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My Husband Is My Alpha Mate?!

My Husband Is My Alpha Mate?!



As the first miss of the Gallagher family, Kiera was supposed to lead a full and happy life, but it all ended the day her mother passed away and her father brought his mistress and illegitimate child daughter home. The pain of losing her mother had not yet subsided, Kiera broke down when he realized that Isolde, the other illegitimate child, was a year older than her. Abandoned by her biological father, betrayed by her fiancé, drugged and slept with a strange man, from an arrogant princess pushed to the bottom, stressed, pent-up mind, her heart was trampled and emotionally drained, Kiera only able to run away. Returning after five years, Kiera is determined to rebuild her acting career, regain what was lost, and make her perpetrators pay a heavy price. But who would have thought, Kiera had just started again and was in big trouble "Kiera Gallagher, you left me alone and you dare to take my son away?" “That's not your son” Kiera immediately denied “Mom, he looks just like me.” “Not like at all” Kiera asserted decisively Standing opposite her, the man's face was dark, doesn't know if he was happy or sad, and after a few seconds, his lips suddenly curved up. Seeing that smile, an uneasy feeling welled up inside Kiera. Is it still time for her to get back to Biacane?
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"How's it going?"

“All was perfectly arranged”

The woman leaned close to the pink dress girl's ear and whispered a few words.

"After tonight, it's all yours"

The girl in the pink dress smiled and said nothing, she lifted the hem of her dress, turned, and stepped out of the dark corner.

The pink shadow became even more prominent in the middle of the deserted corridor with only the sound of footsteps. The closer she got to the big door at the end of the street, the more jealous she saw in her eyes, her hand clutching the pink skirt as if she was holding back something.

The door opened, and the girl pulled the outer dress to cover the wrinkled dress, the expression on her face turned light and happy in the blink of an eye.

Behind the door is a completely different space, a large room with high ceilings, and hanging large lampshades to create a feeling of both luxury and coziness. The four sides are filled with light and flower scents, all are beautiful, fresh, and new, and it is not difficult to see the enthusiasm of the person preparing this party.

Inside were many people, all gathered here with one purpose to attend the marriage ceremony of Kiera Gallagher and Corbin Doyle.

This is not an ordinary wedding ceremony, because the two fathers of the bride and groom are two alphas of two big Packs, Douglas Pack and Macca Pack, such a marriage ceremony, rarely anyone can ignore. Everyone was laughing and chatting, looking curious and enjoying looking around the room.

Contrary to that noisy atmosphere, the small room upstairs was relatively quiet, the girl in a pure white wedding dress stepped up to the high podium in front of the mirror with a bright smile. Behind her, a servant couldn't help but speak

“Wow, you are so beautiful, this dress too, it suits you so well”

Hearing that, Kiera happily said happily

“Of course, fine birds make fine feathers.”

“Isn't it… fine feathers make fine birds?”

The maid mumbled but thinking of her mistress's personality, the maid understood why Kiera said that she was very confident in her beauty.

Kiera turned around, her eyes inadvertently landing on the photo frame on the table, which was a photo of her and Corbin on graduation day. The more she looked at it, the more difficult it was for Kiera's eyes to hide her happiness, the corners of her lips involuntarily curved up.

Kiera loved Corbin from her first year of high school, it took a long time for the two to come together. The day he left his mark on her neck, she was sure that he was the destiny she had been searching for. That's why right after graduation, Kiera asked her father, Arnold, to marry Corbin. After receiving an agreement from Arnold, that happy day has finally come.

Kiera leaned slightly, looking at her reflection in the mirror, she couldn't help but feel proud. The eighteen-year-old girl looks more mature in her wedding dress, but her face still has a bit of innocence and charm that makes anyone looking at it can't help but look a few more times.

Kiera pursed her lips to control her emotions, she was looking forward to seeing Corbin's reaction to seeing her in this dress.

The maid who saw Kiera staring at her intently just smiled lightly

"Miss here's your milk, it's still early right now, you should rest for a bit, I'll go out to get some things and come back."

Kiera didn't answer but just nodded, a smile hanging on his lips.

The maid placed the milk cup on the table as soon as she left the room, Kiera stepped down from the platform and dropped onto the couch. Needless to say, dressing well is the favorite of every woman, but this takes a lot of effort, her waist is starting to feel a bit tired because of the weight of the dress.

Glancing at the milk cup placed on the table, Kiera's gaze darkened slightly. Since she had too much to drink with her friends last night, she had a headache this morning, and as usual, she told the maid to prepare a glass of warm milk for her.

However, right now, despite the headache that didn't go away, Kiera didn't seem to have any intention of drinking that cup of milk. She hesitated for a long time before picking it up, pouring half of it into a nearby tree, and then putting it back in place, a process that took only a few seconds.


Because the servants were dispatched to prepare for the wedding ceremony, areas like the corridor were deserted right now. The familiar pink dress appeared again, Isolde stopped in front of a room, and looked from left to right, after confirming that no one was there, she gently opened the door and sneaked in.

Looking at her half-sister dozing on the couch, Isolde pursed her lips in disgust.

Apparently, she was the first miss daughter of Arnold Gallagher, and yet until this point, she still did not receive recognition. In contrast, this Kiera, who is one year younger than her, just because Kiera's mother was properly married by Arnold, Kiera automatically became the golden lady of the Gallagher family, the little princess of Douglas Pack. It's not fair, that position should have belonged to her.

Isolde's beautiful little face was twisted by jealousy, it was difficult to see that this was the sweet, considerate girl that people often mentioned.

Taking her eyes off Kiera, Isolde suddenly saw the cup of milk being drunk, her mouth curved into an evil smile.

"You idiot, you don't deserve the name Gallagher."

Isolde leisurely pulled out her phone and make a call, the other end quickly picked up. Isolde looked at Kiera's back while talking

"The medicine worked, she's asleep"


"No need for such trouble, just use my phone, call that bodyguard over here"


“Okay, remember to connect to the main screen, the biggest one”


As if not afraid that the person lying on the chair would suddenly wake up, Isolde paced around the room, talking very naturally. If she walked around to the other side of the couch now, she would definitely see Kiera's wide eyes.

Kiera knew that Isolde had always disliked her, she also disliked Isolde, but she did not think that Isolde would do this to this extent because of that jealousy.

Drugged her, found someone to have sex with, and then recorded a video to show at the most sacred moment of her life.

As a bride about to walk down the aisle, Kiera understood how cruel and merciless this plan was. If it hadn't been for the maid to warn her about this, Kiera would have been caught up in Isolde's plan, by then… she couldn't have imagined the consequences, not even dared to think about it.

Kiera's face darkened.

Isolde was just Arnold's illegitimate child, if it wasn't for Kiera's mother's death, Isolde wouldn't have been able to enter Gallagher's door. A person with such a low profile like Isolde, Kiera didn't even notice, but the more she didn't notice, the more Isolde acted.

Did Isolde really think that the bad things she did were unknown? Does she really think that just showing off that innocent face and teary eyes will solve everything?

Arnold can be blindfolded by Isolde and her mother, but Kiera is not. Today she will show everyone Isolde's true face.

Kiera gripped the hem of her white dress tightly, slowly adjusting her body

The moment Isolde hung up the phone, a voice suddenly sounded behind her

"Are you so pleased?"