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The Fated Luna's Revenge

The Fated Luna's Revenge



Aria’s POV I walked through Lucas’s Study den, my eyes caught a glimpse of a brown paper on the shelf. Immediately, my curiosity piqued and I was tempted to read it. My mind spoke to me to walk away, but as they say, curiosity kills a cat and you know what’s next? Satisfaction will bring it back. I needed to satisfy my curiosity. As I picked up one of the brown papers and read through it, my eyes widened in astonishment. I was still reading the letter line to line when I heard the door squeak. With my senses, I was able to know who it was. Hastily, I put the paper aside, setting it same way I saw it but before I could finish up, he got to me. He stood there, his eyes glowing, he was going to transform and hurt me. ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** In Moonstone where war lives, Aria, daughter of the BloodMoonTribe pack’s Alpha, finds herself at the center of an arranged marriage meant to end the war with the SilvermoonPack, her pack's rival. Her mate, Lucas agrees but still harbors a dark secret— annihilation of her pack. She learns of it and escapes with her right-hand lady, Scarlett, to tell her father about it but she is kidnapped by another pack's Alpha, Adrian’s men, and taken to him while Scarlett is left behind. Love blooms between them and she is made the Luna of his pack. Lucas becomes angry and kills her father and pack. Now, Aria wants to take revenge on him with the help of Scarlett but Scarlett falls in love with Lucas and gets pregnant for him, obstructing Aria’s revenge. Will her thirst for revenge continue, or can she find a path to forgiveness amid war?
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Aria’s POV

“What?!” I exclaimed.

To be honest, I didn’t know how to feel, even the moon goddess knew that I was tired of the whole chaos. I had lost my dear mother, Onika, and my childhood crush, Arthur in such an unending war between my pack, The Bloodmoon Pack, and the Silvermoon Pack all because of an ancient grudge that has been passed down from generation to generation. Aside from that, the ruthless and power-hungry alpha of the Silvermoon pack, Alpha Robert Thornton together with his pack members had always been a rival to us. They wanted everything we had both our territory and glory.

My name is Aria Wolfe, daughter of Jonathan Wolfe, the strong Alpha of the Bloodmoon Pack. I am the only child of my father, a mate-less and a Beta being. I wasn’t so strong just like a Luna but I sure did know how to control my powers and transform swiftly whenever need be. Anyway, this is my story.

“Aria, just do as I say,” my father pleaded

He was one of the strongest alpha of his kind, he could lead and win a battle single-handedly without obtaining any injury. He was always the type of alpha who stayed on his territory but then if anyone dared to cross his path, he’d have them answer to him. My father was a “fight me if you want to and I won’t run away,” kind of alpha yet a peaceful man.

For him to make such a request of me, he must have had it up to his neck. Who wouldn’t be? A generational war and at the expense of it, my mother, his wife, and my dear Arthur left to be with the moon goddess in her bosom.

“Father, I don’t know what to say,” I said, walking away from him.

He stood from the two-armed chair that was arranged opposite the table in the center of my room. He walked majestically, closing the distance between us.

Gently, he touched my left shoulder, making me turn to him.

“Aria, I know that this might be difficult for you but please, I beg you to consider,” he implored. I could feel his voice tremble, it was obvious that he didn’t want this but he had no other choice than to push through with it.

I scoffed, tucking my long chestnut hair behind my ear.

“Father, you want me to marry him?” I asked surprisingly, staring at his beautiful black eyeballs.

He nodded and said no words.

“How’s that possible? Hold on, Lucas? You want me to marry Lucas? Father, this is someone whom our family died by his father’s sword,” I retorted

He paced around the room, “You’re forgetting the important thing, Aria,”

“Maybe I don’t know about it yet,” I chipped in

“Really?” He asked in surprise

“For peace to reign?” I queried, my brows furrowed. I was beginning to get pissed off.

“Of course,” he replied

“Father, isn’t there no other way?” I questioned calmly. Maybe I could try to convince him to propose another peace treat.

“There isn’t. Do you think if there’s another way I would let you marry Lucas?” He replied, yet questioning my understanding.

“It’s fine. I think I understand it all,” I said softly

He held my two shoulders facing me, his eyes glued on mine, “You’re doing this for your mother, for us,” he said

I nodded my head in approval, cleaning my teary right eye with my pinky finger. If he says there wasn’t no other way then I have no other choice than to accept it. I guess that was my fate— to save my family and the remaining pack members.

He engulfed me in a long-lasting warm hug, patting my back. It was obvious that he was happy. Who wouldn’t be? I had just lifted his burden.

I watched him leave as his scent faded away with him. I stood on the small veranda, looking at the sky. Maybe I would find comfort in looking at them.

A knock on my door sounded off, pulling me out of my eerie moment.

“Come in,” I said, using my inward wolf sense. It was an ability instilled in only Alphas, Lunas, and Betas. Any other wolf rank had only the ability to receive hearings without being able to reply with their senses.

Her scent grew stronger as she walked toward where I was on the veranda.

“Aria, your night bath is ready,” she said softly.

Scarlett Finnwoods was my right-hand lady and one of the Omegas among my pack members. She was the most loyal and humble servant among all maids which was why I chose her to be my right-hand lady. She never disobeyed me, she did everything I asked of her and treated me with respect as she should.

I turned to her, catching a glimpse of her blue-colored eyes.

“Okay,” I replied

“Dinner is served too,” she added

“I’m not hungry. Take them away,” I said.

The rule I gave her was to always serve my dinner in the dining room first and have me eat before having my night bath. That was exactly how I liked it. I hated being all sweaty after a meal session.

“Is there any problem?” She asked. She was genuinely concerned about me, even her oval face could not hide her feelings if she wanted to.

“Not at all,” I lied.

She tried saying something but decided to let go. I had always cautioned her about having to press hard on things that had to do with me because that meant she would be overstepping her boundaries.

“Okay. Can I go?” she asked

I waved my hand, gesturing for her to leave. Immediately, she left. As she made her way to the door, she halted immediately after she got there, drawing my attention to her.

She dipped her hand into the pocket of her flowing gown and brought out a brown paper, “I forgot to give you this,”

“What’s that?” I questioned

She replied simply, “No idea,”

“Alright. Drop it on the table and leave,” I ordered

She did as I said and left immediately.

I had wanted to check what the paper was about after I had my night bath but my curiosity got the best of me and I proceeded to check it.

Reading through it, I realized it was an official letter from the Silvermoon pack.

“Really?” I rolled my eyes in annoyance.