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Lover's Of The Night

Lover's Of The Night



Anastasia is a free lance photo journalist. she takes photographs of prominent people and strange pictures. she sells in newspaper. Drake is a vampire chasing wolves for dacates. he live in darkness far from a common people. so what will he do when Anastasia accidentAly took his picture while chasing a wolf.
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"Drake is in charge of the hunt. Make certain you capture Franco!" Dante's instruction

Drake didn't say anything as he hurriedly prepared the tools he would use to kill the wolves.

It's been decades since he first began chasing wolves in the woods.

Franco, the first wolf, is the alpha wolf, and he is the leader of the wolves.

Whenever he attempts to catch up with it, it always gets away. And as time went on, he began to have doubts.

When the preparations were completed, he left with the rest of his party.

Drake is the leader of his group, which is entire of pure vampires, and he is the most powerful.

When it became dark, they left the castle and went to the wolf pack's den shelter.

They came to a stop at a subway station. They entered separately to avoid drawing the attention of mortals.

They waited for the train to depart before stepping off the tracks.

They made their way down the dark tunnel, where they could see the entrance to the wolf's den.

As they approached the location, they were cautious in their movements. Drake made use of his one-of-a-kind ability. His extraordinary hearing allows him to see his surroundings through sound and communicate with the group by telling them where each wolf was.

He took out two guns that he used regularly. And then he dashed into the pitch-black tunnel.

When the wolves saw Drake's group, they were startled and did not immediately react to what they had seen.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" says the narrator. Drake's organization was fired.

Wolves, who did not change their shape was, instantly struck down. The bullets they use to distinguish them; are designed explicitly for wolves. They are made of a precious metal called silver.


Drake was attacked from behind by a wolf who jumped out of nowhere.

Drake quickly lifted and fired a single shot into the wolf's head while still in the air.

With their fangs ready to tear him apart, two wolves greeted him and his companion with theirs. He ran up to the wall and stepped on it. Drake steered clear of them and shot one of them in the back.

The other wolves who witnessed the incident bolted from the scene... Drake's group was on the trail of them almost immediately.

"Mother Fuck!" says the narrator. Franco Aldous curses without looking at their intended victim.

Drake, I believe Franco has a devoted follower in the palace! Why he's always absent from all of our endeavors!" Aldous made a remark.

Drake didn't say anything and continued walking out of the tunnel in silence after that.

They emerged from the tunnel and quickly parted ways.

Others made their way out of the station as well. He and Aldous walked up to the train station.

They returned to the castle in record time. It was Tristan who gave them a sly smile on his face.

Franco appears to have gotten away yet again! Haha!" Tristan played a joke on Drake.

He looked Tristan in the eyes. They are on the same level as one another. On the other hand, he was not like him, sitting around in the castle doing nothing.

"Do not be alarmed. Sooner or later, we will be able to obtain Franco, and I guarantee you that when this occurs... I will show you his head first, "Draco smirks as he approaches his bedroom door.

He sat in front of the window, watching for the sun to come up. When he became aware of the slowly burning body, he closed the window immediately.

It's been five hundred years since he first became a vampire, as long as he continued to live in the dark.

Drake has no recollection of his previous mortal existence. Since Susan transformed him into a vampire, he has lost all memory of his last life. Susan also taught him how to fight before retiring to her room for the night.

In addition to being one of the original vampires, her brother, Dante, serves as the coven's leader.


Anastasia Pov. is an actress.

She climbed aboard the train. Anastasia had arrived from the mayor's residence, where she had been waiting for the scoop.

But when she woke up the following day, she had nothing.

She let out a sigh.

Anastasia hasn't taken any photos to earn money in a very long time.

Her credit card bills are piling up.

When she picked up the camera, she took a look at the images she had captured.

However, she continues to be unable to identify anything that could be used to generate income.

The train came to a stop at a station. Anastasia raised her head and came to rest on a group of men. They were both dressed in black.

One of them caught her eye, and she was drawn to him. The guy's personality takes precedence over that of his comrades.

Its eyes are shrouded in a strange mystery, as is the rest of it. Its pale color can give him a slightly off-kilter air to his demeanor.

Anastasia took a picture of the man with her camera, which she raised.

Before they got off the train, the man turned to face her and their gazes locked on each other.

When Anastasia returned home, she immediately looked through the man's photographs.

As soon as she turned on the computer, she converted the footage.

A close-up shot of him appeared on the screen.

She looked at it with a smile on her face. Anastasia got to work on the editing.

After that, she designed wallpapers for her laptop and computer monitor.

She sighed as she rose from her seat to take a bath.

She was alone in her apartment...

Anastasia celebrated her twenty-first birthday last month, but she did so alone because the people who had adopted her had passed away.

After taking a bath, she retired to her bed to sleep for the night. A good scoop meant that Anastasia had to get up early.

After hearing rumors about a location where many children were missing, she set out to find them.

Anastasiya woke up early the following day to look for the children who went missing the previous night.

Wolf and vampire sightings have been reported in the area, according to some witnesses.

Within the bag, she was toting around the camera.

To follow the people walking, Anastasia went to the location and walked.

While walking into a building, she was drawn to a group of men who caught her eye.

She was right behind him. She was fast.

Immediately after, Anastasia went to the elevator, which would take her to the group's destination.

She stepped out of the elevator and turned to see where the rest of the group was headed.

However, even after several rounds, she was unable to locate them.

Anastasia decided to leave the building after it had been past six o'clock.

The woman entered the elevator while bowing, and her head shot up when the elevator came to a grinding halt.

The group she's been looking for has arrived.

'She looked at her,' the one in the middle said.

In addition to the guy's smile, Anastasia took notice of the necklace with the letter M engraved on it and smiled back.

"You have a lovely necklace," says the speaker. In her compliment, Anastasia says, "You're doing a great job!"

Despite its age, the necklace is of excellent quality.