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Transmigration: The Alpha King's Mate Is A Man

Transmigration: The Alpha King's Mate Is A Man

Author:Kim Hawa


Scott McCall is a 45 years old famous doctor on his way to work one morning and got into a car accident and dies, his soul transmigrates into Liam's body. Liam was to be the new beta of Crescent pack after his father retired.   Because their Alpha wanted to alliance with Alpha King and his younger brother wanted to replace Liam to become a beta, Alpha and his father knew that Alpha king did not find his mate, and because of his violence, werewolves rejected to be his luna. Then Crescent pack's Alpha and Liam's father decided to give a werewolf to Alpha king as a bargaining chip, Liam was the one they chose. They perform surgery on Liam, making him look slender and seductive. However,  Alpha king smelled a good scent when he met Liam, and they found out they were mated to each other, Will Liam blow to fate or fight for himself, choosing his way?
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Liam’s POV:

" Ughhhh ",

" It hurts ... ", was all I could think of as I slowly regained my consciousness.

" What happened, am .... I .... Dead?! ", I thought to myself when I felt a sharp pain in my head.

" Where am I? Am I in the hospital?!!! ", I couldn't help but think as everything felt foreign to me. I tried to sit up, but my whole body felt sore and a hurt all over.

I slowly raised up my hand and brought it over to my face, " it looks real ", I half laughed at my stupidity, I then brought my hand to my cheek and pinched it hard " Ouch ", okay that felt real I yelped and cried out.

I started to slowly scan myself and I was shocked and stunned to see the state in which my body was in. I'm clearly a guy, but I looked very slender than most ladies, in fact I almost look like a lady.

" What's going on? ", I asked myself and started to panic. My last memory was me on my way to hospital, ready for a emergency operation, and a car ran at red light and crashed into my car, and then my eyes went black, but a car accident did not change my body that much, and I felt like I was getting younger?

Suddenly the door budged opened and a young guy who looked about my age now .. I think, quickly walked in with a very worried look and looking angry.

" Liam!!! I was so worried. You've been unconscious for a week now! I .. I thought you died!! I thought they killed you. Look at what they've done to you. My eye brows knitted in anger as I watched him blabber non-stop.

" Liam? " The young guy questioned.

" Unconscious for a week? ",

" Changed my body with surgery? ",

" What the hell is going on??!! ", I muttered to myself.

" Liam are you okay? Y ... You don't look good ", the young guy said with worried look.

" W .... Who are you? ", he gasped and clasped his mouth when I asked him that.

" L ... Liam ... Don't you remember me??? ", he asked me looking more sad and worried.

" If I did remembered, I wouldn't be asking!! ", I replied rolling my eyes at his annoying questions.

My head started to spin before he could even try to introduce himself. My visions started to get blurry and I winced from the pain I was feeling. I started to massage my temple thinking it'll make the pain go, but it was futile. The young guy noticed my actions and quickly walked closer to the bed looking very worried.

" Liam ... Are you not feeling good? Should I call the pack healer? "

I was in so much pain to even make sense of what he was saying, I could barely even hold myself together.

I suddenly started to get flashes of memories which didn't belong to me, it started to hit me like meteor shower, it was so overwhelming that I passed out again due to that. I finally regained my consciousness after a couple of hours later, but now I think I understood what was going on now.

" Seriously werewolf?!!!, What kind of sick joke is this?!! Am I being cast in a movie? ", I muttered.

No matter how I think about it, I had no way of explaining how I have these memories of the owner of this body whose name was Liam Winchester. The elder son of the beta of crescent pack and the future beta, well technically he was going to be the beta till they did this to him.

" Ha ... Ha ... Ha .., I thought my life was crappy, but I was now about to live a more crappy life. I was going to be given to the Alpha King as a plaything?!! Oh moon goddess I'm so dead! ", I laughed at myself as the memories of Liam kept playing in my mind.

" Can't you stop blabbering for a minute?!! ", I got startled when a voice in my head shut me up.

" Hello?? ", I nervously whispered.

" You know I could hear you if you just think of what you want to say, right? ", the voice asked me and I released a nervous laugh.

" So you must be my wolf, Venom right?? ", I thought loud.

Venom: Relax, you don't need to think that loud, I can hear you just fine.

I started to feel nervous and fidget with my fingers, I just didn't know how to converse with an actual being in my mind. I did always converse with my imaginary friend, but this is way very different.

Liam: Actually .... I'm not Liam.

Venom: I know.

He cut me off before I could complete my sentence.

Venom: He died, I thought I was also going to die, but the moon goddess had granted both you and I a second chance in life. You just have to live as Liam from now on. Tho I won't say it's going to be a smooth life.

Venom said to me which I didn't know if he was trying to comfort me or warn me. Well I also get the gist it won't be a smooth life, we might be killed tomorrow, that's the way I think of it.

Liam: Venom ...., What do you think of the Alpha King ?

I nervously asked Venom, I thought to get a bit of information about him before I was given to him.

Venom: Nothing much, just the rumors that he is cruel and kills easily anyone who offends him.

Venom replied nonchalantly. But I was very scared to death, I started to shiver in fear when the door opened and the guy who was with earlier quickly walked in the room and hugged me.

Liam: Oh Sammy ...., I'm sorry about the way I talked to you earlier

“Oh thank the moon goddess, you finally recognize me now.” Sam hugged me even harder.

“Hm, I guess it was because of the dizziness I was feeling earlier. I'm really sorry for that.”

“Then do you remember what they did to you, do you remember Shawn and your dad drugging you? The Alpha King is coming to get you in about a week time.” Sam said in worried.

“Liam ...., don't you want to escape to somewhere far from here?” Sam gave a suggestion.

I stared quietly at Sam when he asked me that question, " Of course I wanted to escape, who in their right mind will choose their own doom? ", I thought to myself, but I know escape was not in my dictionary.

“Venom ..... do .... you think we can escape?” I asked my wolf.