for being a disgrace to the pack, a disappointment to my mother and an embarrassment to myself.

My misfortune began at the shape-shifting ceremony, a ceremony looked forward to by everyone especially young wolves who couldn't wait to meet their wolves. It was held every year for the eighteen years old who would be shifting for the first time in their lives. It was a joyous ceremony and everyone in the pack anticipated it.

It was on this joyous day I found my misery. I had dressed in my best suit like every other wolf my age and had looked my best for the ceremony. I could still remember being so nervous on that day, asking my mother a series of questions about how it had been for her.

My mother was an omega and as much as I loved my mother, I didn't want to be an omega. I wanted to be a gamma so I could help fight against rogues and enemy packs. It was a dream I and my three best friends: Jamal, Calix, and Andrew, shared and we talked about how we would fight together to protect our pack.

I finally went for the ceremony with my three friends and when it was midnight — the time for us to shift — I watched as the young wolves screamed and cried as their bones snapped and they shifted into their wolves.

I could still remember waiting earnestly with my eyes shut to feel the pain or anything at all but I never did. While my mates were howling including my best friends, I didn't feel anything. I couldn't shift. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't shift.

That day was the worst day of my life and Alpha Lundamos had looked at me like I was a curse. While everyone had been celebrating, I sneaked out of the hall and into my mother's room where I hid myself under the bed, crying my eyes out.

My mother had come after me and no matter how much she said for me to feel better, I never did. I was a curse to the pack. I didn't have a wolf. What type of werewolf couldn't shift? What exactly was I?

This had never happened before in the Dark Moon Pack so I didn't know what to expect from my pack after that night. But I didn't have to think so much because the next day, everyone began to taunt and tease me. They would throw things at me and call me a curse. Before this time, I used to be friends with Jared, the Alpha's son but after that night, I was never allowed into his room anymore.

I was treated lesser than an omega and I had to do more work than any other person. But my best friends still stood by me despite all these even when I thought they would leave me as everyone else did.

But they stood by me instead, fighting off anyone who taunted me. However, it was of no use because they couldn't be around me all the time. They were gammas now and they were always busy, unlike me who was a slave.

Apart from my best friends, there was one other who didn't treat me like I was worthless. It was. . .

"Snap!" A slender lady with big hazel eyes jumped in front of me with her hands curled up. I flinched at this, swallowing a shout because I didn't want to disturb anyone. I was already useless, bringing more attention to myself would make people remember me and hurt me. This was why I tried as much as possible to be quiet and left unnoticed. There was no use being in the limelight.

"Adelia!" I held my chest, panting heavily as I tried to stable my breathing but the young beautiful lady who had scared me was now laughing heartily, her hazel eyes twinkling as she jumped up and down in excitement with her ponytails bouncing up and down in the air. She looked very excited.

"You're such a frightened cat." She teased and I frowned.

"I'm not a cat. Stop calling me that."

"I won't." She stuck her tongue out and I smiled despite myself.

She was the one: Adelia. The one who didn't treat me like I was different. It was Adelia, the Alpha's only daughter.

It was still a surprise how she spoke to me despite my pathetic self. She would yell and curse out at people who tried to taunt or oppress me and I know I ought to be grateful for her help but her behaviour only brought more attention and problem to me. It made the pack members even more envious of me and they increased my work when Adelia was not around to fight.

It was not like I couldn't fight for myself. I had a very big build and I stood at a towering height of 6'3. My shoulders were wide and my chest was broad. I was also very handsome, with my thick brow, slim nose and full lips. I had high cheekbone, square jaws and a pair of golden-brown eyes with a slight feline curve.

But what use was all these physical features if I couldn't shift to my wolf? What use was all these if I had to remain in the pack when my mates were off to fight? I was useless, completely useless, to myself and my pack. I wish I wasn't even handsome, that way I can just fade into thin air and exist without anyone noticing me.

"What are you thinking about?" Adelia stood on her toes to pat my dark brown curls.

"Nothing," I told her, stooping to pick the soft fabric I had been given to wipe the window.

"You're sad." She observed and I turned to look at her.

"What are you doing here?" You know you shouldn't be here. What if someone sees you?" I asked, my golden-brown eyes looking around furtively.

"Aren't you happy to see me?" Adelia frowned.

"You know I am but if any of the pack members see you here, then you'll be in trouble. Didn't you say Alpha Lundamos warned you not to be friends with me?"

Those words were bitter and they hurt my chest anytime I remember it. Even my alpha had given up on me. At first, he had waited to see if I would shift but it was seven years now and I still haven't.

"You worry too much, Aiden. I won't get caught. Don't you trust me?"

"I do." I sighed. "but I get scared, you know. You're the Alpha's daughter. You shouldn't be seen around this weak man who doesn't have anything to offer you. I can't protect you. You don't need me, Adelia." I lowered my eye. I have tried to let Adelia see reasons why she shouldn't be around me but this lady was dogged and strong-willed. I loved her but I also wanted the best for her. I wouldn't want me for me if I were to be in her shoes.


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