Alpha's Revengeful Mate

Alpha's Revengeful Mate


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Daina's parents were killed by a mysterious man, she fled and met her mate in another pack, who helps her to revenge and she finallly became his luna.
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\"Where\'s my bracelet?

Sophie screaming.

After hearing her, I re-wore my diamond bracelet.

A kicked-open door roused me awake. Elize followed Sophie\'s werewolves.

Where\'s Daina\'s bracelet?

Sophie grabbed my collar.

Where\'s my jewelry? Theft? \"Sophie yelled, \"Shameless whore! \"

I was enraged when thugs trashed my room.

Sophie threw my blanket.

I ignored her and fist-pumped.

I snapped as more werewolves destroyed my possessions.


, \"I\'m the Beta\'s daughter; you\'re abandoned.\"

\"You\'re an ophange from Luna,\" I said.

Sophie\'s parents were friends with luna Elize before they died.

I didn\'t know what I\'d done because Sophie was more honorable than me.

She disliked me and made me seem bad.

She-wolf dropped my bra packet.

Sophie stepped on my hand as I approached

I wept.

The diamond jewelry was in my bra.

Sophie\'s heel held me down as I stood. Jumping would coffeer my flesh.

\"luna! \"

Luna Elize saw Sophie\'s diamond jewelry.

\"A slave has a costly necklace? \"She spit.

\"She stole while visiting. Punish her! \"

Sophie poked Luna.

Miss Sophie, that\'s my bracelet.

This is my jewelry compensation.

Sophie tossed my bra and kicked me.

Luna Elizabeth, Sophie\'s unreasonable!

Last chance Elizebeth, I pleaded.

Luna was condescending.

I couldn\'t stop the two wicked ladies, so I absorbed their insults.

I want to coffeer Sophie\'s face off for scoffeeling my bracelet.

\"Elize, this girl\'s room is disgusting.

Sophie grabbed Luna\'s arm and ran with werewolves.

\"You won\'t eat tomorrow,\" she said.

18 will be hungry.

As they disappeared, I felt hate. I\'ll get you someday.

I swayed knees-to-chest in the dark.

Broken window let in frigid air,.

I cinched my apron and closed the door.

Mother gave me the diamond bracelet.

When I missed her, I\'d wear the bracele

My parents were Alpha and Luna.

Bairi Jeric is my uncle. Family pampered me.

My mother died when I was young. Beta Eden betrayed my father.

We were seperated until my uncle saved me.

I joined the pack after travelling alone.  I eventually found that Alpha Eden was Beta Eden.

I carried Beta Eden\'s deceit, my father\'s death, my uncle\'s kidnapping, and my humiliation in the Green woods pack in my heart.


Berry, Daina\'s wolf, turns 18!

I wep

Berry, you\'re great.

Sophie soaked my blanket and hurt my hand.

I was bedridden ill.

I went asleep hopeful despite being cold and hungry.

I cleaned Sophie\'s house the next morning I needed my stolen diamonds.

After entering, I went to Sophie\'s room. The doorway was empty.

I quickly searched her vanity, counting my lucky stars.

The bracelet was discovered.

My bracelet was in her jewelry box, so she framed me.

I muttered and went to get her bracelet

The floral scent heightened . I recognized my mate\'s fragrance intuitively.

\"No, I can\'t... Your dick is big. Inside me! \"\"

\"We\'re just getting start , darling.\"

Rushing water and slapping flesh followed lewd moans.

My pulse raced as I followed the aroma to the bathroom.

Two people in the tub made me feel horrible.

Sophie and Alex are fucAlpha.

Alpha Alex. He had multiple affairs. He was hatefu


I smelled roses while sexing in Sophie\'s bathroom.

I greet at the entrance, saying, \"You\'re here.\"

Sophie and I hugged.

Daina wailed with pain.

\"Who allowed you in early?\"

Sophie roared Daina left.

\"Stay,\" Sophie was dragged away.

Daina cautiously entered.

\"Alex, I\'m continuing. Send her away ..Sophie sobbed and breast-pressed my dick.

Disdainfully, I pushed her aside. Sophie left the bathroom astonished. She slapped Daina outside.

\"Behave,. If you seduce Alex, you\'ll die. \"

\"Only Miss Sophie values trash, Daina spat on Sophie\'s face.

Sophie hiccupped.

\"Enough,\" Women\'s squabbling gave me a headache.

\"Sophie! After staring at Daina, Sophie left.

I motioned Daina ahead while we were alone.

Come, Daina!

Daina stepped over humbly.

After leaving, I closed the tub door

My inner beast roared, \"Fuck her!\"

My sex partner wasn\'t Luna.

Daina was always on alert, so I couldn\'t sleep with her. She probably recognized I\'m her mate on her birthday.

Her coolness increased my yearning.

I murmured, \"I want to rape her to death because she\'s so pure and innocent.\"

\"Daina\'s hot.\"

I grabbed her shoulder and tore her skir. I grabbed Daina\'s hair and thigh.

\"If you keep denying, I\'ll reject you.\"

She hit me when I thought she was scared. She hurried to the restroom when I dropped her hair.

When I stroked my cheek. She\'ll regret it.

Alex Carvin refuses Daina Barry as his mate

I thought she\'d beg me to backtrack.

She surprisingly smiled. She sounded happy, like she\'d won

Dason Bairi\'s daughter Daina Barry rejects you.

Her smile was dazzling.

How could she be Moonlight Pack\'s Alpha\'s offspring?

My wolf cried, \"Why reject an Alpha mate?\"

This girl is a slave and doesn\'t deserve to be my Luna, therefore I was right to reject her.

Why would I regret rejecting a slave when she-wolves would die for me?

\"Can I go?

Daina smiled, interrupting me. Her glances made me want to rape her to repay her rudeness.


Daina shrugged and left She ignored me.

She was inexcusably apathetic.

Sophie\'s pov

He liked her.I was his Luna.

I must let her pay.

I went to alpha William, weeping and sobbing.

William raised his head and asked,\"I\'ll punish whomever bothered you.\"

 I murmured, \"Daina.\"

\"I asked her to return my diamond bracelet, but she refused and claimed she\'d fight me for it. I eventually got it back, but she threatened me and nearly slapped me! She seduced Alex and told me she\'s the only one to be his mate.\"

When I looked at Alpha William, he was furious.

\"Punish this scumbag slave!\"

Alpha William waved as Daina, in a tattered white shirt

Two powerful she-wolves hit Daina.I hid my delight when she was hit.

Daina swelled.

\"Stephan Buther Barren will return in two days to choose a few werewolves for  training. Daina, prepare for the welcoming ceremony and testing.\"

William Alpha despised Daina.

stop dreaming and do your job.

I disliked Daina.I clawed her face after pouncing on her.

My arm scratches bleed.

\"Don\'t hurt me!\"