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The Wolf Without A Name

The Wolf Without A Name


Werewolf | Updating

Being born from rape and taking her mother life from birth. They detested her; treated her badly and gave her no name. Wanting nothing to do with her. Girl, they called her, for eighteen years; until it had become the only name she knew for herself. When her family who should have taken care of her. Find themselves in a big financial debt. The only hope in getting themselves out of the terrible mess they had created was to send her, to their pack leader house to work in repaying their debt. Hating what they were doing to her. Girl, was clueless that working within the home of the alpha's son would somehow affected her.
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  "Get up you son of a bitch!" I heard someone shouted.

  I open my eyes and there I saw the person opening the small square door, above me creating a loud sound.

  "Come girl," she called me.

  That was my name. A name given to me by Phyllis, my grandma. The person who had place me within this cell as my punishment, ever since I could remember. I don't remember, ever going outside, nor remember how it looked. I can only recollect seeing the light from outside, peeking through the crack walls of the cell. I held on to each side of my discolored, white, frilly dress and slowly walked up to the small door looking up.

  "Come, take this food from me," she said to me angrily; while she pushed the plate of food through the door above me.

  I quickly took it from her tipping on my toes, reaching for it; not wanting to cause any trouble, and went over to the cold, concrete wall to sit placing the plate on my lap. She watched me from above, of every step I'd made. Terrified of her, I slowly ate the bread and stew chicken.

  "It pains me everyday to feed you, handicap; knowing you were born into this world of rape," she said, scornfully.

  "Why is it you have to be the one to live and my beautiful daughter dead?" she again inquired me angrily.

  I place down the bread within the white, plastic plate, beside me not wanting to eat anymore, losing my appetite to her harsh words.

  "You better not waste that fucking food, I worked hard for," she warned me.

  I quickly took up a piece of the chicken and again started to eat, terrified of her.

  I glimpsed at her and saw she was still staring at me; with great disgust.

  "You're born within this world to rob people of their happiness; just like your evil father did to my daughter," she described me. Slamming the cell door, angrily.

  I lower my head within my lap and started to cry. Knowing why she had locked me within this cell. I was a child born of rape and too a murderer. I killed my mom while she gave birth to me and for that, I'm punished everyday.

  A bucket filled with water was thrown against me. I quickly got up from the bare concrete floor; wiping away the water from my face trying to see clearly who it was. It was Phyllis; my grandmother. I wasn't allowed to call her grandma. I was only allowed to call her by her name.

  "Do you think I threw you down here, so you can sleep all day and eat my food?" Phyllis shouted at me.

  Phyllis was within her 50's. She didn't look her age. She looked within her 30's and was very fit. She had short gray hair and was short and fat. I huddled up against the wall, scared. As she questioned me; while my long, thick, curly, red hair dripped with water. And too my washed-out, blue dress she gave me.

  "Answer me, when I'm speaking to you?!" she shouted at me.

  "No," I answered her, while my body trembled nervously.

  "Take this!" she shouted at me.

  I quickly went towards her and took the plastic plate with fried egg and bread.

  "Well what are you waiting for?" she asked me.

  "I have lots of dirty clothes that need to be clean and they're not going to clean themselves."

  I quickly devour half of my breakfast and followed her climbing up a leather; leaving the cell. I only left the cell in the washing room above me; to do laundry. I wasn't allowed to go outside. I can't remember being outside. I've only seen the lights through the cracks of the wall of my cell.

  "Come on, start getting these clothes clean," Phyllis rushed me.

  I went over to the large baskets filled with dirty clothes and started to clean. I quickly separated the colored clothes from white clothes and washed them separately. Phyllis closed the laundry door; before she left me all alone. She thinks I'll runoff, but where would I go? I knew no one, but her.

  How I hope one day she will allow me to go outside. I was dying to see how it looked and to meet others my age. I've tried begging her once on my seventeen birthday, but it didn't end well. It only left me with scars. scars I'll forever remember whenever I touched my back.

  I've washed all of the clothes and started to place them within the dryer. As soon as they were dry. I folded them and place them within the basket. I heard footsteps coming towards the laundry room. I quickly completed my job and stood; waiting for the door to open. Knowing it was Phyllis checking to see if I had completed my chores. Soon the door was open and shut behind her preventing me from running away even if I try. Her dark brown eyes, examine my work; until it met mine.

  "You can return to the cell," she instructed me.

  "You'll receive dinner within a minute," she said.

  I did as I was told entering my cell and watched her as she closed the small square door above me. I hated being here. I wanted to go outside to see the world. but, she won't let me. I didn't want to die within this cell. I cried.

  My cell had a small bathroom I could take a bath in. I walked into the bathroom taking off my clothes and started to take a bath. Completing my bath I dried my body and put on a white T-shirt and washout blue jeans returning to the room of my cell.

  "Miss Phyllis," I heard a male voice called from outside.

  I ran over to the wall pressing my ear against it trying to hear what he wanted. It was the only thing I could do without her knowing.

  "Yes Josh,'' I heard her answered him.

  "There's a storm coming tonight, staying here will not be safe, You need to come and stay at the alpha's third house with the others," he told her.

  "I'm happy you're looking out for me, but this house can protect us from the storm," she answered him.

  "Us?" I heard the male outside inquired her.

  "I'm sorry, Phyllis laughed. I'm so used to living with my husband I forget I was all alone."

  I widen my eyes hearing her said that. Doesn't anyone know I'm here with her? I question myself. I wanted to scream in letting the male knew she was not alone and I would be free from here, I thought. But, what if he does find outs she had been keeping me for years within her cell, would he take care of me? for I knew nothing about this world nor what to expect. Shouting for help; wouldn't help me.

  "Oh," I heard the man voice.

  "Well, you need to leave now," he told her.

  "I'm good," Phyllis said.

  "Well the alpha is sending out men to the elders whether they like it or not and they could be here any minute," he said while he said his goodbyes to her.

  "Alpha," I said softly.

  I had no idea about an alpha. I sigh heavily and sat against the ground, sadly. Being kept within this place is only robbing me from knowing what it is of this world. I detested it. It was the only feeling I could feel right now for I will never see outside.

  My cell door opened. I got up quickly. Phyllis climbed within the cell. She stared at me as if she was lost and confused not knowing what to do. She ran her hand through her gray hair, worriedly.

  "What I'm I going to do now?" she said.

  She turned to me and shouted.

  "I hate you!" she said.

  I pushed myself to the concrete wall scared. Was the storm causing her to behave in such a way? I thought.

  "No it won't work, they'll still find out," she said while she holds her head.

  Was she planning on leaving me here, I again thought. She walked towards me and pulled me by my shirt.

  "I'm going to make you come upstairs and I want you to act normal when the alpha or his men comes or I'll kill you," she warned me and pushed me into the wall. allowing me to hit my head hard.

  I hold the back of my head in pain and answered her.

  "This storm is ruining everything," she cursed.

  "Come girl," she called me; while I followed her.

  I followed her exiting my cell into the laundry room. Soon the laundry door was open. I could feel my heart beating within my chest clueless about what was happening. Was she carrying me outside, because of the storm, or was she afraid of the alpha; I thought. As she spins the lock on the door opened. I widen my eyes.