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The Cursed Lycan's Reluctant Savior

The Cursed Lycan's Reluctant Savior



“I want to sleep with you.” Lendon stared at Kendra, blurted out his perverted words. Then, he grabbed Kendra’s shoulder suddenly. He was pushing her to the bed. Kendra pushed Lendon away and raised her palms on his chest, “Wait! Why do I have to sleep with you? You just slept with that woman.” Does he have a lot of energy to sleep with several women? Besides, Kendra knew herself well. That woman was way hotter than her. She pouted her lips when she thought how Lendon enjoyed that beauty earlier. “Do I need a reason to sleep with you?” Lendon shouted in anger. “But the contract….” Kendra said. “I am Party A.” Lendon interrupted Kendra and narrated proudly, “You should cooperate with me all the time. Do you forget?” Looking at Lendon’s eyes, Kendra felt horrible and shook her head. It seemed that she couldn’t escape tonight.
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A bright full moon emerged on a silent night. There was no star in the sky, but the luminous glow of the mystic moon gave it an enchanting beauty. In the depths of a thick forest in a suburb, the air was so quiet that it even felt weird.

The wind blew heavily, and someone was screaming horribly.

An ugly and ferocious man pressed Kendra Miller on the ground and tried to tear her clothes apart rudely. He scratched Kendra’s body urgently and laughed dissolutely.

“Let me go! Don’t touch me!” Kendra tried her best to struggle and shout desperately, aiming to escape from his firm grasp.

“Your mother sold you to me. You are mine! I can do whatever I want to you!” The man shouted excitedly.

Kendra was so shocked. She could never imagine that her stepmother would do this to her. She accepted her stepmother as a family member! Actually, Kendra once thought she should forgive her stepmother for marrying her dad. However, Kendra would never let her stepmother get what she wanted anymore.

Kendra tried to push the man away with one of her hands and groped the ground at the same time. Suddenly, she touched a sharp stone. Without any hesitation, Kendra grabbed it and stabbed it at the man.

The man screamed painfully and fell down quickly.

Kendra caught the chance and climbed up. It was so dark that Kendra couldn’t recognize the direction at all, but she just kept running forward.

“Bitch!” The man covered the backside of his head and cursed, “You think you can run away from me? Don’t be naïve. I am going to touch you today!” He stood up and ran behind Kendra.

Kendra was so terrified that her body kept trembling, but she forced herself to keep running. She told herself that she couldn’t let the man touch her even if she died today.

“Stop! Bitch, stop running!” The man roared behind her. His loud voice interrupted birds, and many of them suddenly flew up.

Kendra felt even more horrible. She couldn’t find a way out, and the man followed her like a ghost. After a while, Kendra was exhausted and couldn’t run anymore. As soon as she stopped to take a deep breath, the man caught her up and pulled her down again, and sat on her body.

“Who told you to run?” The man slapped Kendra’s face and asked fiercely.

Kendra had no strength to defend herself anymore. She hurriedly sought something she could hold from the ground. She touched a small sharp stone. She picked and lifted the sharp stone and pointed to her temple desperately.

At that time, a wolf roared nearby.

The man stopped immediately and couldn’t believe what he heard. How could a wolf appear here? He looked around warily and ignored Kendra for a moment.

Kendra pulled herself away from the man and stood up to run again. After a few minutes, Kendra suddenly saw a black gothic castle. Its door was so black that it looked like a huge hole. Kendra felt scared, but she had no choice. The man just wouldn’t let her go. So she had to rush into the castle.

The man also arrived at the castle and wanted to walk in. However, some black air suddenly came out of the castle and floated above it, following thunder and storm.

Inside the castle, darkness and terror were everywhere.

Kendra stumbled to move ahead and kept trembling. Her clothes were broken, and her skin was full of wounds. She felt so tired as she took every step.

A few seconds later, Kendra saw a room. She leaned against the wall to take a break. Her face became pale, and her lips also trembled. She wiped the sweats on her forehead and wanted to walk into the room. But at that time, she heard a wolf roaring again.

Kendra felt so terrified. She saw a pair of green eyes inside the room. They were as bright as pearls but seemed so dangerous.

The wolf roared again, but this time it was so loud and clear, making her entire body shivered. Kendra felt so nervous that she fell down directly.

How did the wolf appear in this castle? She finally realized how dangerous this castle was. Before she could do anything, the wolf walked to her and lifted her body.

Kendra screamed as the wolf threw her onto the ground.

“Who are you?”

Kendra heard a man’s voice, deep and forceful. She tried to calm down and looked at the green eyes. A man was standing in front of her. Half of his face was exposed in the moonlight, and the other half was hidden in the darkness. Kendra couldn’t see his face clearly, but she was sure that he was a good-looking man. The man stood there as if he were the king of the whole world and could destroy anything easily.

“I…I…” Kendra murmured. She couldn’t speak complete words.

“What is that smell?” The man suddenly got close to Kendra’s neck and whispered. He smelt Kendra’s body carefully. He had never smelt this fragrance before. It was not like the smell of rose or lily, but he was attracted.

Who was this girl? How did she dare to come here on a full moon night? Wasn’t she afraid of death? The man stared at Kendra and wondered.

Kendra moved back in horror, but the man kept coming to her.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” The man's voice came again.

When the man opened his mouth to speak, Kendra thought he wanted to eat her alive.

“Don’t come here! I…I just happened to come across.” she hurriedly retorted.

“What a coincidence!” The man sneered.

The next moment, the man rushed to Kendra and pushed her down.

“What are you doing? I didn’t lie to you! Let me go!” Kendra struggled and shouted horribly. How could her life be so tragic? She just got away from a madman, and now she met this monster!

“I believe you. But you picked the wrong time.” The man rubbed Kendra’s skin and said,

“No! No!” Kendra shouted and cried desperately.

“You smell so good! And your enchanting beauty caught my attention,” The man narrated. He looked Kendra up and down. Kendra’s smell almost drove him crazy. This girl was perfect for him. It seemed that she was made for him.

Kendra trembled under the man’s body and begged, “Please! Don’t! Let me go!” She stared at the man, begging.

The man grabbed Kendra’s hands and locked them. He squinted at Kendra and said, “You should make mental preparation before you came here, woman,”

Soon, a shaft of moonlight fell on the man’s face. The man roared, and his teeth turned to tusks. It only lasted for a second, but Kendra saw it clearly.

“Now that you come here, you will be my cure tonight.” The man said and pounded himself into Kendra’s body immediately.

Kendra screamed, and it filled the whole room. She felt so painful, and her face turned pale.

The man didn’t show any mercy to her. The whole night, he kept making love with Kendra.