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Heart of Stones Series

Heart of Stones Series



Eighteen years ago, a mother sacrificed her baby to Lucifer in return of the baby safety. The mother died during the birth, Lucifer accepted the sacrifice, and he’ll be back to claim what he owns. Nova, a depressed half-wolf, half-human girl. On one lonely night she decides to end things, she'd end up in hell, but even real hell can't be as bad as her life. That until the king of hell scolds her, and tan her bum claiming her as his. This is a ddlg/cgl/SFW story, be warned!
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Heart of Stones Series

Book One

Lucifer's Pet



Third-person POV.

Eighteen-years ago.

A werewolf, a female wolf, one without a pack, she was doomed, no one could save her now from the hunters, they want her heart, they want her blood, they also want her baby. The baby, she patted her prominent stomach, touching her baby, the one that was a mistake, not really a mistake she loves the unborn baby, but it's not the best time to have it.

She has no pack, her old one kicked her out, she's now free game, a lone wolf, she has to be a dominant one, but she's not the strongest one around, others would try to hurt her, to make her their bitch, that includes killing her baby and she can't let that happen.

"I love you baby" the woman says to the unborn child tears going down her face, it wasn't her fault, she wanted to have kids, everyone does, she wanted to be happy and celebrate their birth, but the way the baby was conceived.

Nine-month ago, she was out partying with her friends, she's only seventeen, it's the first time she gets to get out and party with the rest of the pack, but she was too young, she didn't have anyone to make sure she's keeping up with them, she didn't have a mate or a close friend.

Sadly, she couldn't keep up with the pack, some human hunters were out and having fun, they shot her, but they weren't trying to kill her, it was just a tranquilizer, she fell down, no one saw, no one cared. She went back to her human form, she's not strong enough to stay in wolf form while asleep, when they came toward her. The hunters thought they have missed and hit a human girl, a beautiful human girl, natural ginger hair, fair skin, she even had freckles, just a teenager.

But the thing about hunters, they aren't normal people, they aren't good people, when they saw the girl, all they could think about is how pretty she is, how her small body looks, all beautiful. They raped her, she's not proud to say this, but her baby came from rape, she now carries a half-human child, not something the pack would allow in, and so she was kicked out, but she loves her baby, she doesn't want to lose her baby.

"I'm sorry baby, I have to do this" Bella, the mother wolf, says to her unborn baby again, she have to find a way to save her, she can't have her being hunted as her mother did. In a world that supernatural rain, they are everywhere, but also are their bookshops, information about them, you can google how to make a deal with the devil, and that's exactly what she's going to do.

She drew the circle on the ground, a star shape, it was a bit uneven, but hopefully, the devil wouldn't mind, she had to get naked now, get to her wolf form, she's not making the deal as human, humans get lied to all the time, but maybe a wolf would be better.

She's a red wolf, a beautiful wolf, she stood in the middle of the circle and pointed all her will, all her thoughts to hell, asking the king of hell to accept her offer. Save my child, that all she wanted, hell took it's sweet time answering her, they might never answer, all she did might be for nothing, she wished again, focusing to get her words through. Save my child, for any price.

The thing you should never tell Hell, any price, but Bella was desperate, she didn't mind what price she have to pay, she just need the baby to be safe.

Now she got Hell's answer, a voice came to her, only her could hear it, she didn't know it was Lucifer who's answering, she's not just having a deal with any demon, it's the king of hell who's interested, he's bored, hell ruling gets boring after a while, he's craving having someone with him, someone to belong to him without the fear or the schemes to take over hell. The mama wolf, the way she pleaded to him, it got his attention, he could hear her heartbeat and the heartbeat of the unborn child, but it's the baby heartbeat that got his attention.

"I want the child" Lucifer says imagining having a small pup in hell with him, that would be fun, that got him interested, a baby pup who'd love him no matter what.

"No!" Bella was quick to yell no, but then she had to save the baby, with tears going down her face, she couldn't keep her wolf form, she now sat naked in the middle of the circle holding her stomach crying.

"You can't have my baby, it's mine" Bella cries, but Lucifer wanted the baby he wasn't fazed by tears he sees too many tears in his work daily.

"The child, or the deal is off" Lucifer the king of hell says standing now in front of the naked Bella.

"I want to save it, the baby is half-human, they won't be normal, take anything, but save it" Bella begs with the king of hell unknowing to whom he is.

"I'll make a deal with you mama-wolf, I'll keep the baby safe, no hunter would touch them, but they would belong to me when they reach adulthood, they are mine" Lucifer says, a half-human, no wonder the mama was trying to bargain with hell.

"But you can't hurt them, you can't hurt them" the mama cries, but that's not the only reason she's crying, Bella is going into labor, right now and there with Lucifer as her only helper.

"Mama-wolf, I can't make the deal once the child is here, but I Lucifer king of hell promise to keep the baby safe, they'll belong to me where they'd be happy and safe" Lucifer says, his word is law, no one can break it, not even him.

Bella now hearing whom she's making the deal with, she accepted, she had no time to think this through, the baby is on the way.

"I Bella, agree," she says shaking her hand with Lucifer sealing the deal.

Lucifer helped the mother wolf give birth, he helped her hold the baby girl, the one that Bella named before passing away, she was too weak for birth. The baby had her mother red hair, along with ears and tail, a half-human, Lucifer cast his magic on her, making her look human to everyone, he'll be back for her, when she's older, but for now, hell is calling baby Nova.