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Broken Soul

Broken Soul


Werewolf | Finished

She is the daughter of a Beta.And her mate is the Alpha's first son. When they discover what they are to each other, it's a little too late.Because her beloved mate has come home with a pregnant she-wolf. "You let me down, and l also won't let her get away with stealing what is mine so easily." This story is full of twists and turns that will leave you crying, laughing, angry, throwing phones, etc. l hope you will love the story and accept the invitation to embark on a journey that will leave you fulfilled and leaves a smile on your face.
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I remembered that night well, it haunted my dreams. The day a wolf finds their mate is supposed to be magical, but this night was one I wanted to forget.

It was the night of my shift—celebration. My seventeenth birthday had been last week and I had shifted successfully, my wolf making her appearance after hours of bones snapping and moving, realigning to fit my wolf. Alpha Alcander had thrown a shift—party for me like he does with all newly shifted wolves, everyone in the pack was invited.

I was having so much fun with Damon and my family at the party when Damon's brother pulled up. He had just arrived home from his summer away at Blue Moon territory and the entire pack had wandered to the front yard to greet him, he's the Alpha's son after all, and Crescent Moon's future Alpha. I knew he was coming home that night because Luna Delores had told me and I was feeling excited to see him and show him my wolf.

I had always had a crush on him. Damon and I were joined at the hip, but his brother was the one that had always caught my eye, even at such a young age.

When I had made it to the front yard with Damon, I watched as his brother got out of the truck, his frame larger than it once was. He had packed on muscle this summer while training and he looked good.

That was when it hit me and the world tilted on its axis.

His scent.

It was intoxicating, making my wolf go crazy inside my head, howling and pawing at my mind. My heart rate picked up and right away, I knew.

He was happy.

I was happy it was him.

Everything went quiet, it was just me and him, staring into one another's eyes, taking in all the feelings that had enraptured us. The warm tingling sensations that moved all the way from my legs to my head, buzzing through my fingertips. My head was swimming but in a good way. He would make a great mate.

We were broken out of our reverie by the truck's passenger door slamming shut. A tall, lanky blonde walked around the corner, unsure brown eyes scanning around the pack as curious glances were made her way. I peered over at her then back at him. His smile disappeared, replaced by a look of worry and fear.

That was the moment I felt like something was off about her, but I wasn't sure exactly what it was.

A few wolves asked if the female was his mate, but no one said a word until I walked up to him, closing the space between us, his scent entrapping me.

"Mate," My voice rang out, claiming him with my words, wondering if he felt me. He had to because he had smiled at me, he had a reaction. He knew what I was to him, he had to.

Why did his frown turn upside down so quickly? He had smiled, he was happy. He knew I was his, that much I had been sure of. The air around us seemed to crackle like static and I felt this overwhelming sense inside me, telling me to mark him as my mate. It was my wolf.

The strange female's eyes went wide at my verbal claim and everyone behind us began cheering about my being the future Alpha's mate. "They will make strong pups," They said.

That might have been true, but not now.

I didn't take notice of my surroundings, still caught up in the feelings that finding your destined mate brings. The woman who had gotten out of the truck was barely able to hold my attention, I was too focused on him, my mate, whose once happy expression transformed into one filled with tension. If his clenched fists and tense jaw didn't give it away, it was his bright blue eyes which were avoiding mine.

I felt hurt. I hadn't understood why he was reacting that way.

The Alpha dispersed the crowd back to the party, a hardness in his eyes as he glared at his eldest son. I was still confused about what was happening until that blonde female's features crumbled once the pack had left us alone and tears streamed down her face. Luna Delores took the female inside before sending me an apologetic smile, sadness in her eyes. Pity.

Now I know why, but at the time I didn't

Alpha Alcander said he'd give us a moment. He already knew. They both did, that much I was now sure of. I was just happy to have a moment with my mate, to ask him what was wrong and why he looked so sad. We had grown up together, he should be as happy as I. I wanted to know who that female was and why she started crying.

"I'm so sorry Aylin. I didn't know..." He whispered.

He backed away from me, eyes peering up to watch me beneath long ebony lashes, his dark brown hair had fallen over those brilliantly bright eyes, a major contrast against his olive skin and dark looks. He was the most handsome man I had ever seen.

My smile fell, watching him retreat and I suddenly became self—conscious, the wolf inside me whimpering in defeat as my lip trembled. I felt like I was going to cry.

"D—Do you not want to be my mate?" My tone was uncertain, my voice soft and wavering.

I felt the pain he was in, our souls trying to touch one another. It wasn't like being marked and mated where you could feel your mate's feelings. It was different, like our wolves were trying to sync up.

His lips pursed as he shook his head swiftly. "Goddess, I do, Aylin. If I had only known.... We've grown up together, of course, I would want you as my mate." It was a painful whisper as we both stood two feet away from each other. I had to look up at him to see his face while he fought his hands not to reach out and embrace me like they wanted to.

A moment passed where we just watched one another, not moving. Sadness enveloped me because I knew then that something was terribly wrong. He said he 'would' want me as his mate, not that he did want me. He finally broke the silence with his admission.

"But — something has happened, and now it's tearing me apart, now that I know you're my gift. It's going to break your heart and It's breaking mine too." His eyes scrunched closed. "I'm sorry. I'm so, so, sorry, Aylin." He pursed his lips and looked away, not being able to meet my gaze. A lone tear ran down his structured cheek bone as my heart sank and panic rose.

"W—what is it?" It was barely even a whisper.

I knew then, that it had something to do with that blonde she—wolf.

He peered back at me with despondency. "I made a mistake, Aylin. I couldn't control myself." A sob left his mouth and he looked away once more. A male doesn't cry, especially no Alpha blood, they were taught this at birth. I knew this had to be so very bad for him to do this in front of me.

The tendrils of his scent were grasping at me, urging me to go to him, but I waited for his words.

"The she—wolf. Her name is Bertie and.... She's pregnant.... with my pup."