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Author:G.A 10


Trueblood tells the tale of the adventures of Abel Park, a 17 year old who moved into a seemingly normal town. There,he realizes the town wasn't normal but paranormal. He also got to know his destiny. A destiny of him warping the fates of every Supernatural in the world but he isn't the only one. There comes a Dark Multibreed,one who wants Abel dead by all means but doesn't want to destroy the world first. Who is he? There are also the Chaos Wolves,the Dragon's soul and the Bleeding Tattoo who have fates,fates similar to his but his being the most unique. Follow his incredible adventure of self-dicovery, love,deep,dark secrets and unexpected twists. He is THE MULTIBREED
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"Ensure you don't get detention" mom yelled

"Okay mom" I replied, opening the door and slamming it shut. I smiled, remembering my past experiences in different schools…The way I got expelled from two schools before moving into Oklahoma. I kept walking faster since my new school.

"Bartlesville high school" was barely a mile away from home. I quickened my pace as the wind sent chills to my skin. I gradually broke into a Sprint as I was a few feet from the school. I got to the entrance and was marveled. I and my mom had been here a day ago but I didn't pay attention to the architecture of the school.

I walked in briskly as the bell rang for students to disperse in their various classes. I took a right turn to the principal's office and gave her my admission slip after the formalities.

"Abel Park, welcome to Bartlesville high once again" she said shaking me

"Thank you so much ma'am" I replied, receiving her handshake. She gave me directions to my class and I slowly walked out of her office. I walked straight to the class.

"Hmm, grade 11b" I muttered under my breath as I slowly opened the door. In the class was a middle-aged woman, teaching English and about 40 students in the class.

"Morning ma'am" I greeted.

"Morning, you're the new student, right?" She asked, "Yes, ma." I replied, playing good boy.

"Hello class, welcome the new student…Umm?" She announced.

"Abel Park" I replied. For God's sake, I was still playing good boy. I could see some backbenchers using their phones. Since the students were disobeying the laws, I decided to go natural.

"Welcome to Bartlesville high. Here we encourage our students to maximize their potential" that was the go-ahead I needed.

"What's up my peeps. As I said, I'm Abel Park alias AB and I hope we'll relate well. Jah blesses y'all" I said, holding out the peace sign with my fingers. I smiled hearing the students murmur.

"That's nice. Go and have a seat" she gestured

"Sure ma'am" I replied, taking a seat beside the hottest girl in the front row.

"Hi" I said, settling down. She blushed, tilting her head in my direction.

"Hi, I'm Sharon…Sharon Dyche" she replied, offering a handshake which I warmly received.

"Nice name, suits a pretty face like yours" I replied, smirking

"Asshole" I heard a guy grumble from behind.

During break, a couple of guys came over to my desk, banging it.

"Hey dudes, watch it" I half yelled.

"Abel, they mean no harm" Sharon said with an assuring smile.

"Okay? So, who're they?" I asked.

"My brothers" she replied

"Brothers. So you're triplets" I blurted

"Yeah. The one with a swoosh is Sean while the one with low-cut hair is Dean" She replied

"Hi Abel" they both greeted with warm smiles.

"Hi guys" I replied

"Urm Sharon, we need to talk" Sean or Dean said

"Okay, that's nice. We're about to go for lunch when you came by" Sharon replied

"No, we wanna talk to you alone" they replied

"Okay…Abel, you'll have to go alone. Family issues" she said

"No problem" I replied, setting to leave for the cafeteria.

As they left, a pair of hands pushed me onto the floor I was stable enough to stagger a bit and was still standing. I looked before me and saw a jock and a couple of fools behind him.

"Hey punk" the jock said, tapping my chest. I recognized him to be the guy who called me an asshole earlier.

"What's up your mom needs a boyfriend?" I mocked.

"Wow, I guess you don't know me?" He asked, tapping me again

"I know you. You're one of the numerous bitches trying to bully newbies" I replied tapping him in return

"Should we rough him Drake?" One of his minions asked "Nah, we'll mess him up after the school closes" he replied.

"By the time I'm done with you. You'll regret fucking in my domain" Drake replied, faking a punch which I swiftly caught and twisted.

"Expect more of that" I said, leaving for the cafeteria


Abel always being a pain in the ass. He had been expelled in the previous two schools he attended for fighting but he's been a good kid though. I was doing the dishes when I felt a familiar aura behind me.

"Darak, you're here" I said turning to face him.

"Hey Evelyn, I see you moved here" he replied, taking slow steps towards me.

"Abel's one of a kind, I wonder why his supernatural side hasn't kicked in?" I asked.

"All he needs is a bite from any Supernatural and he'll be activated" Darak replied.

"Why can't you bite him?" I asked.

"I'm his guardian, biting him would disrupt his transformation" he replied.

"By the way, he still shows some signs like enhanced strength, speed, eyesight, and hearing" I added.

"Hmm, more like a Captain America" he replied, chuckling.

"Yeah, he's my pride" I replied.

"Did you get the Winbro?" He asked, stretching his right arm forth.

"Yeah, Pennsylvanian vamps are unfriendly" I replied, walking towards the cupboard, bringing out a bottle of blue liquid.

"Really? I'm sorry for all the stress you went through" Darak replied, gulping down half the content of the bottle



Evelyn walked through the streets of Pennsylvania. She took a right turn at an alley and suddenly found herself in a dark place. From the dark walls were red eyes emerging and loud hisses were heard. She quickened her steps gradually breaking into a run. Her speed increased as the eyes began to emerge with bodies that had pale skin and fangs with claws.

They chased her, gradually catching up with her. Suddenly, one of them caught up with her, smashing her onto the bare floor. She respawned but she was already surrounded by the vampires who were seemingly attracted to her blood.

"Okay bats. Let's play" she said, sidestepping a vampire's attack. She connected a kick to his ribs and it crashed into the wall. Another jumped on her, she did a side roll and sent a superkick to its jaw. She looked at the oncoming hoards of menacing vampires. She pointed two fingers towards them and a beam of light appeared, blasting them into ashes. She turned to the two vampires she had knocked down earlier and pointed her fingers at them.

"Where can I get Winsbro?" She asked with a threatening voice.

"Old man Jake's. It's just a couple of buildings from here" the first vampire replied, terror-struck.

"Good, thanks for the info" she replied and sprinted off, taking the directions she was given. She got to the store and got a crate of Winsbro then teleported herself out of there


"Why don't you ever want to get the Winsbro yourself?" I asked, curious.

"Cos I'm a hell vampire. I'm like a celebrity in the vampire world and my appearance would be known to HIM" he replied.

"Oh, I understand" I replied. A moment of silence taking over

"How about we train?" He suggested, grabbing my arm

"Already, got a training ground built. Let's go" I replied, pulling him with me into my room


Lunch was pretty good and the day moved fast. I still anticipated my fight with Drake, hoping I'll teach everyone that no one messes with me. On one hand, I was anticipating, on the other, I was worried because fighting was the reason I was expelled from my previous schools and now I was about to fight on my first day in Bartlesville. As we were about to close for the day, Sharon pecked me on the cheek then whispered.

"Abel, it's okay if you don't wanna fight him. Please, don't do something stupid" I was surprised, I looked into her blue eyes,the bell rang immediately but most of the students didn't leave because they were anticipating the fight. Drake walked out of the class with his friends and I quickly followed them. The rest followed us till we got to the football pitch.

"Hey Newbie. Get ready to lose your head" Drake threatened, venom eeking his voice.

"Bring it on" I replied, dropping my bag. He didn't even wait for me to prepare as he tackled me to the ground. I quickly rolled him over and sent a punch to his face, he propelled his arms under my chest and pushed me, sending me up. He raised his legs and it hit my face. I didn't know he was that good but none of them knew why I was called AB. I took my stance but I sensed an attack from behind and ducked a bat swung to my head. I turned in the direction it came from and saw it was Drex .

"Cowards" I mumbled, sending a kick to Drake who caught it. I sent a second kick to him with my other leg, making him release my right leg. I spun, evading the Drex bat attack. I did a front roll then a sweeping kick, making him fall flat on his back. Did a side roll, evading Drake's stomp, and seized his retreating leg. I pulled it and he fell backward...

To be continued...