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Mated To The Enemy

Mated To The Enemy

Author:Beth Venning


Erika Parker, this totally normal girl living a totally normal life in her totally normal town. That was until her totally normal life is turned upside down, she arrives home to discover her town is under attack, now if that wasn’t bad enough, it was under attack by wolves. Within the attack was an Alpha, who as soon as his eyes land on Erika, he’ll stop at nothing until she’s under his power. Erika feels like she’s under this mysterious man’s spell every time she looks into his eyes. Ex’s and lies start to fill Erika’s life, all at the hands of the man she locked with eyes the night of the attack. Will she ever be free from his spell? Could she learn to love a monster? Read on to find out how it really is to be, Mated To The Enemy.
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I walk down the stairs to see my brother Ethan and dad throwing things at each other in the kitchen, shaking my head I grab my keys and purse while out the corner of my eye, I clock my twin brother staring at me about to throw something towards my new outfit, which was also white might add! I turn to face him holding my finger up which immediately, causes him to freeze. 

"These are new, can you please try not to be annoying for one second?” I ask opening up my purse, while my dad walks out the kitchen egg dripping down his face, wow was Ethan really gonna throw an egg at me?! 

"Where are you going, who are you going with and how long are you gonna be?" He asks crossing his arms, I know it sounds like a lot but he's very overprotective since my mother went missing around 10 years ago, but I don't blame him at all he just doesn't want to lose Ethan or me, like he did with our mother. 

"Me and the guys are going up to the lake about 3 hours from here, I don't know how long we'll be, probably be when it gets dark we'll leave" I explain putting my keys in my bag, he nods but tells me to wait there he wanted to drive me over to Justin's, which was only a 2-minute walk away!

"He's getting better Erika, I spoke with his therapist yesterday, she's seen a big improvement” Ethan smile wiping the egg from his forehead, but he was using his hand which meant it was just smearing more around his face. 

It's been a tough ride but he's finally on the straight and narrow, when our mother went missing it really messed him up. Before I could reply our dad walks out hair wet, keys in hand walking out the door before I could. 

"We'll take the police car, I have to head to the station anyway" he says swinging his keys around, I look to Ethan taking the egg out his hand throwing at him, but I leg it out the door before he could get to the kitchen to throw one back at me. 

Just because I wouldn't let him throw an egg at me doesn't mean I can't throw one at him, he runs to the front door the egg dripping down his forehead which he just wiped off. I laugh getting in the passenger seat sending him a smirk as we pull away. 

We pull up at Justin's house the rest of the guys were already there waiting for me, I wave goodbye to my dad as I get out the door. Justin runs over to have a talk with my dad, not that he likes to my dad forces him, I haven't got a clue what they talk about. I make my way over to the house where everyone else was waiting. 

"I know I've only known the guy for two weeks but I really think he's the one" I hear Martha say as I come to a stop beside them "oh hey Erika, I was just telling them about Scott, I'm sure I told you about him" she smiles, I nod as my dad beeps driving away sounding the horn.  

"The guy you hit with your car two weeks ago?" I ask with a smile, she points at me nodding yes smiling towards me. 

She was driving down the road when this dude came out of nowhere, instead of calling an ambulance he asked for her number, which she gave him! If that were me I would just call the ambulance.

"Dude it's been two weeks, you can't fall in love with someone in that short amount of time" Reece exclaims shaking his head thinking logically, but Martha just scoffs. 

"You've never been in love to know that" she spits annoyed, she doesn't like it when people say she's wrong, she's actually given Reece a black eye once because he didn't get the message. 

"Alright let’s not start the day off with an argument, I already packed the car this morning so let's go" Justin interjects getting in between Reece and Martha, if it carried on we wouldn't get anywhere, Martha would storm off and Reece would refuse to leave. 

"Shotgun!" I shout which makes everyone groan, I always get shotgun as they're just never quick enough, I laugh walking over to Justin's car climbing in the front. 

"You know there should be a rule, a person can't call shotgun twice in a row" Jacob says still annoyed in the back crossing his arms, I assumed he was joking. 

"Maybe if you were quicker you'd be able to sit here, but you're not so be quiet" I smile but Jacob didn't find it funny and was getting even more annoyed, which just made the situation even funnier. 

"Babe, it's just a seat get over it" Samatha says finally shutting the guy up, Justin laughs from the driver’s seat clipping his seatbelt in. 

"Now have all you children stopped bickering so we can leave?" He asks looking in the mirror at Jacob, who avoids eye contact staring out the window, he mutters a quick it "wasn't funny" but looks so annoyed. 

Justin finally starts the car slowly pulling out of his driveway, it was unknown to us at the time but when we got back, our little town would never be the same.  

It takes a few hours but we finally arrive at the lake, we've been coming here for years now, it's just a peaceful place away from all the chaos in our life's. Justin parks the car Martha jumping out before we fully stopped, her and Reece had a full-on argument about the shape of an apple. I know weird right? They fight about every little weird thing, like they're an old married couple or something. I laugh getting out while Martha was already at the lake throwing rocks in it, Reece helps Justin get the stuff out the boot, I think he wanted to keep his distance from Martha for a while. 

"Hey Erika, sorry about earlier it was stupid" Jacob apologises walking over to me, Samantha also sending me a smile, she probably told him how stupid he really was being.  

"It's alright it was a joke, don't worry I'm not gonna pull a Martha on you" I laugh but Martha shouts "I heard that" from the lake, I hold my hands up surrender not wanting to start her off again. 

Once we're all at the lake we just stand there for a while in silence just taking the surroundings in, I look towards Justin who stood very close to the water an evil idea coming to mind. I smile slowly making my way over to him, without warning I push him in making him land in the water, everyone stood on the bank shocked while I just laughed. Once he surfaced he too looked shocked for a second but smiles evilly at him. 

"Wanna play it like that sure, help me out" he smiles holding his arm out, I cross mine looking at him. 

"Really, that's the oldest trick in the book, I know you're just gonna push me in" I say thinking I won, he nods getting out the lake dripping wet. 

"You're right, I was gonna drag you in with me, but I know you're not expecting this" he says wrapping his arm around my waist jumping in, which causes me fall to in with him, the water might I add was freezing. 

Once I surface I look over at him even more shocked, he was just wetting himself like the others were who were on the shore. 

"Dude you can't get me, I'm too good" he says opening is arms, yes I could have been smarter with how I went around it. 

He quickly wraps his arms around me apologising as the others started jumping in, apart from Reece and Martha who stood with their arms crossed standing far apart. 

"Guys come on it's fun" I say but Martha shakes her head, within seconds she was falling into the cold-water Reece laughing. 

"Good stress reliever!" he laughs before he walks backwards runs and flips into the lake, Martha on the other hand didn't look happy.