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All It Took (Kaisoo)

All It Took (Kaisoo)


Werewolf | Updating

Sequel to * A Monstrosity * *completed* After arriving at the mountain kyungsoo is now slowly reaching the end stage of his pregnancy. With everything they've been through they would think they finally got their peace and quiet . When kyungsoo talks to the moon goddes jongin fight against the devil alios the demon who hasn't given up yet resurrects a dead enemy. Family's and pasts were uncovered once more. ,, his body isn't made to carry a monster " little did they know everything they've been through was only the beginning .
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might change

"s-stop .. s-stop "

I pleaded when I crawled forward on the ground. Everything was burned covered in ash and dirt and I cough when my vision was blurry and swimming in my tears when I glanced over to see Baekhyun laying in his blood in Chanyeol’s pale arms, neither of them moved.

Sehun and Hyunsik were nowhere to be seen and I hoped they would've managed to escape but ..

"n-no "

2 hands grabbed me from my shirt on my back and threw me away.

I cried out at the pain of my entire body, blood was seeping through my shirt in the front and I wouldn't even dare to move as I heard alios steady steps head toward me.

"get up "

I glared at him as he held my baby in his arm his eyes glow up.


I took deep breaths holding onto my still wounded stomach getting to my weak feet in agony.

"was it worth it ?"

Him saying that made me look around Jongin was laying further away with his head turned to not face me, he was covered in ash and dirt and it once again brought tears to my eyes .

"please "

"all this spilled blood for something you wouldn't be able to keep Anyway "he looked down at my baby as if blinks at him innocently the thought of alios taking our beautiful little miracle away from us

Was tearing me apart and I got to my knees in pain .

"please alios, p-please "

I was helpless, I could barely move and I had no strength left all I felt I could do was plead to him .

He only smirked at me

"it may have worked if you did it before turning into this disgusting skeleton you are now .. "

I couldn't even bother him calling me that as I closed my eyes folding my hands into one another

"a-alio-"he kicked me in my temple and I fell to the side.

The crying of my baby my baby appeared and my eyes widened as I looked up again, he only ended up stomping on my back pressing me back to the ground beneath him as he muttered out cheekily

"you don't plead to the devil, either"

CY Pov

I breath in slowly when I walked outside and into the cold.

Today was finally pretty again, it's been awhile since the sun had dared to show itself.

A lot has happened .. yet I couldn't really say that compared to everything we've been through before we came here to this cosy house up high hidden in the cold of the mountains .

A giggling caught my attention and I looked over to see Kyungsoo laughing to himself when Jongin’s snowman had fallen over, Jongin face was blank at first before he took a hold of Kyungsoo who ended up squealing when he tried to hold onto him when Jongin decided to spin him around with himself .

I rolled my eyes shaking my head. Kyungsoo’s belly was pretty obvious by now it looked like he had swallowed a small balloon. It could look funny when he's wearing his own hoodies or shirts and with his own I meant Hyunsik’s old ones they found in the house since none of us had really any clothing left after our adventures.

He would however mostly just wear stuff that Jongin had managed to rub his scent on.

I guess it had something to do with the pregnancy, who even knows, everything had to do with the pregnancy.

When he cried at night because he wanted either cookies or spaghetti only to throw it up little later.

When he got mad because someone stood in the way or how he would freak out over someone waking him up accidently, he would basically start throwing things and curse with his blue glowing eyes before starting to cry as if he were the newborn himself.

Not to mention him sleeping, he would be awake and active in a conversation but fall asleep from one moment to another especially when Jongin was around, the poor guy was his favourite pillow.

I turned again when someone  walked past me. A hoodie over his head hiding it completely and I just knew it was Baekhyun by the smell of his intoxicating scent.

He looked .. A little uncomfortable and I watched him take a seat by the bench to watch the 2 love birds goof around in the snow .

Although so much time had past me and Baekhyun hadn't relay made much progress, we've both been avoiding this topic even though it wasn't possible to avoid each other completely neither the bond .

I considered us as close friends now... which was to be honest disappointing but what should I do, maybe he wasn’t ready for it yet maybe I wasn't either but looking at Jongin and Kyungsoo being and acting the way normal mates should, like they were the happiest 2 people on earth I'm not even sure normal mates were supposed to act this way, my parents sure as hell didn’t .. yeah that .

I'm half elf, both my parents were wolfs ...

Without thinking of that topic more, I started walking over to the bench to sit beside him.

"not a frostbite ?"

He turned his head with big eyes looking at me confused "what ?"

I chuckled lightly "it's a nickname for people who like the cold "

"I grew up in the deep forest Chanyeol, I was not even used to wearing long sleeves.. elfs were definitely not made for the mountains "the way he folded his arms together cuddling into himself was almost making me squeal at how adorable he was. I just wanted to cuddle him but unfortunately that would only end up being awkward .

"but the snow is pretty don't you think ? Why else did you come out?" I nudged him but he only shook his head .

"it is too cold, I just came out to watch out for Kyungsoo and their baby.. " 

I rolled my eyes at that, one of the most dumbest excuses I've ever heard.

I got to my feet with a smirk while he kept watching the 2 of them now trying to build a snowman together giving me the perfect opportunity to get down grabbing a handful of snow while I took so more steps further away.

He didn't seem to mind or maybe he was forcing himself not to look at me again, so once I thought I had a safe distance I squeezed on eye and aimed the snowball at him before throwing it.

It hit him right on his head and I laughed when he jumped up ready to grab his knife .

"have you gone insane !?"

"have I ?"I instantly answered dumbfounded and he glared lightly before a small smirked painted his lips.

Before I knew it a snowball was coming right at me and i had been too busy laughing at him to notice it in time when it hit and ended up sticking to my face.

I was silent instantly as I removed the snow from my face with a grumble which disappeared as soon as I heard his own laughing .

I guess it's on then.

Without any more words said I got down grabbing more snow again and he this time didn't make the mistake and started hiding behind the bench grabbing his own amount of snow.

Before we knew it, the place was filled with yells , laughs and flying snowballs. Kyungsoo and Jongin had soon joined as well only did they work as a team and soon disappeared even before they had really participated. I didn't pay any mind because it was pretty obvious they ended up making out behind one of their snowman or another bench.

But Baekhyun kept his stance against me in the snowball war. We were both covered in snow by now rolling around in it and constantly trying to form balls and throwing them as well as getting hit by them.

But then he tripped and I growled In victory running forward when the enemy was down before I jumped onto him to keep him down. He laughed struggling against my hold so I had to grab his tiny wrist before pinning them down on either side of his head while panting .

He still laughed lightly with me before we both realized in what kind of position we were currently in, instead of retreating and acting awkwardly though, none of us would bring up the strength to move away or stop .

His eyes glow up in green and I'm pretty sure  mine did in yellow as we just kind of ended up staring at each other, it made me feel like I was actually free to observe his forest green glowing eyes better as well as his face .

It was incredible how beautiful a person could be, as if even if I had drawn or made out my dream person he or she would be no match compared to him .

He was simply breathtaking all I wanted was to finally make the move, a little closer ..

Just a little closer.

I leaned down slowly not even hesitating any more and he didn't seem to either when he closed his eyes and just waited for me to.


I flinched instantly leaning away as Baekhyun’s eyes opened and soon he ended up moving up urging me to get off him which i did with a sigh .

"food time! Doggies "

From the side I noticed Jongin grumble under his breath at the nickname Hyunsik had still held for us.

Personally I didn't really know yet what to think of him. All I knew was that he had tried to kill us used to be close with Kyungsoo and .. I once caught him making Baekhyun laugh when they were cleaning up a room in the house, which didn't exactly please me.

Other than that .

"yah hurry before I eat it all by myself "Sehun appeared behind him laying his arm around him .

Apparently Sehun and Hyunsik have gotten oddly close .