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Alpha Black

Alpha Black



Emera Black the queen of dark magic. Age: 24 Time left to live: 3 months Mate status: unmated Wolf color: Black Wolf height: six foot. She is a women who has to prove her worth to the whole werewolf community just because they think females are the weak and what there are good for is to worship male wolves like Gods. Rain midnight the king of asshole sorry werewolves. Age: 30 Time left to live: 500years Mate status: unmated Wolf color: Gray Wolf height: six foot He is an Alpha who makes sure women duties doesn't exceed been in the pack kitchen and bed and those women who behave other wise are punished. What happens when this two Alpha's are paired together as mate. Now with time running out of Alpha black with only three months to live. she needs her mate love by mating and carrying his mark to survive or else the darkness clouding her body might be her end as well as it was her beginning . Now is she willing to sacrifice her powers to be an ordinary submissive she wolf just because she needs her mate love to survive or will she give up on him and embrace death with all her heart. ****************** "Why are you still standing here staring at me like a clown Emera? Do what I ask you to do, go to my room, spread your legs and wait for me on my bed. When I am done with these meeting that's meant for strong Alpha males like myself I will meet you ." An earth shaking growl sounded loud in the round the whole field causing terrifying shiver down everyone spine.
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The Black moon pack

She ran as fast as she could with her little feet, lifting up her dress for herself to run a little bit faster to the playing ground which was a little bit close to a small beach where she was sure her best friend Christabel was.

Finally she was let out after desperately begging her mother  Luna Rachel of the black moon pack who insisted on her to be locked up like a little princess she was inside her castle, now finally she was let out. 

Soft breeze hit her delicate skin as she ran, her hair was tied up in a cute ponytail. she couldn't transform into her wolf yet not until she was sixteen so her feet could only carry her for a short distance.

"Christabel, Christabel." Little Emera called out in soft voice catching her breath after the long run not that it was that far but for a seven years old girl it was, she was breathing hard ,she would be able to run for longer distance once she had her wolf.

Christabel tuned around when she heard her best friend voice and  a smile almost instantly appeared on her face lighting it up like the moon does the earth at night.

Christabel who had been worried , looking so sad waiting for Emera for almost thirty minutes in the playing ground, doing nothing but staring into space. She had almost giving up and wanted to go home but then she remembered her father's voice saying a wolf should never give up in a situation. And waiting in a playing ground for an hour without giving up felt like an achievement.

Christabel was an omega in the black moon pack, just like her parents and had no friends except Emera. Nobody wanted to play with an Omega, but luckily for her and Emera bonded together because of their love for dolls.

"You are here emi , I'm so happy you came." She said as stood up from the wooden bench she was sitting on and pulled Emera into a long hug.

Emera was older than Christabel with a year making Christabel six but the two had the same height and looked like they were twins when they are seen together wearing almost the same princess dresses there both loved. Christabel wasn't rich so Emera always beg her mum to give Christabel some of her favorite princess dresses.

"I'm glad we can play now ,come on let's build a sand castle." She said happily as she held Emera by the hand, dragging her to the direction where the beach sands was.

"Yes am here just like I promised, and I'm sure if I wasn't allowed I would have sneaked out of the house like I always do and I would never allow you to play alone." Little Emera said as there both walked. 

Her statement made Christabel giggle in delight knowing how true Emera words were because there both knew it wasn't the first time she had sneaked out with her the Alpha and Luna.

There were best friends for life and nothing could come between them.

The both girls got to playground and started building their sand castle with huge smile on their faces. 

"I will build you a house since you are the princess of the pack were you and your mate will leave happily." Christabel said with a smile making Emera giggle cutely blushing.  Yes at that age there both knew everything about a mate, after seeing how their parents behaved with each other both of them wanted one for their selves.

The both girls where unaware of the huge shadow behind them that covered them up like dark clouds, two busy singing their favorite song do you want to build a snow man.

"And what will you build me pup, a cage where I can finally lock little omegas like you in." The unknown voice said tauntingly  making both Emera and Christabel shiver with fear. They both turned around the same time and saw their big bully chole. Chole watched with amusement as the two girl looked so scared there could actually pee in their pants. 

Fear washed down both their faces knowing what big bully chole was capable of. It was not the first time she had always come after them making jest of them and mocking their little princess outfits .

chole doesn't hit them after insulting and destroying their toys so they knew there were safe from being harmed physically.

"No..I only build  castle's for Emera since she is a princess, not for bullies like you. “Christabel said in a tiny voice, she felt chills running down her spine with every word that left her mouth.

"Hmmm,so I'm a bully? Good that's is the more reason slaves like you should be locked up in a cage." The big bully chole said as she walked closer to the sand castle Christabel has taken her precious time to build.

"I'm not a slave." Christabel said in a much more smaller voice defending herself and her little pride ,that If Emera was not standing closer to her she and chole who already possessed her wolf abilities they both wouldn't have heard her words. Emera could only watch in anger as she clenched her little fist.

"What did you say to me pup. You dare talk back at me."chole said in anger all the amusement in her face vanished.

"Daddy said I'm not a slave." she repeated again this time in a much more clearer tone.

Emera was angry at the fact that big bully chole was looking down on her best friend just because she was an omega. The lowest ranking in the pack, but there was nothing she could do ,with her both if them combined there were still defenseless again chole.

" You are going to regret talking back to me." With that big bully chole used her right foot and crushed the sand castle turning it back to sand.

Tears welled up in Christabel eyes and rolled down her cheek  like a river.

" Why did you do that, chole. That was mean “Emera said ,her face red and full of fury.

" What are you going to do about it princess. “she said poking Emera on the chest making her fall to the ground, daring the young wolf.

Emera felt unknown anger rushed in her body, she stood up from the ground ,her eyes turned darker and before they all knew what was happening chole fell on the ground with a heavy sound.

Both girls immediately looked at each other in confusion before looking back at the body laying on the ground.

"What did you do to her Emera?."

"Nothing, you were here, I didn't touch her, I swear" Emera said with fear clouding her bright green eyes.

" I know that but your eyes were so dark I got scared for a minute."

" My eyes?. “she questioned unsurely.

"Yes ,there were like huge fire balls, you know like those kind you see in the movies. Anyway she deserves it, I hope she doesn't bully us again after this."

"Alpha." Somebody said clearing her throat. The both girls looked up in horror and saw big bully chole bowing her head at her.

"I spoke too soon, now we are truly going to die for good." Christabel said in fear much greater than before.

"Alpha is there anything you need. “chole repeated still bowing her head

Christabel and Emera continue to watch the scene in front of them in confusion  and Christabel moved closer to Emera whispering in her ear.

"Are you sure you didn't do something to her,she is so kind and moon it's scary."

" No I didn’t. “Emera said whispering back.

And that was the beginning of Emera powers ,dark magic that could suck the evil out of people, and only little Emera could possessed which unfortunately came with a price, her life.