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The Bully's Mate

The Bully's Mate



Ebony is a werewolf from the Blood Moon Pack. she just turned sixteen. She and her mom live on the bad side of town. Keith is a werewolf from the Silvermoon Pack, that will become Alpha on his on his eighteenth birthday, which is two days away. He is rich and popular. Ebony and Keith can't stand each other. Ebony hates Keith because he and his friends are always bullying her. Keith can't stand Ebony because she is poor and he thinks she is weak. Things change on the night Keith turn eighteen and finds out that Ebony is his mate. Now he has to win her heart. Will he succeed in making her his. With not only with the past bullying but also from others that will do anything to keep them apart. Is the mate bond as strong as they were told. Let's find out
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Ebony's POV

"Why are you still sleeping? Get up and make me breakfast?" My mom screamed at me. I look over to my alarm clock and see it's already 7:30AM.

"Mom, I have to get ready for school or I will be late. My alarm didn't go off" I told her as I got off my bed to go to the shower.

"I turned that thing off last night when I got home. You better hurry and get ready then make my breakfast. Make enough for Chad too. He's my new friend and don't try to flirt with him like you did with the last one. So ungrateful!" She mumbled, while leaving my room.

Once she's gone, I get my towel and washcloth, and head to the bathroom to shower. I put my curly black hair in a ponytail and brush my teeth. After I was done, I made my way to the kitchen to make breakfast.

Looking in the refrigerator I get the eggs and bacon out and start cooking. I put some biscuits in the oven. There is not much food in here so I will have to go to the grocery store before I come back home. I put the food on the table for my mom and her friend. I make myself a bacon sandwich and head to the living room to get my bookbag.

When I get in the living room I walk in on my mom and her friend having sex. They are both naked on the couch and my mom is riding him. I hurry up and grab my bag and leave without saying anything. I go outside to wait for the bus to take me to school.

My name is Ebony Daniels and today's my16th birthday. You would think my mom would have wished me a happy birthday and be a caring and loving towards me but no. This is the way I have woken up most of my life. Honestly today was actually a good day. She met a new guy so right now she is happy. I'm sure he will be moving in soon. What scared me is what happens when it doesn't work out. She will start blaming me for her loneliness. She always blames me for my dad leaving. They were mates and he left her because I was a girl. He wanted a boy and told her to get rid of me but she ended up keeping me. She never misses a chance to tell me how my father didn't want me and I would be lying if I said it didn't hurt me everything she brings that up. She blames me for us not having money too. Says if she didn't keep me or if I was a boy, she and my father would be living somewhere nice.

Sometimes I wish she wouldn't have kept me. It would have been better to be put in foster care if all she was going to do is mistreat me.Normal mate's stay together because they can't love without each other. The only time they don't is if they reject each other and that rarely happens. It has to happen before they mate. So knowing that he left, even without rejecting her makes me feel bad. I was not worth his love because I am a girl..

After the bus drops me off at school I am met by Kate and Kayla. They are my two best friends. "Happy birthday girl!" they both tell me. I smile at them and thank them.

"Are you coming over today after school? My mom and dad have something for you." Kate asks. Kate's mom and dad are the Alpha and Luna of the pack here a Blood Moon. There are five different packs that go to Blood Moon High. Blood Moon, Silver Moon, Red Moon, Thunder Moon, And Grey Moon. We are like a college campus and some of the different packs members live in dorms Mostly the rich ones that are seniors choose to stay on campus.

"I have to work after school and won't get off until late," I told Kate.

"Derek will pick you up if you need and you can stay with us tonight." She said, With a worried look.

She knows my home situation but I told her not to tell her mom and dad. She is still my mom and I know if they knew how she is towards me, they would do something about it. I don't want her to get in any trouble.

"Maybe tomorrow, I'm off then," I told her and she nodded OK.

As we were walking to my locker, I felt something wet hit my face. I feel more hitting me all over my clothes. I figured they were water balloons after a while. I tried to get out of the way of the balloons but they kept hitting me. I ended up falling on the floor.

Looking up I see Sandy, Cindy, Mark and Keith standing there. Keith walks up to me with a trash bag and dumps baking flower all over me. I looked up at him and he is smiling down at me.

"Happy Birthday Loser!" He said and walked away.